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WHAT'S NEW for November 1999

11/29: Had a fun day today. Things are moving at the lab. I'm such a breath of fresh air for many there. It snowed just a smidge today. Nothing really, but it's cool enough and clear skies. Even though I am missing everyone in Portland I am finding myself getting used to it here. The driving is interesting. I think all New Jersey'ans need to go back to driving school. Oh well, have a movie to watch. Going to just curl up and recharge my batteries. Got a nice "Missing You..." card from my dad and step-mommie and lots of email from my mom. She is working all of this week and loves to find out what is up with me via this web page. HI MOM!!! Anyway, I'm headed for Portland on friday. Need a break. Mainly going to finish packing up the house with Mayflower.

11/28: Just kicked back today. Mark tells me that things are not going well in Portland. He is just stressed with the move and all. The cats are too. New people are moving in and all of our stuff is still in the way until this weekend when the movers get their to haul it across the country. Going to give a hand to Evelyn here putting up X'mas lights out front. Hugs.

11/27: Took a tour around today. Went to the local COSTCO and bought a few minor items, socks and a few cheap CDs. Went over to the WWII submarine U.S.S. Ling SS297 which is at the New Jersey Submarine Museum here in Hackensack. Had a great time going through it. It's all original or renovated. Work being done by various volunteer groups. Not at all like the OMSI Blueback sub in Portland. One - This is a much older sub. Two - They have not fixed her totally up before letting people in.

Missing everyone in Portland but work is going great here. Have lots to do and plenty of processes that will need to be worked on.

11/25: Happy Thanksgiving. It's a wet one here in Jersey. Been very busy with a major Bell Atlantic outage on Tuesday that lasted until Wednesday. Missing everyone from home but work is really going well. Lots to do and I am making a good impact on what the problems are here.

11/21: Have had a nice quiet weekend. I really needed that to recharge my batteries. Monday morning I have to be at the lab around midnight for some work that they are doing on the system and the overall campus backbone. I hope to get out of there early and get some sleep. Lot's to do though. I have not worked this hard in sometime and I'm actually enjoying it too. Cleaned my room just a bit. Unpacked a few more boxes. Have had lots of cheap success with PRICELINE.COM groceries here in the New Jersey/New York area. The shoprite that I am going to is just down the street and I have been getting really good deals. 12 cans of Pepsi for $1.47 and Tide laundry detergent (92 oz) for $5.83 so I have been taking mom and dad's advice to pay attention to the prices and save. Got to get laudry ready to wash tomorrow. Still have not been into New York. Just wanted to stay in my room yesterday.

11/19: I survived. My car made it yesterday. Have been working about 15 hour days so have been rather tired. We had a fire drill Thursday and Friday which was interesting. Lot's of people in that parking lot. The whole lab has about 3,500 employee's at this location but not all were on that shift. Got a neat Happy Thanksgiving card from my mom. Just plume tuckered. Night.

11/16: Since this is long distance I'm not sure how often I will be able to update this. Work is going fine. Really focusing on process improvement at this point. Trying to stop the bleeding so that we can move forward and improve. Nice bunch of people. Have sunk my teeth into the situation. Will have to see how it turns out. On Monday they made the announcement that Portland will be downsized and some work will go to Seattle. Good time for my move. It's almost 11pm Eastern time and I just got home from the lab. Hopefully my car will be delivered tomorrow so that I can turn this rental back in. This lab is expecting an increase in work due to the consolidation with SmithKline that will put it at around 50,000 specimens per night. Currently they are at 30-35 thousand. They also had a record last month in the 30% operating margin range. The management staff has been real friendly so far. Then again, it's only day 2. Sales staff have already found my phone number and are calling. Oh well, you always will have those kind of sales people. Off to bed for Day 3.

11/13: Had a fun time in town today. Drove around, found my way from A to B and back without using the computer tracker in my car and then found C and D. Drove to work and checked out the digs. "Changes will have to be made." was my thought. Generally took it easy. Planning on driving over to New York tomorrow. The traffic is light on Sunday in Manhatten. Found the New Jersey Submarine Museum. They have a sub tied up here that I will get a tour of later (they were closed already). The WWII aircraft carrier Intrepid is over in New York. Will see if I can find it tomorrow. Anyway, hugs to all.

11/12: Made it to New Jersey just fine. Computer in fair shape but having some problems with the modem. Had a nice meeting with my new boss this afternoon. Then checked out my office. I GET A WINDOW, YIPPIE.
Got over to Maywood where I am staying until December. Really nice people. Evelyn should me around a bit. Had a nice chat with her son Bill, 35 who also lives here. He takes the bus to work so will be a good source of information. Going to get a haircut Saturday and tour around town. The carpet is going to get cleaned in my area so will check that out too. Think I will finish working on my "home" first and then spend Sunday getting my office in order for DAY ONE on Monday. Night.

11/11: Had a great last night in Portland. Started off at Krystal Lynn's show at the Embers and then headed up to Silverado to say goodbye to the dancers and the great staff there. Flo, Tommy, Paul, Penny and more where all there. I'll miss the place.

11/9: Made it to Grants Pass. The passes were fine, just dark and wet. Carpet cleaners come tomorrow at 6am so I'm going to crash and watch a movie then sleep. Looking forward to just relaxing. The house is totally bare upstairs. Mark and I finished up this morning. Carpet is being laid on Wednesday, so when I get back from Grants Pass, it will already be totally different. Oh well, change marches on.

11/7: Everything is going out of the upstairs today. Howie, who has been helping me move, will be leaving on Monday so we have to finish most of it up today. The small stuff I can handle on Monday, but the large furniture pieces are going into the garage or downstairs. My 'puter will be packed and sent ahead to New Jersey. Next update will be from Grants Pass where I am headed on Tuesday to see my Grandparents.

11/6: Worked on house and worked a bit at the Lab on Y2K matters. Still clearing my office. Ian moved out today.

11/5: Had a nice party at the Embers. Everyone was really sad that we were leaving. Had a great time up at Silverado later too. Mark is off to Spokane this weekend and Howie and I are working on clearing the upstairs. WHAT A MESS.

11/2: Had a nice "Moving on up" party at the lab. Lots of people were sad to see me leave. Judy is not acknowledging that I am leaving. Judy is my hockey bud and friend from work for years. They had several cakes and I did a quick picture board of various people that I have known and/or worked with at the lab over the past 15 years. It was really neat. Everyone seemed to enjoy looking at it. The packing is going slow. The car goes bye-bye tomorrow. Got it packed with as much as I can squeeze in to save on money since the car is a flat rate.

11/1: Blew out the buffer on my index.html when doing a small update to it. Toasted the entire bottom of the page so that is why it looks a bit different. Had to spend an hour on reconstructing it. (sigh)

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For those that are having a hard time finding where I will be living. Here is a
NEW JERSEY MAP which should help. The big orange dot is where I will be working (Teterboro, NJ) and just north is Hackensack and just north of that is Maywood where I will be staying until my apartment is ready in December.

This summer I went to my High School reunion. Here are some of the pictures.
1979 Class Reunion Grants Pass High School, Oregon.
South Junior High - 1979 Reunion Those of us from South that attended the reunion.
Lincoln Elementary School - 1979 Reunion And those of us that attended Lincoln where my Mom taught and I attended the 3rd thru 6th grade at.

New PHOTOs from the past few months.

New photo's of the APARTMENT complex from Hackensack, New Jersey. It is in the back corner and has two bedrooms with two baths.

New pictures of MARK

Here is a flyer that we had for our going away party on Thursday (11/4) at the Embers.

After the EMBERS party, everyone is welcome to join us at SILVERADO where we will be saying goodbye to all of our friends there. Mark and I both enjoy the Silverado so much. We love the people and especially Tommy, Flo, Paul, Greg, cute Chad, John John and now Kevin too. We will miss the Silverado but will be keeping up with events via there website at:

Also, for more about Gay Portland check out

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