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Wednesday, January 26, 4:00pm:
Mark and I went into the city yesterday. Had a nice time in the snow. Went to see FANTASIA 2000 and then got 1/2 off tickets to see CATS on Broadway. Dug the car out afterwords. Because of traffic being so slow, we were able to park only a few blocks away from the theatre. Snow looks great. Streets now are totally clear. Snow piled everywhere. They really know how to deal with snow here. In Portland, they would still be digging out at this point. Here, everyone has a snow plow. Love, Craig.

Sunday, January 16th, 11:30pm:
The weather has been clear and cold. Was a nice day outside. After finishing up at work where I have been doing training all weekend, Mark and I headed out for our weekly journey. Went through the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhatten and then over to the east side of the island. Crossed over the Manhatten Bridge into Brooklyn and then headed south. Went along the bay until we got to Coney Island where we got out and walked along the boardwalk. The whole place was shut down for the season but it was a fun, cold walk. We had dinner over in Brooklyn where the bullet proof glass was THICK between us and the order people. We then headed back through the Battery/Manhatten Tunnel and found out where FANTASIA 2000 was playing up at the Sony Theatre on 68th and Broadway. Then we headed home. Had a great time. Got to head to bed. I have work in the morning. Have a major presentation on Friday to give and then will be training this weekend as well.

Thanks to my web providers, I got my email backup as CRAIG@CRAIGHOLLYWOOD.COM and my web page access is now back up. should work again. Have a good week.

Thursday, January 13th, 8:30pm:
Hello. Sorry for the long delay. Have been very busy at work and will be working this weekend providing training to my troopers. Have been trying to get some sort of normalicy going. Larry from Portland arrived last week and just left on Wednesday. Mark and Larry did Manhatten while I was at work. We toured around Long Island on Sunday for our drive. Continue to have domain problems with my web site. Had a bad experience at the doctor too. Click here to view letter. Let's see. I normally receive about 50 emails a day. It's all that I can do to get through them and keep everything in order. What a task. Hope everyone is fine. It snowed a bit today and it is rather cold. Going to go check the web about the weather forecast. Hugs to all.

Sunday, January 2nd, 7:30pm:
Continuing to have problems with my domain ( I think most of it is that I have not taken much time to track down the information I need for support to help me. Maybe this week with everyone back from vacation I can get to it. Alternate email is at the bottom of this page. will work. My web page access is but note that no www is at the begining of it. Should take you to it. The long way is the geocities address at the top of this page.

Called Mom on New Year's and got several calls from Dad. Since I was not at my desk, and others had taken over my office, he was unable to get ahold of me directly. But I got his messages.

Had a nice none eventful New Year. Mark went into THE CITY as it is called (Manhatten) and I spent it at the lab. The whole Y2K was so hyped it was not even funny. My whole office area was taken over and trashed by all of the Y2K hotline people doing lots and lots of nothing. Oh well, I suppose I would rather have it be a whisper rather than a major problem.

Sunday is Mark's and my roommate day. We spend the day normally together in the car somewhere. We headed North to upstate New York on the Parkway then headed East into Conneticut for a bit and then Southwest back into New York. The HUDSON RIVER was really neat. Went across the George Washington bridge into upper Manhatten and then on over to QUEENS and down into the BRONKS and back across the bridge into Manhatten. Went down the east side of the island, around the bottom and back up the west side to the Lincoln tunnel (about mid-island). Then came home. All in all we spent about 5 hours in the car. The sites were neat. Clear day and nice all around. Manhatten was hazy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.

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