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Tuesday, February 29, 7:30pm:
Happy Leap Century everyone.
Sorry I have not been keeping this up to date. Been very busy with work right now. I am trying to get well cemented at my new work and that is really going well. I received my performance review and really got high marks. dah. Mark is in Portland helping Larry move. Larry's kid Danielle has moved with Mommy so Larry is now able to move. We just had no idea what the time frame was and until that happened we were not sure. Danielle will be living in Ohio. Larry is really good about keeping things up around the place and I really appreciate his humor. Looking forward to him living here with us.

Have been doing performance reviews for my staff. I have a staff of 16 now and oh what a fun time it is doing all of those reviews. I have a core group of really hardworking people. But in any barrel of apples you have a few problems. Got to dash. Hugs to the world on Lead Century Day. Only happens once every 400 years. That is because on century marks, the year has to be evenly divided by 400 to be a leap day. Thus, 2100, 2200 and 2300 will NOT be leap days. So, not only is this a Leap Day but it is a Leap Century.
Love, Craig

Sunday, February 27, 2000:
Volunteered the day at the 7th Annual Gay and Lesbian Business Expo at the Convension Center in Manhatten. Had a great time. Learned lots about the city and various support groups around. Talked with Mark Tewksbury, a Canadian Gold Olympian who had heard of my cousin Kim. He was signing autographs since he is on the front cover of the March 2000 genre magazine. They are doing their 10th Annual Swimsuit issue so it was nice to talk with him. Got some pics of him and I. He had his Gold metal from Barcellona. genre is a gay magazine with news and information from around the world. It is like a PlayBoy but without the nude pictures. Actually, I guess you could say it is more like a gay orientated PEOPLE or something like that. Anyway, it was fun talking with him. Picked up lots of information and had a really good time just being around people. Have rather missed that.

Being transplanted here to the east has been hard. All of my support group are distant. They do not understand about things out here and how can they. I'm the one here not them. My friends and family are all on the west coast too. Money has been tight since I am still waiting on my Federal Return so that I can pay some bills. But, I am getting there. Holding my head above water so to speak.

Oops, got to get to bed. Have to be up early in the a.m. to be at work.

Saturday, February 5, 11:00pm:
Mark and I spent the day watching movies and just kicking back. I finally got the rest of my RX filled at the local pharmacy. Dr. Spady (Portland) renewed my blood pressure meds until I get a regular doctor here in Kansas. No wait, that was another movie. And we are sure not in Kansas.

It was cool but a nice clear blue sky out. Filed my Oregon and Federal taxes. Went to the local Post Office and got my New Jersey tax forms so that I can figure them out. Oh so much fun. Did some rearrangement of my room today and cleaned up some stuff. Since I have a smaller closet, I am getting rid of even more that I should of in the first place. Honestly, I think everyone should move once every 5 years just to clean out the crude they accumulate. Oh, and speaking of accumulating. Larry, Mark & my friend from Portland. His daughter is moving and he is moving to Hackensack shortly too. Mark is going to head back to Portland in a few weeks and will help Larry finish packing things up. Then Larry and Mark will drive cross country. Larry will live with us. It will be nice having a third person around that understands me.

Had to have my staff explain what a tenament was this week. Then I got a lesson in what a brown stone was too. Hey, take a stab at it if you know. Email me at:

if you think you know what they are. Anyway, going to hit the sack. Had a potato for dinner. Tossed it in the oven while we watched a movie and it was more than done when the movie was over. Kitty cats are fine. Mow Mow loves to get into everything. Tiffany just sits back and watches. It fun when Tiffany decides she is going to play. So many cat toys running around here. Ok, beddy bye.

Friday, February 4, 10:45pm:
Gad, is it really February? Where has the time flown. My rent is due again and the entire first month of 2000 has just flown right on by. It's hard to imagine. I was just taking a minute to rest and take a look back at everything. Have been so busy it has been hard to reflect.
I'm currently using a FREE internet service so I can't dilly dally like I'm used to. I don't want to pay AOL and have not found another ISP (Internet Service Provider) to replace my TELEPORT from Portland, Oregon.
THURSDAY: Information Technology (I.T.) had a nice party for the people involved in the QuestLab conversion at the Teterboro Business Unit. Since I'm a part of all that, I was invited as well. Thought it appropriate to make a big splash; so I showed up in my Purple Tux. Everyone loved it. Gina (one of my Support Center Analysts) was also decked in a grand velvet dress so we looked good together. Everyone was having a great time. Amy (one of my newest employees) was cutting a rug on the dance floor with just about any male she could find. Poor Julie (just started Monday) had to be reminded that we do not do this every week. It was really fun. While we were eating and dancing the snow fell outside. Picture me in a Tux scrapping out my car. It was an interesting site.

Got to dash, love.

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