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WHAT'S WAS NEW for September 1999

9/29: Exploring a possible job offer from the Teterboro, New Jersey Director of Information Technology. Seems like he is most interested in me as the new Support Center Manager. The pay would be very nice and it would be a major move up for me within the company. Right now I am exploring possibilities including doing a job share for the next 4 months to see how I like it and what the costs are in the Jersey area where I would be.

9/29: Added LINK section to the bottom of this. is now functional. It just points to this web address but it is much, much, much easier to remember instead of this long address.

Lots of changes at the Lab. Dave Dexter is no longer the General Manager, Kathy Teitzel is the new Managing Director. She is from the SBCL lab in Seattle. She knows the Pacific Northwest and I think she will be a great manager. She is really down to earth and fun.

9/18: Got back today from Phoenix, Arizona. Meet Dad and Connie there and went to dinner with my old Dentist and friend of the family Andy & Collette, Dad, Connie and my cousin Debbie from Gilbert, Arizona. Had a nice time working at our Senora Quest lab in Temple (a sub of Phoenix) lab. Did some training there. Joan Taha, one of my Senior Help Desk people went with me and did a great job.

9/12: The JDF walk was today. Got up at 6am to work registration. Gad that was a major task. Have been real busy with work and home. Got home and sleep. That felt good. Now I'm going to go relax in the spa for a while before an event tonight. Hugs to all.

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