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Thursday, August 31st, 8:35am (Eastern Time)
Moving is such a pain. I'm about a third of the way done I think. Maybe a bit more. The gals last night really helped get things started. I've got several loads of boxes to move and then will start getting lots of the little things. Jyodi and Julie did a great job helping in getting things off of the walls and the major books, video's and CDs boxed and relocated downstairs. Well, I've had my Moka already so guess I had better get to it. Not sure when the phone people will show up. Oh, and the cable people confirmed that they will not be able to get to me until next Wednesday. Nuts. Changed the paper delivery too. Everything else is taken care of. I think. Later.

Thursday, August 31st, 12:06am (Eastern Time)
Just fixed my Zip+4 zip code. I had it wrong. The correct 9 digit zip code for my new apartment is 07601-2210 so please make a note of it if you are a really kewl person and use the ZIP+4 system. Night.

Wednesday, August 30th, 11:45pm (Eastern Time)
Had a nice flight back. Flew through Detroit again and had no problems with my connection. The only problem I had was waiting at Newark Northwest Airlines baggage claim for 45 minutes while they played with our luggage. Good Grief Northern. The flight from Detroit was only an hour something. My ride was there and finally had to park. I paid for his parking. Eugene brought his two kids with him. They were so funny. I enjoyed meeting them. Eugene and I caught up on a few work things too as he drove me back from the airport. Woke up late because of the time difference. Went over to work and borrowed a furniture dolly from Larry (my boss) and checked in with a few people. It was Gina's birthday today so I had to sing to her (it's a Craig thing). Got back to the apartment and the new management had figured out what was going on with my move. Got the keys to my new apartment and mailbox. 3-O as in oh, not thirty. Cleared out my new mailbox from all of the Occupant junk in it and chatted with the regular mailman. Bob is a kewl mail carrier. He has only 3 stops but handles more mail than 2 1/2 regular carrier routes. But, it's only three buildings. Anyway, took care of that and then went out in search of a dolly. Bought some medium sized boxes which have really come in handy. Then found a dolly for $5 per day at a Sunaco, pronounced Su-Na-Co. No wounder I was confused. I was thinking it was SUN-A-CO but was corrected today. It's an East Coast thing. Never heard of them before being here. Anyway, rented the dolly and got back to the apartment.

Tiffany and I was talking and she helped me tape up some boxes and get things ready. Jyoti showed up around 7pm and Julie a bit after that. They were so helpful it was great. They loaded boxes and cleared off shelfs while I took boxed stuff downstairs. We knocked off around 9:45pm and I took them out to TGIFriday's for dinner. Jyoti and Julie both were over to talk with Tiffany while I was gone and she (Tiffany) loved seeing them again. But then we really confused Tiffany because we were boxing everything up. Now she is just not sure what is going on.

Tomorrow I will work on the other stuff already boxed. Oh, got a nice email from Mom today too. I called her when I got in from the airport last night like I always do. Well, when I left Bend since I was a day behind. I had to drop off my stuff at the house and then head directly to the lab for a afternoon meeting. I boo booed and never called Mom. Sorry Mom. Then, she and Bill head out to Home Depot or someplace like that and missed my call. Now my phone is going to be moved from one apartment to the other tomorrow. So, I'm not sure when it is going to be working again. Bell Atlantic, now Verizon settled their labor dispute just Monday. Not sure if all of my phones are going to be working. If I post tomorrow night you will know. Anyway. Got to get some sleep. Lot's to do in the morning. The apartment looks so bare. The new one looks so different. Trying to figure out where I am going to put everything. Oh, CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT ANYMORE.

Also, be sure and read "WHO MOVED MY CHEESE". I would strongly recommend it to anyone. Especially anyone going through some change in their life. It takes about an hour to read but could "change" your outlook on "change" for a life time. It's available in any good bookstore. Look for it the next time you are out. Hugs to all. Oh, Tiffany wants to MEOW at everyone. She is just glad I am back.

Monday, August 28th, 1:00pm (Pacific Time)
Just getting ready to leave the Portland lab here. Said goodbye to Judy and heading back to the house to finish packing. Larry is going to cook tonight to send me off right. I fly out just before 9am on Tuesday. Back in Teterboro they have been having fun with a system failure since I have been here. It's been a rough time but they have gotten through it good.
Have had a great time here seeing everyone at the clubs and chatting with friends of mine from downtown. Went to what is now Club Z (formerly Misfits) where I was the Show Coordinator. They had their annual Leather and Lace Pageant on Saturday so I stopped by and attended. Lots of the old gang chatted with me. The performances were very good. An excellent turn out of candidates.
Looking forward to getting back into the groove of things in New Jersey. Except I have to get ready to move first. Oh well.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 10:00pm (Pacific Time)
Still in Bend. My arm was hurting from the sun burn and decided to stay one more day to rest. Enjoyed it. Mom had Sorority tonight so Bill and I went out to eat at a Mexican place. Then we went and took a tour around Bend. He showed me lots of things around Bend. We went up to the top of Pilot Butte which is the big tall park here in town. You can see for miles in every direction. It's really grand. Going to get up early in the morning and travel back to Portland. Have meetings all afternoon and Friday and Monday. Flying back to New Jersey on Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 23rd, 8:25am (Pacific Time)
I'm in Bend, Oregon. Had a nice evening with my mom, grandma and stepfather. We played cards and talked. Mom tossed together a nice meal and a good time was had by all. During the day, we went to this Rock Garden. The whole place had sculptured rocks and the grounds had about 20 peacocks. It was nice to look at. Inside the gift shop was lots of rocks from all over that he had collected. It was interesting. Grandma rather enjoyed it. Also got to see her new place. It is a really nice apartment type retirement home. She has her own patio and flowers to tend. She has friends there that she is meeting. And she has help very close at hand should she need it. It is also a very safe place because you know there is safety in numbers. Anyway, Mom is going to ask me something about the computer and then we are going to head out to breakfast. Then, around 2pm or so. I will head back to Portland so that I am rested for my meetings on Thursday and Friday at the laboratory. I really toasted my left arm on the drive over. Forgot to get some sun block. I put some lotion on it and it's half way ok, but it really has that dull throbing pain. Mom gave me some tylenol for it. Feels a bit better now. The dogs (Libby & Zoey) are just a kick. They charge down the hall and are just so much fun. Zoey has taken a liking to me. Then again, I think she just likes everyone.

Tuesday, August 22nd, 6:15pm (Pacific Time)
Made it over to Bend, Oregon. That is in the eastern part of the state. Mom is cooking and has called me so I have to dash. Love her computer setup. They have a cable modem. Really nice. Oops, dinner is on the table. More later.

Saturday, August 19th, backlog (Eugene)
Had a really nice time in Eugene at the Coronation. A friend of mine Auntie Milo was stepping down as the Empress of Eugene along with Bruce Butler who was the Emperor. Mark and I went down and had a great time meeting people that I had not seen for sometime.

Thursday, August 17th, 11:59pm (Pacific Time)
I made it to PORTLAND. I am sitting in my favorite bar in Portland. Have already ran into many of my friends. Now I know why it was so hard to leave. It was hard driving in from the Airport being a visitor instead of living here. Oh well. We went to dinner and are going to head home early since I have lots of things to do tomorrow and plenty of people to see. Later from Portland.

Tuesday, August 15th, 12:38pm (Eastern Time)
Working through lunch right now. Just taking a break for a minute to check somethings. Had several problems last night with the system so running low on energy. Did some packing and then got awaken numerous times. Glad I started packing already. Tiffany knows that I am leaving. She senses it. Things at work are hecktic. Trying to get people focused back on the procedures and what needs to be done. Today is our first day with close to normal staffing for a week or so. Had some key people out so that really hurt. Anyway, got to get back to work myself.

Sunday, August 13th, 1:00pm
Just getting myself ready for the trip Thursday back to Portland. I am looking forward to it. Tiffany is being taken care of. Trying to get some errands done and just cleaning right now. Paying a few last minute bills so that I do not have to come back to them. Later.

Saturday, August 12th, 3:33pm
Sorry about that. Have been very busy with Dad and Connie being here and then work was piling up. With a new Director, I have been really trying to get everything he wants done but have been running myself into the ground. That is not good for me. One of my key senior analysts have been out with surgery and will not return until the 21st. Just before that, my other senior analysts was in Miami picking up relatives who have just been released from Cuba. So he did not get to pick when he was going, he just had to go. So, I have been short one senior analyst for some three weeks now. And I am trying to get things ready to head to Portland and move after I get back.
Dad's visit was fun. We had a good time and they enjoyed being in New Jersey/New York. We went to the Empire State Building and loved the view. Went to the Statue of Liberty too.
Last night went out with a nice guy from the lab. He works in another department and was so fun just to cuddle with. We went out to this resturant in East Rutherford and chatted. The food was great. Came back to my place and cuddled on the couch. We watched a movie and ran laundry. He helped me put away my shirts when they came out. It was really a nice time. Anyway, just finishing up some stuff here at work. Got to dash. I leave Thursday for Portland. Flying out on Northwest Airlines flight 397 to Detroit and then direct to Portland on Northwest flight 815. Should arrive in Portland around 9pm Thursday. Planning on going to see my Mom in Bend on Monday and/or Tuesday. Have meetings in Portland possibly Wednesday but for sure on Thursday and Friday. A nice working vacation. I having the Portland lab pay for the plane trip. Saves me some $$$.

Sunday, August 6th, 07:50am
Getting ready to head out to Liberty Island. Dad and Connie have never been there. Connie tells me that her family came through Ellis. Yesterday we drove to Liberty State Park and walked around. Also drove over to Queens and saw what must be the worlds largest cemetary. It must have been 200 acres or more. It was just rows upon rows of tombs and statues. It just went on and on and on. It was amazing. Oops. I have to go finish getting dressed. See ya.

Saturday, August 5th, 05:00am
Wokeup and wanted to type. Dad & Connie made it in and we had a great first day. The plane was 2 hours late to start with. Then we ate and then drove all over Manhattan. Had lots of fun just driving and talking. Well, the trip over the George Washington Bridge was not so much fun. The traffic was really bad. The sign said the Cross Bronx Expressway was bad and boy it was. We were in traffic for about an hour. But, after that. All was fun. Not sure of the agenda from here on. Know for sure we are going to the Empire State Building. Bought tickets tonight. Because of the wait, we did not go on up. It was around 11pm and they were cautioning people that they might not get up to look for very long. We are also going out to the Statue of Liberty.

Dad was last in New York around 1951 when we was 14 or so. Connie has never been to New York. So all of this is new.

Work is ok. Had some problems with the ECP boxes on the printers. A programing download caused problems with about 10% of them. Not a pretty picture. Call volume was up and we were short because of vacations. My plan for a nice quiet week really blew up in my face. Got a flat on Wednesday. Just before I was supposed to go into the City my right front was deader than I'll get out. Had to replace it. The whole (a bit one) was to close to the side of the tire. Cost me about $90 with taxes. Really getting worried that I am going to be short for my trip back to Portland. The Lab is going to pay for the flight but I have to pay for it first. Made good plans for having the $$$ available then wind up paying for things like this tire. Oh well. I'm just whining. Will check out the details later.

Thursday, August 3rd, backlog
I was to tired to type. Had a nice dinner at TGIF with several people from work. Had a few drinks. Some of us got a bit loud and giddy. And a good time was had by all. Then, they came over and checked out the apartment and talked with Tiffany. Boy was Tiffany happy for the attention. She has seen only me for several months so she was really glad to see more people. Jyoti will be taking care of Tiffany while I am in Portland. Just before everyone left, Dad called. He was so shocked for someone to call him "SIR". He was laughing about it when I saw him the next day at the airport.

Tuesday, August 1st, 9:35pm
Just had a great dinner with my new Director. He is going to be great for the department and great for me to learn lots of things from. Love his attitude and how he talks. Kind a sorry that I am leaving right after he got here but really looking forward to seeing everyone in Portland. It also will be a nice break. He will have an opportunity to talk with everyone while I am gone and I will have the chance to recharge my batteries.

Was talking with Dad yesterday and forgot to mention that I got pulled over the other day in Hasbrouck Heights. That's just a few blocks from work. I was riding the side of Hwy 17. Turned just a bit to early because traffic was stacked up. Anyway, he checked my plates and talked to me a bit. Everything is still OREGON. He then asked me if this was the first time I've been pulled over in New Jersey. I said yes. Then he told me he was going to let me go. It was a $85 ticket or something like that. But to be aware that another Craig Williams with the same date of birth was a wanted man out of some county south of here near Newark. Oh, Mr. Williams. He is black, so I rather don't think it is you they want. Ah, yeah. Thanks. (grin)

Tired from everything going on. The light at the end of the tunnel has now been turned on. Talked with one of my employees and she is going to take care of Tiffany for me while I am in Portland. She wants to come over and meet Tiffany soon. Anyway, off for bed. Night.

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