Sunday, December 31, 2000 - 3:00pm EST (The last day of the 2nd Millennium of the original Gregorian calendar)

First, let's update you on me.  I am still sick.  Got up last night and my stomach decided it belonged in the sewer system of Hackensack instead of staying in my tummy.  That was not pretty but I felt much better.  Reminds me of something mom once said, "Sometimes you just have to throw everything up to get over it."  Hmmm, wise words.  I took the car out a bit ago.  Went to Starbucks and talked with some friends.  Then got gas.  Then went to the store and picked up some more Ginger Ale, orange juice, crackers and a few other things.  Then came home.  Oops.  Laundry needs to be put in the dryer.  Be right back.

3:10pm - I'm doing the bedspreads right now.  What a chore.  But, I figured they are most contaminated from me being sick besides just changing the bedding itself.  Anyway, thought I would drive into the city but then saw a traffic accident.  Good clue to not.  Plus I got back and was rather tired from my outing.  The sun is out and it's pretty outside.  The main roads are rather clear.  Spots in the shade are bad.  The secondary roads are so so and the minor roads are still snow ruts.  The whole thing reminds me of the Canada trip Judy and I took to Alberta when they had that big blizzard while we were there.  The snow was about as deep and the visuals were similar. 


Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 4:10pm EST - CONTINUING STORM COVERAGE FROM JERSEY

Well that was fun.  Just got back from the storm.  I bundled up and layered up.  Then headed out for the short walk (4 blocks) to Simple Simon over on Essex.  I got outside and the Hackensack Police were broadcasting that any vehicles parked on Prospect would be towed (Prospect being an emergency route).  Lots of people were out trying to get their cars unburied.  I took some photo's which you can see in a few days.  They say the worst is over but some small stuff might still hit.  Outside my window right now, it has totally stopped snowing.  The sidewalks were snow covered but passable.  The intersections were another matter.  But I made it there just fine.  Rested, got a hero sandwich, some bread and some Peach Schnapps for New Years.  So I am set.  I have plenty of video's to watch and lots of sleep to get too.  It is about 14" outside right now.  Great.  Geocities is having problems with updates right now.


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2000 - 2:10pm EST

A state of Emergency has been declared in BERGEN COUNTY, NEW JERSEY.  All none essential vehicles are ordered to stay off of the roads so that plowing crews can get the major roads cleared for Emergency personnel, hospital staff and relief workers.  All four major airports (LaGuardia and JFK (New York), Teterboro and Newark (New Jersey)) are closed at this time.


I just stepped outside for a minute and measured the snow.  We have 12" in front on the apartment complex.  I heard reports of 14 to 16 inches in other parts of Bergen County.  Have been watching PATTON on the SuperStation so I'm not sure what they are reporting in Central Park.  I'm cooking some chicken soap right now so need to close this and publish it to my web site.  More updates later in the day.  Oh, and it is still coming down at a good clip.


www.wnbc.com reports as of 1:30pm EST Central Park has 11 inches of snow.


Saturday, December 30, 2000 - 7:15am EST

Well, I am feeling a bit better.  I was up off and on all night.  Last was up around 3am and it was still nothing outside.  Just got up a few minutes ago and we have what looks like 1 1/2 to 2 inches outside and it is snowing hard.  The morning news programs are saying 2" at the Newark airport and calling for 8-12" by later today.  The news just showed a shot inbound at the Lincoln Tunnel.  Normally always has some traffic at it and only one car was in the picture. They are saying 8-12" or 12"+ depending upon how the front moves.  I understand it is a slow moving storm which makes it hard to predict.  Check out www.wnbc.com which is the local NBC channel here.


Hmm, I just looked back and remembered that I had not told you how things went Thursday with the Motor Vehicle Services visit.  I got sick later that day so I never told you.


THURSDAY, December 28, 2000 (backlog)

I stopped by the MVS (Motor Vehicle Services) as they call it here in New Jersey late Wednesday.  Picked up my forms and a drivers manual.  Filled everything out and got all of my documentation together.  Early Thursday I meet with Larry (who just moved here from Arizona) he gave me some pointers since he just took the test a few months earlier.  With all of that information, I headed off for the Lodi office.  Got in a nice long line.  Got up to the gal and she indicated that they (MVS) will not fax my title request to Ford Credit (which is what Ford said they would do).  I had to request it myself and then they would send me a postcard saying that my title was here.  So, I could not get my car registration taken care of.  However, she did take my information on getting a NJ license.  Next, I got called back up to verify all of the information was correct and to pay a $5 fee for being able to take the test.  I gave the gal a $10 and she tried not to give me back my change.  Hmmm.  Went over to the testing room.  Then, the gal there said that they would NOT take my birth certificate from Salem Memorial Hospital.  I had to be issued from a municipal government office.  But I was able to take the test.  It was a a touch screen version (Larry's had been a paper test).  I passed 24/25, missed one that was a trick question on under New Jersey law you may or may not be considered driving under the influence of alcohol.

a) 0.15 to 0.20 BAC

b) 0.10 to 0.15 BAC

c) 0.05 to 0.10 BAC

d) all of the above

I said D but the correct answer was C.  The reason is that the legal level in New Jersey is 0.10 while in Oregon it is 0.08.  At 0.05 to 0.10 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) you are illegal if you are under 21 because ANY under 21 is illegal to drive with.  Oh well.  I missed one.  The test was supposed to be 30 questions but since you can miss 6 questions it stopped at 24 correct answers.  They marked my paper.  Now all I have to do is get my Birth Certificate from Oregon and bring it back by March 2001.  The test results are good for 3 months.


Boy, it is really snowing outside.  Anyway, it's around 7:45am EST now and I still need to dial in and post this so that all of you can see it when you get up today.  Then I am going back to bed.  I have just about everything I need to winter this weather.  I don't have any bread but not to worried about that.  I have lots of soup which is what I will mostly eat today.  The storm is supposed to stop later tonight and then the crews will have everything cleared.  Looks like 2" outside.  I'll dial back in later and give you an update on the snow.

7:50am - They just said 4" in Rockefeller Plaza.  Nice picture on the tv.


Friday, December 29, 2000 - 11:30am EST

Oh boy.   I was sick last night.  Had a temp. of 101.3 and still not feeling very good.  Came in late and leaving shortly but wanted to download my email and new virus update so that I can work from home this weekend.  Here is the latest forcaste:


Tonight: Partly cloudy through 3 AM...Then cloudy with a chance of
snow. Low in the lower 20s. Light and variable wind becoming
Northeast and increasing to 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 30 percent.

Saturday: Snow...Heavy at times in the afternoon. Windy. High in
the lower 30s. Chance of snow near 100 percent.

That is from www.WEATHER.COM and the local news at www.CBSNEWYORK.COM has a top story that calls for:

So it is going to be an interesting next few days.  But, either way.  Happy New Years everyone.

I am looking forward to next week because many of my projects are going to be kicked into high gear.  People are going to be back from vacation and hopefully things are just going to click.  Later.


Wednesday, December 27, 2000 - 9:15am EST

Problems with the Geocities server right now so I can not publish this page.  You will get it later when I can get through to Geocities and get their server problems resolved.  A password authentication file seems to be having problems on their geocities.com:80 server.  Hmmm, oh well.  They will get it fixed later.  I'll check back on it later in the day.  


Wednesday, December 27, 2000 - 9:00am EST

Sitting here waiting for a conference call to start so thought I would drop you an update.  Had a nice quiet Christmas.  Went over to the deli not far from the apartment and got some great turkey and mashed potato's.  They were great.  Tiffany had a nice Turkey giblets dinner which she was real happy for.  Opened presents around noon.  Talked to Dad, Mom and Grandma during the day.  Got some socks, pens, pencils, Starbucks coupons and neat stocking stuffers.  Also got plenty of money.  I have to head out and find some tennis shoes later this week or next week (from Mom).  


Yesterday I got a nice card from an old friend in San Fran. Jeremy.  He writes that he checked out my web site and loved it but he forgot to write his email address.  Silly guy.  Also got some pictures from my mom of one of her dog's in holiday getup and pictures of her and Grandma.  That was nice.  I put them in my display case.


Weather does not look good for this weekend so I might just stay home and go to Times Square another year.  It is also very cold outside.  Temp right now is like 18 degree's and windy.  Oops, conference call is starting.  Later,


Saturday, December 23, 2000 - 2:00pm  EST - HAPPY HOLIDAYS

I stopped by the lab to grab a few things and thought I would type for a few minutes.  The party at Houlahan's last night was very nice.  Dan Martino who had left earlier this year showed up.  Ruben, the new Manager of the CSR group and I had a chance to chat for a few minutes.  I am really pleased to see him in that position.  He is going to do a great job bringing that group up to speed and pointed in the right direction.  Slept in this morning.  Have had a bit of a cold so wanted to nip it instead of letting it get worse.  It was nice just sleeping until mid-day then getting up.  Tiffany loved to just sleep next to me.  She missed me while I was gone.  We watched a bit of TV last night and she slept next to me on the couch.  We got about 1/2" of snow yesterday but it caused no problems.  Most of it is gone and it is COLD but clear skies and sunny outside.  I can see the Empire State Building from my window here at work.  Took all of the presents I have received and put them all together near the TV.  Have added some lights to make it look rather festive.  I have two stockings hanging on my front door.  People in the apartments love it.  I took those sticky hooks and used those to hang them.  Inside I have many of my holiday decorations up.  At least what I had brought from Portland.  I've got to finish cleaning up from my trip.  Got tons of laundry to do and putting things away.  Bought the makings for low-fat Pumpkin pies before I left for Portland.  Non-Fat canned milk and pie crust, etc.  Think I might make them this afternoon or tomorrow while I wait on clothes tumbling in the laundry.  


You know, the song is very true.  "I'll be home for Christmas.  If only in my dreams."    Craig


Friday, December 22, 2000 - 3:00pm  HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Just finishing up a few things before getting out of here for the holidays.  Might come in tomorrow for a short time.  The weather outside is very nice right now.  A light snow that looks very nice.  Lots of little things here at work.  Nothing to major.  Got mom's package yesterday.  Called her this morning after she was up.  She was very happy to know that it got here.  I have a holiday gathering of the staff at Houlahan's later this afternoon.  Hope everyone has a great, merry and safe holidays.


Thursday, December 21, 2000 - 3:15pm EST

Anyway.  One of the guys I meet last night lives in Manhattan with his other half.  Hopefully I will get some email from him sometime and he or they will invite me over to "The City" to just tour around and check the place out.  I'd love to just spend a day in "The City" with someone.  Provided it worked for work.  Especially this spring or the summer.  The other guy works on computer systems and builds them.  We were talking about upgrading my system later in 2001 and how cheap it would be to do so.  He's the kind of resource I have been looking for.  I'm just working on a few things until this person calls me back from Texas with an update on another project.  <sigh>  See ya later.


Thursday, December 21, 2000 - 2:45pm EST

We had our annual holiday party here at the lab last night and today.  I met two really nice guys last night serving.  Several of the managers and directors join with the serving staff and feed all of the workers.  It's lots of fun to see everyone in the spirit and talk with people.  I dressed up in my black tux and red Santa hat.  Everyone loved it.  I was serving Pasta while Mark (from upstate New York) cooked it next to me for the 2nd and 3rd shift last night.  I'm just cleaning up a few things before I head home for the day.  I've been up most of the night.  Oops.  Phone call I need to take.  Happy Holidays everyone. 


Tuesday, December 19, 2000 - 8:00am EST

The flight was good.  Got into Newark on time and my ride was waiting for me.  Got home and saw Tiffany.  She was very glad I was home.  Called Julie who had been taking care of Tiffany and thanked her.  Checked all of the mail on the table.  Got a package from Dad and Connie then called Dad and talked about the house.  Of course I had already talked with Mom right after I got off the plane.  She worries so much about me.  <grin>  Right now I am staffing the phones for the Support Center.   They are in a staff meeting so I am just killing time waiting for the phones to read and trying to get caught up on email and what has happened last week.  Happy Holidays everyone.  Snow is expected tomorrow here.


Monday, December 18, 2000 - 9:15am Pacific Standard Time (PST)

On board flight 106 right now.  Just had breakfast.  A nice cheese omelet, juice, little muffin and a bagel.  Flew over the north side of Mt. Hood which was very pretty.  Lots of snow down there which kept me from going over to Bend to see Mom and Grandma.  We are now flying over Montana and as I look out the window, there is snow everywhere down there.  Lots of it.  So, I thought I would boot up my pc.  Change the setting for when I plug it back into the Network at the lab.  

    Portland has a different IP address and gateway than Teterboro does.  So I have to change it before I get back.  Also have to take care of the time change and time zone before I land.

    Here is a recap of my trip.


Thursday, December 7th

Flew direct from Newark to Portland.  6 hour flight because of head winds going west.  Got in around 10pm and picked up the rental car and drove to Judy's out in Redland.  That is out past Oregon City.

Friday, December 8th

Checked out things at the house.  Got up early and met Mark and Larry.  I think we went out for breakfast that morning and talked.  Then took them to work in the late morning.  Looked around a bit and started figuring out what I needed.  Had lunch down town at The Roxy which is the restaurant that my friend and now Rose Empress The Lovely Suzanne owns.  She was downstairs doing the books and invited me down for a chat.  Caught up on things going on since she had been crowned in late October 2000.  Stopped by the Winter Hawks office and picked up some tickets from a friend of mine who works there.  Talked with him and caught up on old times.  We were going to go out and talk one night but never got back to him.  Miss not being able to go out with him.  Met up with Howie that evening.

Saturday, December 9th

Cleaned up a bunch of stuff at the house with Howie.  Filled the spa and got it cleaned and running.  Threw out tons of video's and junk that was downstairs.  Sorted out some things that I wanted to save and those that I wanted to donate.  Put some of that stuff in the trunk of the car.  Talked with Howie and caught up on things going on around Portland.  That night I attended the Prince and Princess Ball at the Embers.  Saw lots of friends and chatted with several.  My Miss Portland that I reigned with in 98-99 was elevated to Princess by the new Rose Empress The Lovely Suzanne.  I know both of them rather well.  Suzanne and I have known each other for over 10 years.

Sunday, December 10th

Slept in and just laid around Judy's house.  Attended a Hockey game that night in the Rose Garden which we won.  Saw lots of people I knew from my year's with the Winter Hawks.

Monday, December 11th

Remember that it was a nice day but that is about it.  I think I stayed in most of the day and just relaxed.

Tuesday, December 12th

Enjoyed just being able to relax and do not much of anything.  The weather turned rather nasty.  Had an ice storm so I generally stayed at Judy's and watch a few movies.

Wednesday, December 13th

I remember getting up and taking Mark and Larry to work that day.  Ice storm had past and it was worse at the house than it was at Judy's.  Checked on the spa.

Thursday, December 14th

Went into the Portland lab that day.  Downloaded my email and caught up on some email message at work.  Had 89 messages that I went through.  Saw and talked with lots of old friends at the lab.  The Portland lab has sure changed since I was last there.  The parking lot is now all the way around the building.  The parking lot across 68th is now gone and they are starting to build a four (4) story office building on that corner.  The entire area has grown up rather rapidly.  The Hwy 217 interchange is finally being constructed / improved after years of debate and discussion.  The second building at the lab is now totally empty and ready to be demolished in another month.  Paul Augustyn walked me through the building.  Brought back lots of old memories.  

Friday, December 15th

Did a little shopping.  Bought some shorts and socks at Meier & Frank.  This way I do not need to pay sales tax.  I also picked up a few 2001 calendar's at one of the local bookstores.  Cheaper this way due to sales tax.  Went out this night and stayed down at the Silverado until about 12:30am.  Meet lots of people that I knew.  Chatted with them and caught up on what was going on in there life.  Had two drinks and a soda then headed back to Judy's.  Mark called and talked to me about them moving later this month.

Saturday, December 16th

It was a rather nice day.  Went out and just ran around town for a bit.  Came back and drove Judy to the hockey game that night.  We lost really bad to Prince George (1-6) that night.  They are lower in the standings than us and we had just defeated one of the top teams in our division on the road on Wednesday.  Oh well.  Had a great time at the game otherwise.  It poured cats and dogs after we got out of the game.  Reminded me of New Jersey.  We went to Carrows after the game with another hockey friend.  Then on to home.  I was tired and did not want to go out that night.  Besides, it helps me save money by not going out.  The entire trip has been rather inexpensive for me by staying at Judy's and not being out every night.

Sunday, December 17th

Mark called early and we went out to talk.  Spent the day together.  Went to Lloyd Center and got coffee.  Dropped some things off downtown that I was donating to someone and stopped over at Portland Cable Access and talked with Gregory as well as dropped a few things off there too.  Gregory was glad to see me.  Mark went to the Hockey game that night with me and we won 3-2 over Swift Current in the Rose Garden.  Mark and I had drove up by the real INTERNATIONAL ROSE GARDEN and I took a few pictures up there.  Earlier Mark and I were at Judy's where we took the things I am storing in Judy's garage into plastic bags and put them up on a shelf.  Turned out to be three boxes was all.  Some of my original edited master's of my video tape and lots of slides from my Grandfather.  Some I looked at the labels and threw out.  But all of the ones I saved had picture of us kids or Mom and Dad on them from the late 50's into the 70's.  Someday I will want those again.   Did most of the packing too.  Then went to hockey with Mark.  Meet Amy (step sister) and her boyfriend T.J. at the Bybee house.  Gave them a tour of the place so that TJ knew what it looked like and I pointed a few key items out to him.  TJ is a general contractor and will be taking care of the house after Mark and Larry move out in a few weeks.  He will also be cleaning it up so that it will show well to prospective buyers.  I also pointed out water cutoff valves and things like that for him to go over with anyone who buys the house since I will be in New Jersey.  Got back to Judy's just before 10pm so Lori (Judy's daughter) and I watch Queer as Folk on Showtime.  I had never seen it yet since I do not have Showtime.  Lori had watched a several episodes already.  It's based upon a British series, filmed in Toronto and set in the Pittsburgh area.  Then finished packing a few things and slept.  Got woken up by the Answering Service in Teterboro about 2:30am.  Called then (this was now the 4th time on this trip) and reminded them again of who they were supposed to have paged instead of me.

Monday, December 18th

Got up at 5am this morning (Pacific) and took a shower.  Finished packing and said goodbye to Judy.  I really enjoyed staying with her and she enjoyed having me around.  Took off at 5:30am and drove to the airport.  Had to fill up the rental car on my way to the airport so I pulled into the airport at around 6:15am.  Checked in and was at the gate about 6:45am for my 7:45am flight.  The flying time to Newark is 4 hours and 45 minutes because of the tail winds flying east.  Right now it is about 10:00am Pacific and I can see nothing but a cloud cover below us.  

Hope you enjoyed the recap.  I will be at work tomorrow (Tuesday, December 19th).  Our holiday party at the lab is Wednesday and Thursday so I will be helping serve the meal to all of the staff like I did last year.  Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things at work.  


Planning on being in Time's Square this year for New Year's.  This will be the official start of the 21st Century so I am looking forward to that.  I should be a once in a life time event.  Because of the new TOP (time off plan) that goes into effect this year.  I have to take something like 6 - 8 weeks of vacation in 2001 to not loose any at the end of the year.  Planning on coming back in late August and late October to Portland.  Maybe spend a week with Mom in late spring.  Another week with Dad and Connie.  Still have another 3 weeks minimum that I will need to take.  Should be nice.  Anyway, hope you have enjoyed this recap which I am finishing up at about 10:15am Pacific.


Happy Holidays to all and a safe and relaxing New Year.


Thursday, December 14, 2000 - 12:45pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)

I'm here at the Portland lab working on getting my email downloaded and thought I would update you real quick on what has been going on.  Had a great weekend at the Prince and Princess Ball here in Portland, Oregon.  Saw lots of old friends.  Got things sorted out at the house.  Repaired the spa so that it would not freeze.  Then a cold spell came in and freezing rain.  Have not been able to get over to Bend.  Hopefully Mom and Bill will drive over Friday to see me.  Other than that, have been resting, watching movies and enjoying my time at Judy's.  We went to a Hockey game on Sunday.  We won 1-0 over one of the #1 teams in our division.  Have a game on Saturday and one on Sunday before I fly back on Monday.  


Thursday, December 7, 2000 - Pearl Harbor Day - 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)

I am currently flying somewhere over the Great Lakes right now.  My other web page at www.geocities.com/tbrcraig will continue to be a photo page.  Once I start getting back into FrontPage I will need that test area to play around with different parts of the software.  Until then, it is much easier to have only one main Web Page to try and keep up. 


I'm not sure when I will be able to publish this page.  Like I said, I am currently flying back to Portland on a direct flight.  Flight time is 6 hours and 3 minutes from Newark, New Jersey to Portland, Oregon.  Big storm coming in so I am not sure if I will be able to get over to Bend.  Might later in the week if the storm passes.  I would head over in the middle of the day over Mt. Hood to Bend to see Mom, Grandma and others.  


I was doing some work earlier so I should shut down and save the batteries.  I'm still about 3 hours from touch-down.  I know Tiffany is going to miss me.  She has been hanging all over me the past few days.  I know she knew I was leaving so wanted to get the most of me as she could .  Flight has been a bit bumpy.  Strong headwinds this time of the year the co-pilot said just after liftoff.