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9/1: Sorry, been really busy with work and everything. Got some people from New Jersey here tomorrow. Trying to keep my head above water. Hugs to all.

8/22: Just got back from Eugene's Coronation. We had a great time. Mark was named the Prince Consort to Miss Edna. Beamer and Nyssa called while we were on the way home. Picked them up and we are now at Kinko's working on her flyers for the Portland Introduction of Candidates tonight. I am working Monday and then will be off the rest of the week getting ready for the Pageant.

8/19: Made it back from New York. Been very swamped with work and everything going on around here. Got my last grade back from college and I am overjoyed with the results. Even with the problems I had with work during this class, I managed an A- for the 5 credits and 8 weeks that this class was. WOW!!! Got to dash, have a meeting here tonight that I need to get ready for. Love ya all.

8/15: I'm here at the Newark International Airport waiting for my flight to be loaded. I'm a bit early but that was good. The drive from the hotel in New York was a breeze but the airport checkin was very confusing. Oh well, I'm all checked in and just found this free web access terminal from Cool. So I'm just updating everyone on my whereabouts.

8/13: Hi, I'm in Time Square, New York, New York at the XS New York Cyber Cafe. Got off work in Jersey and took a limo over to New York City for the weekend. Will be returning to Portland on Sunday. Have been in Jersey since Tuesday. I'm wearing a Winter Hawks T-shirt and have already been spotted by someone else from Portland. At work, I taught some QuestLab classes to the newly formed local I.T. Help Desk.

The humidity is really high here. They are in the middle of a drought and it has been in the high 80's. Not sure what I am planning to do tonight. Taking a tour of Upper New York on Saturday. That should be fun. Hugs to all.

8/7: Been busy with me leaving town tuesday. Nick turned 21 last night so we were on a bar tour with him. Got in at 5:30am after breakfast. Danielle, Mark, Ian and I are going to Chucky Cheese today for lunch. Larry is moving out this week.

8/4: Have finalized my New Jersey trip. Will be flying out on Tuesday, August 10th and returning on Sunday, the 15th. Spending extra time in Teterboro training the new local help desk people.

Have got my new OUTLOOK up and running. Still lost almost all of my email addresses.

Last class was last night for CIS415. Enjoyed the class even though it was long. The instructor really knew his stuff. Holding off on the next class since I will be in New York and will be busy with my Pageant at the end of the month.


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