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Monday, July 31st, 8:20pm
Nice day at work. Got my email finally caught up. Lots of people out sick or on vacation. Not good but we are holding our own. Trying to get the apartment cleaned up before Dad and Connie get here Friday. Got a nice card from Dad. Looking forward to seeing him on Friday. Going to work on my end of month web page changes. Later

Friday, July 28th, 6:41am
Good morning. Taking my car in for service today to the Hackensack Ford dealer. The brakes have been making noise and I have 12/12,000 warranty coverage so should not have to pay a cent for them checking them. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend. I will be cleaning and working on Mid Year performance reviews. My new Director starts on Monday. Looking forward to him starting. I know Larry will be very good for us.

Thursday, July 27th, 11:18am
Just taking a minute out from work to relax. I find I need to from time to time or I go nuts. Then again, I might be nuts anyway. So does that mean I might go sane? Hmmm. Anyway, working on work stuff. Piles more are coming in all the time and I have not even started the mid-year reviews yet. Talked with Dad last night. His back is doing better. Looking forward to seeing him next weekend when he and Connie are in town for the weekend. We should have lots of fun around town. The weekend is the best to get over to Manhattan and drive around. Checked my email. Got a few thank you's from friends in Portland looking forward to seeing me next month. Plan on visiting Bend during my trip to see Grandma's new pad and stay with Mom for a day or two. Oh well. Work is calling. Later.

Tuesday, July 25th, 12:00pm NOON
Just got word that my friend and former tenant in my house Rose Emperor David passed away Sunday night from complications due to Aids and Cancer. He, Gary and Michael are the ones who rented my house when I moved to New Jersey. They moved out in late May so that David could be closer to the medical center. Oh, what a sad day. I have a debute performance tonight at the Christmas in July show. The Web, in Manhattan. I think I will dedicate my number tonight to his memory. He was always so full of life and loved doing good for the community.

Saturday, July 22nd, 4:35pm
Sorry I have not written for a week. I have been getting home really late from work and just have not had the energy. Tiffany and I talk for a bit, watch a little bit of television and then we go to bed. Get up at 5am and start the day off again. I got the new lease papers and will be moving August 31st for sure to 3-O which is a one bedroom. Have to see if I can find someone to help me move the heavy stuff. I have to move during the day so really can't ask anyone from work. Maybe the pool boy would be interested in a few extra bucks. It's really only the bed and the big things that I need help with. I'll get a dolly from the local U-Haul place for the day and should be set. Anyway, lots of work. I am here now just finishing up. Trying to get back to normal after the pain of Grandpa passing away. It's still sad when I think of it. Just taking the time to morn. No need to rush it. Things like this just take time. Dad and Connie are going to be here in 2 weeks. At least I hope so. Dad's back is not doing very well. Hope we can spend a bit of time in New York. He would love it, but I'm not sure how his back is going to be after the plane trip. Anyway, want to get out of here.

Saturday, July 15th, 7:20pm
Just finished pasting the code for the top 5 news stories of the day. After reading my update, you can go to the bottom of the page and find out what top stories are in the news. I'm going to eat. Been cooking some Beef Pasta (made it with ground Chicken instead of Turkey this time. It was lower in fat). Anyway, it's time to eat.

Saturday, July 15th, 7:00pm
Slept in today. That really felt good. Tiffany and I just stayed in until 3pm or so. Got up and went to the movies. Saw the new movie X-MEN. It was rather good for a SciFi flick. I'm just kicking back. Got email from Judy. Lots of techs from the Portland lab were laid off on Friday. Actually, they got severance packages and Friday was their last day. Lots of the people that I know are now gone. I've been asked to fly to Portland and work on their phone system. Trying to put it off until the end of August. Then I can make it all in one trip and have the lab pay for the flight. I'm moving August 31st. Not sure if I told you that. I will be moving to 3-O on the same side of the building but down on the 3rd floor. Not my first choice, but it is cheaper and a one bedroom. I would liked to have had something higher in the building. With the change in management, I wanted to get the price locked down for the next year since I am renewing my lease. Later,

Friday, July 14th, 4:15pm
Just got back from Manhattan. Had a nice time. Went to Riverside Church right next to General Grant's Tomb and sat in the main santuary for about an hour. The organist was practicing so it was really nice. He played a few hymns and several other pieces that I suspect he was working on for Sunday. Around 2:30pm he stopped and I left. It was pouring outside but I had not parked far. While I was inside, I took the framed picture of Grandpa at the water fountain at the Golf Course and he sat right next to me in the church. It was really nice. Now, I am going to meet some friends from work down at Friday's. We are going to have a few drinks and talk. I know Grandpa would have liked that. Even after 91 years of being here on this earth, he knew that Life must go on for the rest of it. And indeed it must. Love, Craig

Oh, and I am moving now on Thursday, August 31st to apartment 3-O. Several people from work are coming over to help me. I should have everything done except for the big stuff. I hope to come back from Portland on Tuesday, August 29th so that will give me a few days to make sure everything is in order.

Thursday, July 13th, 01:30am
Finally got to talk with mom. She has been busy with all of the arrangements. Told her what I was thinking of doing on Friday. She liked the idea so we will see if I can. Grandma is going to be moving to an adult center in Bend near mom. Barb winters in Arizona and summers in Oregon so that will not work. Found out that my sibling was in Grants Pass over the weekend and had the opportunity to see grandpa before he left. They will not be making the trip just for the funeral. Anyway, off to bed.

Tuesday, July 11th, 2:35am
Drove around for a bit earlier. Just thinking of Grandpa. Talked with Barb (aunt) about how up beat he was his last few days and how he really made everyone laugh and realize this was just a part of life. Grandma's mom lingered in a nursing home for 10 years. He did not want that, nor did he want to die in some hospital. He wanted to go on his terms, and he did.
In other news, talked with the building manager and made arrangements to move to 3-O. It is a nice one bedroom apartment with plenty of storage room. I went and looked at the apartment and love it. The only draw back is its much lower than what I wanted, but I need to get moved. They are not having many 1 bedrooms right now. If I wait for something higher in the building, I might have to wait several more months and with the new management coming in, I'm not sure of the changes. Might as well grab while I can. So I move around the middle of August.

Monday, July 10th, 10:18am
Mom called about 30 minutes ago. Grandpa Langley passed away in his sleep about an hour ago. Bill (step dad) checked on him around 8am eastern and he was still with us and then Gene (uncle) checked about 9am eastern and he was gone. Grandma is still asleep. They are trying to let her sleep so that she can get as much rest as possible. It is going to be hard on her. I already said everything that I needed to say when I last saw him in November. We both knew then that it would be the last time we saw each other.

Saturday, July 8th, 10:10pm
Just got off the phone with mom from Grants Pass. She and my aunt Barb are there. My grandfather is picking out his casket and making all of the arrangements. His system is shutting down and it is just a matter of time now. He is 91 and tired. I'm going to miss him.

In other news, the apartment that I live in has been sold. Not sure of the details yet. I guess the new owners take over in the next few weeks. My rent will not be a problem since my paycheck did go into savings without a hitch. The only bug I have is the 4 checks that were outstanding when the bank closed my checking account. Still trying to move into something cheaper.

Had a nice training session at work today. Mostly everyone was in. We went over policies and procedure changes then talked about some basis processes. Overall I think it was very helpful. Especially since I have so many new people who really needed the information. How do you download 15 years worth of laboratory knowledge into some new person? Hell, the new client service "loaner" person working us right now was 4 years old when I first went to work for the lab. Good grief Charlie Brown.

Wednesday, July 5th, 9:00pm
Took off early and drove into Manhatten to see the ships. Passed by the USS Kennedy. Boy that is a big aircraft carrier. Also saw several other smaller naval ships along the sea wall. Then drove over to Union City on the Jersey side of the Hudson and took some nice pictures back into Manhatten.

Talked with Mom today and sorted out some of my issues. Planning on changing my allocation of money so that only my budgeted amount will be left in my savings here which I have ATM access to and then sending all the rest of it to OCCU (Oregon Central Credit Union) where I still have an account. I have electronic payments out of there so will be able to pay bills. In hindsight, this is what I should have done before. But, hindsight is 20/20. (sigh). Anyway, at least I have a plan now. It was nice knowing that she cared. I knew she did.

Have a meeting with Karen from Collegeville HR tomorrow. She is up to help me sort out some differences between business units. We chatted on the phone and all seems fine but it is better for her to stop in and check things out. That way she can give me the straight scoop. Anyway, chat tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 4th, 6:05pm
Here is the link to my new July 2000 Photo page. Enjoy.

New July 2000 Photo Page

Tuesday, July 4th, 5:05pm
Well I am not in a good mood right now. Just found out that my Credit Union closed my checking account on me. Just spent the last 45 minutes going over my books and found the error. I was short about $100 on a check that came in. An automatic deposit was made just 2 days later but it was enough to put me over the limit. I had not bounced a check in 4 months or something like that. But it was over the 6 month limit. Crap. Now I have to figure out what I am going to do. Have to pay rent later this week and all of my money is supposed to be automatically deposited into my checking account on Thursday. Even if they float it over to my savings account, it is going to be a hassle to get it out and pay the rent. Oh well. It's my own fault. Must be my old karma getting me. I must have really been bad several lifetimes back to mess up like this. Need to figure this out. Normally I would not put something like this on my web page but recently my relationship with my parents have been improved and I am trying not to hold as much back as I used to. Kind of a new era of openness.

Well I am going to go build a picture page of recent photo's that I just go scanned at Kinko's. Nice and quiet there. I was able to get in and out in about 30 minutes. The link will be available from this page when I finish with it.

Tuesday, July 4th, 1:30pm
Talked with Mom today. Helped her set my web page up as a favorite in her web browser. She was having some problems getting into my site. She is back reading all about June right now. Planning on seeing her at the end of August. She will be in town. Thinking of flying into Portland, then driving to Grants Pass and then over to Bend before returning to Portland. I might do it in the reverse order but Mom says she is busy earlier in the week. Oh well. Whichever works out. We talked and she really enjoyed her trip back her. Hope she can come out this fall or something. Would love to see a few more historical sites over in Manhatten with her. Maybe a few more museums and then maybe drive to Valley Forge and see those sites. That would be fun. Anyway, not sure what I am going to do today. Got some laundry to do and some cleaning around the house. Hung my by 5x8 flag out over the railing. Sorta cloudy day. Need to take some video's back too. I would like to go get some photo's scanned of the pride parade but not sure if they are open today. If they were, then it would most likly be busy. Then again, that would be a nice drive.

Oh, say PATRIOT the other evening. I think it was Sunday night I went and saw it. Very powerful movie. Enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone.

Happy 4th everyone. Please have a safe one.

Monday, July 3rd, 10:15pm
Got some email from someone named mully who say my photo on facelink. Send him a reply. Will be interesting to see if we start talking. Anyway, watching BattleStar Galactica right now and working on my web page. It rained today. The weather is really strange here. And I thought Oregon weather was different. The humity is muggy.

Across the street, they had a Freon leak. Hmmm, not sure of the spelling. A tube broke on a a/c unit and flooded the gym area with freon gas. Had the street blocked and all.

Worked this morning. Took off the afternoon. Went to lunch with a few of the staff. Had a nice lunch and chatted.

Sunday, July 2nd, back-log
Drove into the city and over to the Jersey Liberty State Park. Lots of people out and about. Got stuck in a traffic jam. Had a nice time just driving around. Drove across the George Washington Bridge and down the Henry Hudson parkway. On Tuesday, the 150 tall ship display will be going on. I understand that some 40 major warships from 24 different nations will be in the harbor on Tuesday. I'm planning to go over on Wednesday to take some pictures. I understand one of the modern nuclear aircraft carriers will be tied up along side the World War II vintage aircraft carrier Intrepid. Should be a nice photo if I can find some place to take it. Maybe from the New Jersey side. Hmmmm. Later.

Saturday, July 1st, back-log
Our prime system TBAVP1 crashed today at 1:10am with a hardware error. Around 4:45am we had the backup system going in failover mode. Mike (VMS) out of the Collegeville facility has not finished the failover procedure. He and his group have been working on it but many other projects have kept him from it. Besides, you never need something like this until a disaster happens. Until just recently, we were unable to perform failover anyway because other environments were running on the same box. Anyway, it was an interesting Saturday. I finally got home around 3pm and went to sleep. Had been at the lab since about 1:30am. They had the system repaired around 7am but, since we were in failover, we could not shut down the secondary system until the work was complete. We switched back to the main system around 12:25pm. We had to totally shut everything down for about 30 minutes while we made the switch back.

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