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Tuesday, December 28th, 7:30am: Sorry for no update. Been rather busy. Mark and I drove to the Atlantic ocean on Sunday. We walked along the beach and I got my hand wet with the Atlantic. The boardwalk was right out of one of those movies. Mostly closed with only a few arcades open. Most places were CLOSED FOR SEASON. It was cold but we had a great time. Got to dash to work.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, 1pm: What an different christmas this has been. If you would have told me last christmas that I would be spending this one on the east coast, I would have told you to see a shrink. Mark, Tiffany, Mow Mow and I had a nice little christmas so far. Santa was nice to the cats. Mark got a certificate to go see CATS on Broadway next month. I got money from Mom that I will use to buy things I need for the apartment. Dad sent me a cool sweater and gloves which I really need and Connie did a stocking with toothbrushes, dental floss, calling cards a toe nail clipper set and several other odds and ends. Dad also called a bit ago to wish us a Merry Christmas. He is in Portland.

Mark is peeling potatoes to go with the Turkey that is in the oven. We have been working on the apartment. Mark broke down some more boxes and I hauled off some trash down to the trash shoot while doing 3 loads of laundry. This is my first full day at the apartment since moving in. I have been so much on the run at work that I have not had the time to do much here. Last night, Mark and I put up the cat post. It goes from floor to ceiling with 3 different platforms on it. Mow Mow loves to sit up on top and watch the world go by outside.

I have some neat next door people. They left us a christmas card and have been really nice to us. I understand from down the hall that he is a retired rabbi. She is always cooking in the kitchen. So this end of the hall aways smeels nice. Anyway, got laundry that is about to come out. Merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 22nd, 7pm: The system crashed last night and I was there until around midnight. Got home, slept and went back to work at 6:30am. Had a major presentation to all of the Managers and Supervisors at the lab. Went very well and the General Manager for this business unit spoke very highly of our unit and the changes that are taking place. But, I have my work cut out for me. Both Mom and Dad's packages arrived. Everything is set for christmas. Turkey is defrosting in the sink (in cold water). Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 19th, 9:44am: Yesterday, Mark and I spent the morning and early afternoon working on the apartment. Got lots sorted out. Found out my bed frame had been damaged in shipping. Went over to the zoo (Warehouse Supply place) and bought a new frame along with a few more rugs and other items that were needed. Then came back here and dropped everything and headed into New York. Spent the evening looking around. Walked around Time Square and just had a good time. Went to LIPS for dinner down in the Village. The manager is a friend of ours and got us a table even though reservations are normally required on Saturdays. The food was great. Then we walked around the Village a bit and came home. Assembled my bed and went to sleep. Got lot's more to do this morning on the apartment.

Friday, December 17th, 9:30pm Eastern: What a last few days it has been. This whole month has been interesting. Here is what was going to be a brief update, but it's now 10pm Eastern and I have been changing this and adding to it over the last half-hour so it's no longer a brief update. Enjoy! Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one and all.

Wednesday - 15th: Mark's flight got an ATC (Air Traffic Control) hold on the flight in Phoenix. He had to sit 3 extra hours, with Mow Mow (kitty), before taking off. I did not know of the change, and America West does not have counter people after 10pm so they had not updated their readerboard. I'm down at the gate waiting and finally they announce the flight would be arriving at midnight instead of 10:30pm. What a pain, but I had my laptop and I got totally caught up with all of my email. Got back to the apartment around 1am and finally crashed around 2am. Apartment a mess with boxes everywhere.

Thursday - 16th: Got to work REALLY late but it worked out ok. Mark spent the entire day working on his room and some on my room. Helped move some stuff around and made it more livable. Went and did a bit of nik nak shopping. Found some 6' high Hallogen lamps for $15 at this National Wholesale Liquidators place here in Hackensack. Also picked up a 6'x9' rug for my room ($29). Found a big 8'x12' rug for the living room ($99) but we are going to wait on that. Then we took off around 10pm and went to Manhatten. Went across the George Washington Bridge at the North end of Manhatten and drove south, right through TIMES SQUARE. Went around WALL STREET and BATTERY PARK then out the HOLLAND TUNNEL back to New Jersey and home. Driving in Manhatten is interesting to say the least. Mark had a real eye opener just looking around at everything and then all of the crazy taxi cabs cutting us off and making left turns from the right hand lane right in front of us. We came through without a scratch. It was fun. Drove down through the middle of CENTRAL PARK. Got back home around 1am.

Friday - 17th: Got off work early to fill out some forms for HR and then work on the house. Did some shopping and got the computer up and running. Dashed off to Radio Shack to find the right phone adapter I needed to make the phone line work. As you can see, all is back up and running. Put a few Christmas lights up so that it feels more like the holidays. Mark and I bought a small Turkey to cook on Christmas. Hopefully we will find the pots and pans by then. Hmmm, which box might those be in? Tonight we are going back into the city to a nightclub, then we are planning on walking around New York on Saturday. Maybe taking a tour bus around and seeing the sites. I have not done much of this yet because I was waiting on Mark to get here.

Got a really nice Christmas card from my Dad today. It reads: The best gift of all - can't be wrapped in bright paper - it won't be found under the tree. It can't be bought, can't be sold - it's more precious than gold, yet it's free... The best gift of all - may rarely be mentioned, but it's treasured each day all year through, For the Best gift of all, at Christmas and always, is having a fine son like you.
Anyway, I have to go check my email before we leave. Hugs to all.

December 14th, 9:35pm Eastern: Boy am I tired. The movers made it. Everything is in the apartment but what a mess. Can't find anything. Bell Atlantic made it and put the phone line in as well. That took the entire day. Tiffany likes being out of the cage. She is not to sure about the new digs. She has found a few nice soft spots to land so she is sorta happy. I am at Evelyn's right now collecting some more things and then will sleep at the apartment tonight. I pick Mark up at 10:30 tomorrow night from Newark Airport. Mow Mow will be with him. I was off work today because of moving. Really should have taken another day off but things have to be done at work. Got email from both Dad and Mom while I was at the lab uploading my email to my lap top. That was so nice I had to fire off a reply to each of them about how the day went. Anyway, got to dash. Happy Holidays to all.

December 14th, 12am Eastern: Just got back from the lab. Have been doing some minor training with the second shift and third shift people. My two Senior Support people and I have to totally start from scratch on training come next year. We will go through and retrain everyone to the same style. Right now everyone was taught differently. So, we will have a skills checklist and everyone will get checked off. Thus and training roster.

Got into the apartment. It looks nice. It will be very nice having my own place again. Evelyn here has been really great, but it is her house and I am only a guest. Plus I think my schedule is starting to wear on her. Billy (her son) has the same schedule every week, every day. Mine is so different and then the pager goes off and everything is thrown to the wind.
Had a nice drive down to central Jersey yesterday. Just decided to drive down south a bit. Went to Edison where Thomas Edison lived and stopped in Elizabeth then drove back up the Parkway.

Went and saw Tiffany today. She was happy to see me. I told her that I would be by tomorrow (Tuesday) to collect her. Shee seemed to understand. I did not want her at the apartment while the movers were there. This way she can come over tomorrow afternoon AFTER the movers have left. I bought a new catbox for her and MOW MOW who flies in with Mark on Wednesday.

Well my bed is calling. Got a nice note from Connie that she has shipped a big package with little packages inside. Christmas is going to be strange this year. I think I will cook just to break in the oven and spend sometime at home. Need to see what got packed from the kitchen and then go get only what is really needed. Love.

December 11th, 3pm Eastern: Have been very busy recently. Because of the hockey game on Wednesday, I did not get to much of my email. On Thursday we had our big annual holiday dinner at work. I was asked to help serve and had a great time.

Seems like everytime I turn around something else is running after me. But that is the cost of being loved. Have made several changes and lots of positive progress. Took a few steps backwards with the Telecommunications department. I think it was mostly my fault since I used to be in charge of that and was very upset with the way the phones were being handled down in my area. So I took it out on the two who work there and I should not have. Think I have made ammends now. Time will tell. Bob keeps working on Y2K stuff. Had a short meeting with one of the Y2K people who will be taking over my space during the New Year's project. Turns out that he is the Uncle of one of my former employees in Portland. What a small world.

Went to work today and uploaded my email that I sat and wrote last night. Got email from both Mom and Dad so that was nice. The Internet mail has been up and down at work due to some technical issues. Went and did some laundry then when to check out my apartment but the keys have not been changed yet. I have a key but it may not be changed until Monday Dot said.

Went shopping last night for food. Saved over $20 on shopping. It's only available here in the New York area but it will help me save money. And that is really important. Trying to kick back and relax. Lots to do next week with the movers hopefully going to be here on Tuesday and Mark flying in on Wednesday with T&T (Mow Mow).

December 9th, 1:45am Eastern: It is really late so this is going to be short. I went to my first Hockey game tonight at Madison Square Gardens. The New York Rangers were playing the Edmonton Oilers and won 2-1 in overtime. FUN! Gordon (another manager at the lab) had a last minute extra ticket and heard that I was a hockey fan. We took the ferry over. Very fun and very interesting.

Got back to the lab and we were still having problems with an Instrument Concentrator that had rebooted earlier in the day. Certain TNA devices were still not working so I spent sometime troubleshooting that to better understand the process.

Tiffany was not happy but went to the kennel here in Hackensack. She is not far away and the people seem nice. Have not heard on my shipment of goods yet. Still trying to find out how much it is going to be. I'm very short because they withheld taxes from my advance check which I was not expecting that much to be withheld. Got to dash, my pager just went off.

December 7th, 11pm Eastern: Tiffany and I made it to Maywood Park, New Jersey. She is doing much better than expected. She has used the sandbox since I got her here and she has had some water and eat a bit. She is being very friendly with me. I'm glad she is doing well. She will be in a boarding house until next week when I get the apartment. Went over to work and downloaded my email. Got 45+ more since Monday when I was at the Portland lab. No rest for me it would appear. Got to talk with Tiffany and work on my emails.

December 7th, 8am Pacific: Tiffany and I are here at the Portland airport getting ready to fly to Phoenix and then to Newark. She and I are both a bit stressed out. She is being quit right now. Found out that where Larry was staying was not an option for us to leave one of the cats. So, changed plans again to play DOUBLE Z I think and I now have Tiffany with me. Mow Mow will fly with Mark next Wednesday. Wish me luck. Have found a Pet Boarding place to keep Tiffany in Hackensack until the 15th. Everything seems to be working out ok.

Got some issues to deal with at work. Bob is doing great in my absence as I take care of these numerous little details. Oh, well. Back to the flight. Tiffany and I got upgraded to First Class to Phoenix. Not a possibility from Phoenix to Newark. Already full in First Class. Oh well.

December 5th, 5pm Pacific: I spent the day running around town here in Portland. Found out from the airport people that Mark will be able to take only one (1) cat with him next Wednesday to New Jersey. So, we have decided to leave Mow Mow with Larry. This is saddening but since America West does not have pressurized cargo holds it makes, ah, like sense why. On another note, fixed the spa while I was here and it was nice last night. Got the batteries changed in the smoke detectors and will work with Gary on some more Christmas light decorations out front. Thanks to David for letting me us his 'puter. I need to work on the phone line over here where he has the computer situated. I really like what they have done with the house. I know it will be kept up well. The house really looks nice. David's room (my old room) is very nice. Thanks to David, Gary and Michael for putting up with me during this move. I have had lots of fun back here in Portland. Spent last night out about time and enjoyed myself even though I was tired from being on Eastern Time. Got to dash. Love to all.

December 4th, 11pm Pacific: Well I made it back to Portland. I am at the Silverado bar right now where they have one computer setup here in the bar to log on to the internet. Check them out at if your interested. Anyway, here is the latest.
Was out late last night with Portland friends. Had a good time but had to get up this morning at 7am to get ready for the Mayflower truck. All is well and everything is on it's way to New Jersey. Tonight I went to our Prince and Princess ball. Had a good time and was named the Ambassador to New Jersey. Then went to a hockey game where we tied. Anyway, got to dash. I fly out for New Jersey on Tuesday morning. Lots to do here. Fixed the spa. It was a clogged filter.

December 3rd, 5:35pm Eastern: Flight delayed about 30 minutes. Got email back from a friend of mine SCOTT who happened to be one of the first people I emailed. It was so shocking because he emailed me right back from his desk and I was still signed on here at the Newark Airport. I also sent mail to Judy because I will be seeing here for a HOCKEY game on Saturday in Portland.
A really kewl person I work with is Bob Thomas. He has been with Metpath/Quest Diagnostics for many a year. He knows it all and has been a great help to me. Anyway, got to go. Craig.

December 3rd, 5pm Eastern: I am at the Newark, New Jersey International Airport. Had 3 screwdrivers now in the President's Club and feeling rather well. I am getting ready for my flight shortly. I managed to get my ticket upgraded to a FIRST CLASS ticket because of a coupon I had. So this should be fun. Hey, it's a direct 5 hour flight so why not. The flight back in on America West via Phoenix because that was the cheapest I could get on PRICELINE.COM since I am paying for it. Mark is going to fly that way too on December 15th. It is only a 1 hour layover in Phoenix so it should be ok. I suppose I just prefer to get on the flight an GO.
Things are going ok here in New Jersey. I miss Portland but with the downsize of the Portland lab it was a VERY good move if ya know what I mean. Teterboro people love me. They are the FLAGSHIP lab for the whole company and will NET abot 70 million this year for the company. That is TWICE what Portland will GROSS this year. What a place. Yeah, I have to live in HACKENSACK and be 2,800 miles away from everyone but I will make new friends and still love my family. Work has it's up's and down's.
Gad, I am getting light headed. Hmmm, must be the vodka. Oh well. I miss everyone but I will have a nice time this weekend. The round trip is less than $300. The spa has decided to keel over since I left so I need to look at that. Since I am going to be at the lab in Portland on Monday, I think I will turn the ticket in for reimbursement. It's not like I can't use the money right now with all of the move expenses.
Saw Heidi from Portland here at the Teterboro lab this week. She was doing some training and we spoke in the Lunchroom. The place is hugh. Did I tell ya. They have over 3,500 employees working out of this facility. There is the lab area and then two (2) administrative buildings. The old 3 floor admin building and the new 4 floor new admin building. Corporate has a few floors but the rest is lab and offices and billing and client services and, and, and. Basically LOCAL Teterboro Business Unit as we like to say.
My flight is going to board soon so I am going to go check my email before I leave. Have a great weekend. Love to everyone.

December 3rd, 7am EST: Flying out today for Portland. Will be spending the weekend in Portland and working Monday at the Portland lab. Will be returning to New Jersey on Tuesday and back in the Teterboro lab on Wednesday. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy 90th Birthday to my Grandmother this weekend. Lots of the family will be gathering but I have to pack the Mayflower truck for the crosscountry haul. See you next week.

December 1st: Took my first trip into Manhatten today. It's 1am my time but I want to type this while it is still fresh in my head. Plus that will help me unwind so that I can sleep better.

Took the 163 New Jersey Transit bus through the Lincoln Tunnel around 2:30pm today. Then after talking with a nice guy about how the subway worked, I walked over to the waterfront and checked out the USS Intrepid which is now a floating Naval museum. Check it out at: It was a slow day and they were getting close to closing. I was talking with this guy on the destroyer that is also part of the exhibit. So he just let me on the USS Edson without a ticket. The Edson was a destroyer which was decommissioned in the late 80's. Also there is the Sub Growler. It's a nuclear guided missle submarine. Dad and I are going to wind up spending the entire day at this place when we go. The Intrepid site had a circle view of the flight deck and the hanger deck. So be sure to check out the "circle view" when you see it on their web page. One is under Education and another is under Events off of the main web page.

Next I took the subway over to 14th street and walked down to 12th to try and find my meeting place. It turns out that the address was One Little West 12th and Little West 12th is not 12th. Oh well. Had a nice walk around the Village. Gad those blocks are long here. After finding the place, still had almost 2 hours before the meeting. Went to a little deli and sat down and read some of their new member information. Then went back to their library. Found out lots about the history of the place and why the village is so much different from the rest of Manhatten. It goes back to when Greenwich Village was settled by the Dutch in the 1600's and then England kicked the Dutch out and named the island New York to honor the Duke of York. They, the English, settled to the North while Greenwich Village stayed down south.

Later when all of New York was being changed to conform to their new standard layout. They could not just bulldoze the old Dutch Greenwich Village so they were left with their odd streets that do not match the rest of Manhatten. Anyway, it was very interesting.

Had my meeting, got out of their and headed home again through the Lincoln Tunnel. All in all, it was a full day and I am beat. Now that I have typed for a bit, I am getting tired. So off to bed I go. I will be in Portland on Friday so I am looking forward to seeing Mark, Larry and David and Gary again. Not to mention seeing my poor kitty cats who are being boarded right now.

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