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WHAT'S WAS NEW for October 1999

10/31: Found an error in the 10/24 link to a picture of Mark, David and Norm. Fixed it. I really should remember to test all of my links before leaving them. Hmmmm. Once I get to New Jersey, I'm going to spend sometime reworking my web pages. Updating everything and learning a bit more about HTML (the language web pages are programmed it). I should have sometime once I get my temporary room setup. Evelyn (the lady I will be living with for a month) has a room and a half bath. So I will not be having anyone over and will not know lots of people yet. Would be a great time to work on it.

The house is looking more vacant. Put some more things in the garage for storage. Packing is moving along but slow at spots. Don't have much energy at times. So much to do, yet so little time. I'm going to miss Portland. So many people have come up to me over the past week and chatted with me. But change is good. And it's time to move on. Teterboro is really looking forward to me and it's going to be a major challenge. Well, off to work. Mark is giving Danelle a bath right now and I am doing dishes.

10/30: Been working on cleaning and clearing the house. Boxes are stacked in the garage as is furniture waiting for the trip to New Jersey. What a mess. Got a scan of my apartment floor plan. Check it out if you want.

Halloween is everywhere, run for it or the little goblins will get you.

10/29: Got email back from Empress Panzi of New York. She is going to help me get in contact with the right people for membership in New York's court. It will also be very helpful to find someone that clicks with Mark and myself that we can spend sometime on the weekends with and see the sites. Learn from the locals is a trick Dad taught me. Working out the details. So many, my head is swimming. Thinking about leaving Trudy behind. Going to contact our Empress Krystel Belle-Rose for some helpful advise. She works at the Oregon Humane Society here in Portland. Trudy is still so shy and I suspect not house broken. Just want I need is dealing with that in NJ. Tiffany and Mow Mow are getting along fine and I see both in the Cat Box from time to time. Got the leases yesterday. Had some questions so chatted with the manager of the apartments. Confirmed that I am on the list for an UNDERGROUND parking spot but none available. Just depends upon who moves out next that has one. I have outdoor spot 110. Everything else seems to be in order. It really goes into some detail. Hours you can and can not move, etc. Really hip on others enjoyment. Got to get ready for work. Hugs to all.

10/27: Mow Mow got fixed yesterday. She came through surgery just fine and is being rather mellow around the house. The Mayflower moving man comes today to do a more specific estimate on the move. Trying to work mornings only, but it's difficult with so much still to do at work.

10/24: Full Moon and United Nations Day. Attended Portland's Imperial Coronation last night. Things went well. Scott Heifer was elected Rose Emperor XXVI and Amanda Carrington was elected Rose Empress XLII. We got out of the ballroom around 12:30am and headed to Silverado. I popped in at The Edge (formerly Misfits) and chatted with several people I knew. Mary (left) formerly the Manager, quit on Wednesday to take care of her mother who is ill. So I helped out and answered some questions for Beamer (show coordinator) and Pete (owner).

Did not get much done on the house this weekend due to the activities around town with Coronation.

Here is a picture of MOW-MOW with a cast on. She is ok now, but had seperated her shoulder about six weeks ago. She goes in to get FIXED on Tuesday.

Here is a fun picture of Mark, Norm, and David at the 1999 Turnabout in September. Mark is my roommate who is moving with me to New Jersey, Norm is Rose Emperor XXV who just stepped down last night and David is Rose Emperor XVIII and is now the President of our Board of Director's and one of my new house tenants.

10/22: Bought a new 1999 Ford Taurus today. It's a light tan color and handles really good. It was on their end of year closeout and took the Ford credit at 4.9% for 48 months.

Mom and Bill gave me lots of good advise on the car. Dad helped me close the deal because I was looking at two different makes. Thanks Dad. I plan to drive to Bend and see my Mom next week. Will be there only for a day since I am very busy with packing and finishing up various projects at work. I'm going to Grants Pass on the 9th of November and Connie is going to bring me back on the 11th. That will give me a chance to relax before heading east. I fly out of Portland on Friday, November 12th. This is what we call "hell" week in the Portland Imperial court. The coronation is tomorrow night and tonight is the out of town boat cruise. We sail upriver to the Port of Portland docks and back. It's loads of fun and everyone who is anyone from the Pacific Northwest and beyond are aboard. We get back into port around 1:30am. So I am off to get ready for that.

10/21: Been rather busy with court activities. Still working on the house. Got approval for a loan from O.C.C.U. (my credit union) for a new car. Have confirmed moving day is Monday, November 8th with Mayflower who is doing the storage and crosscountry haul. They will also ship my new car (once I get it) back to New Jersey as part of the whole deal but early so that I can have it back there. Later.

10/19: Talked with my apartment broker in New Jersey. Going to be a very interesting move. Not expected to get into my actual apartment until mid-December at the latest. Going to be staying with the receptionist at the broker office. She and her grown son live in a house about 5 minutes farther out. I'll have one room and 1/2 bath to myself. Should help keep the costs down but causes all kinds of problems with Cats and moving. Hmmm, should be another interesting challenge.

Jason started helping me pack. He will be around for the next few days. What a mess. I have hauled off one 3 yard dumpster already and have an order in for another one this weekend. We have hauled 2 large plastic bags full of recycling off to the lab and made 3 trips to Goodwill now.

10/18: Oh what a weekend. Have been very busy packing. The house, in certain spots, has not looked so bare in years. Now I know why I did not want to move.

Got confirmation that on my Corning Credit Union account was being opened so I will have a local checking/savings account to start off with. Got to dash, neighbor at the door.

10/14: Went out car shopping after talking with Mom, Bill and Dad about cars for over an hour. Drove a Hyundai Elantra a bit. Really liked it. For only $15,000 NEW I can get that instead of the Explorer. And if I buy it back in Jersey I would not have to transport it. Now checking out different web places to buy cars.

The dumpster arrives Friday. Then the real fun of cleaning out this house begins. Oh, what memories are being tossed aside. But one must move on or be left behind.

Added lots of more general PHOTOs.

10/13: Added some pictures of my NEW APARTMENT complex. I am looking at which is the back corner. It is a cnce two (2) bedroom with two baths. The floor plan looks great. Possibly can't get into it until December but checking on it. Found out that the Chief of Police for Hackensack lives in the building too.

10/13: Gosh what a day. The estimate on moving came in which I will forward to Toqeer on Thursday. Over $6,500 to move cross country and that is after discount for being a Quest Diagnostics move.

Got home and started cleaning. I have empty drawers now in part of the kitchen. I think they have not been empty since I moved in. Also got an offer back from David which I am considering.

I am trying to slow down just a bit on the house and make sure that I am not speaking out of turn. When I first talked about moving Ian indicated that he was willing to take the house. Something I seriously appreciated. But I had not even talked with dad yet about it all. After spending sometime talking and thinking about it then David piped up. Oh hell. I owe Ian and appology but I'm just not sure how to word it. I guess "Sorry" is about as humble and simple as I can put it. He is really a nice guy and has been on his own for several years. Now he will need to move. Just goes to prove that I can not please everyone. I really don't like that part. I wish I could please everyone, but that is not possible.

10/12: Toqeer (Teterboro HR) called. She had worked out the differences with Corporate HR and the verbal offer that I was originally offered stands. I verbally accepted the job in Teterboro pending details of the relocation agreement. They say that one month's salary is standard but I have countered saying that coast to coast it is more expensive and I am asking for an allocation of 2 months salary.

Looking forward to the change. I am going to miss it here, but the change will be good for me. Showed the house to David, Gary and Mike last night. They liked it and will get back to me on it. Nothing against Ian, I like him and I know he could take care of the house but Ian's 21 and his friends are around the same age. Living 3,000+ miles away, I would much rather have my house being lived in by 3 guys I know that are MY AGE.

I have some pictures of my new apartment in Hackensack, NJ and of the laboratory in Teterboro, NJ. Will try to get them scanned soon so that you can see them. Hugs to all that I am leaving behind. Oh, my first day on the job in New Jersey would be November 15th. I am planning on shipping everything off around the 8th and then spend the next week in Bend and in Grants Pass before flying out. That way I can see both parents and my grandparents before leaving. I am also going to leave my van with my dad to sell and will be buying a 1998 Ford Explorer from him which I'm working on shipping (via car carrier) to the east coast.

10/11: Verbal offer was made to me but Corporate HR had not been consulted and the offer was outside of guidelines. Decided to push back a bit to get what I feel is just and was offered. Should hear something Tuesday.

10/10: Got back from Teterboro. Mark had a nice show at the E. Room on Division tonight. The Heifer's were out campaigning.

10/4: I leave for Teterboro on Wednesday and will be back on Sunday the 10th. I have 4 interviews starting at 1pm Eastern on Thursday. My interviews are with the HR person, Sam (my new potential boss), Donna (his boss) and the Business Unit Managing Director (Peter). So it should be a very interesting day.

Had a nice talk with Mom this morning. She reminded me of how hard it was on her to move from Grants Pass to Bend several years ago. She really had some positive and helpful hints on making a move of this magnatute.

Dad called a few minutes after I hung up with Mom. He had just finished taking a Hot Air Balloon ride in New Mexico and was calling from the big field where they take off and land.

10/3: Dad called today from New Mexico. Had some good advice for me concerning this potential job change. I should know more in the next few days. I still need to go formally interview and then get a job offer from them. I then need to take a look at it. Oh well. It should be interesting.

10/2: Went to POWELL'S BOOKS and bought a map of New Jersey. Located Teterboro and near communities so that I have an idea where I am looking to live.

Talked with a real estate (rental) person in New Jersey. Supposed to call them when I know I will be back east. Will get several places from them to check out, all with 10-15 miles of the lab or less.

10/1: Had a nice talk with the Human Resource person for Teterboro and my new potential boss. They are very interested in me and it is possible that I will fly out to Teterboro next week to formally interview for the position. I am the lead candidate. Quest Diagnostics has a nice relocation policy if approved so I set the gears in motion to get that approved. We will see what they come back with for an offer and all. If they are willing to pay for all of my moving expenses and House hunting trips (max of 2) and the salary is in the range that I am looking for, then I will take the job.

Things here in Portland continue to be up in the air. No official word but we could be hanging on for several months and then to find us out in the cold. With everyone I.T. wise on the West Coast from the former SBCL this potential move is a major one for me. Not only will I be at the center of the corporate world (Quest Diagnostics that is) but I will be in a very visual position. If I make this work, then many other doors might open up for me that otherwise I would never have seen.

Added some new pictures of Mark that I had scanned for another purpose. Here they are: MARK

I need to get something more current of me scanned for this home page. Maybe I will do that this weekend as I am woundering around looking for boxes and looking up books on New Jersey at Powell's Books. Hugs to all.

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