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Sunday, April 30th, 12:30am:
My mom left and went back to Oregon. We had a great time. I have some pictures but have not scanned them yet. Hopefully will in the next few days. I just got back from U571. A really good film that I especially enjoyed because I have always loved Navy movies from WWII (that's World War 2 for those that might not have seen the abbreviations before). Got some mail back from a friend (Eric) from Portland. He is an excellent printer in downtown Portland. He helped on an ad that I have in the Vancouver, USA coronation program. It really looked great. He is also now the President of the Board of Directors for Portland. You go Eric!!! Anyway, got to get to bed. Night.

Wednesday, April 19th, 10:10pm:
Passover began at sunset
Mom is in town and we have had a great day. We went downtown and saw lots. Went over to the Liberty Memorial on the New Jersey side. Got a great view of the Statue of Liberty, took some pictures and just strolled around. Got my haircut today as well. Tomorrow I think we are going to take the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Sunday, April 9th, 7:00pm:
Got some pictures back from Coronation. More are still to come. The photo's of our Empress are still in the camera. Hope you enjoy these. The coronation was really grand.

Mark in the Subway. Mark in the Subway at the Christopher Street station in the Village
New York Coronation.New York Coronation party for the Coronation of H.M.I.S.M. Emperor X Gabriel Della Notte of New York
New York Coronation. Prince Damian Valentino
LEFT: More Coronation photo's.
RIGHT: H.H. The Golden Gotham Prince Damian Valentino
Mark & Craig at the Newark airport. The Hollywood's at the New York Coronation. Prince Matthius & Prince Royal Gabriel
LEFT: Mark & Craig at the Newark Airport, MIDDLE: Mark, Craig and Larry at the New York coronation. RIGHT: H.H. Prince Matthius and H.R.H. The Golden Gotham Sunrise Imperial Crown Prince Royal Gabriel Della Notte prior to his coronation as Emperor X of the Imperial Court of New York.

Opening number at the New York coronation Opening number at The Imperial Court of New York's annual Night of a Thousand Gowns 2000. This number really set the tone for a great evening of entertainment.
Tarek & Sam Callie Staff Members at a Saturday training.

LEFT: Two Customer System Reps from work, Tarek and Sam Callie.

RIGHT: Several of my staff at a Saturday training session on our CCLink systems that we support. The CCLink systems are located in our Physician offices. We currently support about 1,000 of them and 3,500 autodial printers. From left to right, Karen, Gina, Sam, John, Lynda, Ruben, Sam deSousa (my boss), Jyoti, Carolina, Tarek and Gohar. Sam, Ruben and Tarek are Customer System Reps. They work for Dan Martino but work closly with my staff so where at the training.

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