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Tuesday, June 27th, 9:10pm
Great news. Dad and Connie are going to Quebec, Canada for a bus rally in mid August. They are working on a plan to stop over here and visit with me for a few days. Nothing firm yet, just in the planning stage. We would have a few days here in New York to show them the sites.
Anyway, I just wanted to type that. Things at work are interesting. It is fun getting all of the schedules figured out and lunch schedules. I never dreamed of so many staff members. I have so many people I need to start hanging them from the ceiling. Once Larry starts, I know he will escalate the space problem but I have to hold out until then. Anyway, off I go. Have to dash to the video store. And then to CVS to pick up the photo's of Pride Day Sunday. It was lots of fun and several people at work want to see the pics.

Monday, June 26th, 11:20pm
Had a great time at the Manhatten Gay Pride parade yesterday. I marched with the Court of New York. We started at 55th on 5th Avenue and marched all the way down to the Village. Some 50 blocks. It was hot but lots of fun. It was a trip walking down the center of 5th Avenue. Went past all of the sites. Had some nice company and I was handing out red carnations for kisses and hugs. The floats were out of this world. It was a major time with the crowds everywhere. Got to see Hillary Clinton.

Still have a bit of a cold. Talked with Larry earlier to get caught up on what has been going on in Portland. The annual Peacock in the Park was yesterday. Normally, I would have been there video taping and working behind the set. Oh well. I am having a good time here. Just a bit lonely. Work is ok. Have to get my training schedule taken care of. Well, it's off to bed. Hope to have some pictures from the parade later this week. Not sure where I am going to go watch fireworks for the 4th. Have to find out where the displays are. Hugs to all.

Saturday, June 24th, 3:20pm
I'm at work trying to get a few things caught up. Ever since they started downloading the antivirus on Friday afternoon, I have needed to come in on Saturday to get anything done. Trying to load that over the phone line is bad. Oh well. Had a nice week. Lots going on with the new people. Have lots of training we are doing and just sorting out what is what. Got approval for a new loaner person from Client Services. His name is Jack and he has been working on our trouble outbound calls for the past week and a half. He only worked from 9:30am until noon and then client services took him back. In that short amount of time practically my whole staff demanded that I find a way to keep him. He has been great and is very good with the clients. Talked with the powers that be and starting Monday he will be full time in the Support Center. Now I just have to find a spot for him. He will still be a client service loaner for several months.

The Gay Oregon Pageant is tonight back home. WIsh I was there but I will be back for the Portland Pageant at the end of August. I'm going to fly in early to Portland and then drive down to Grants Pass to see my Grandparents before going back to Portland for the Pageant. It will be the one year anniversary of my step down as Mr. Gay Portland.

Have still been a bit sick, but I'm getting better. Gay Pride is tomorrow in Manhattan. That should be interesting. Think I will take the bus over early and just meander around.

Dan left yesterday. He was the Manager of the Customer Service Field Reps. Donna is going to be back next week, but it will be rough around here until Larry starts in 5 weeks. I can not WAIT until Larry starts. He is going to be so great for us here. Oh, I forgot. I have not told you much about Larry. He and his wife were in town looking at houses in the area to buy this past weekend. He stopped into the lab on Wednesday and we had an opportunity to talk. Thus, I am so pumped for him to start. He is currently the I.T. Director in Phoenix, Arizona. Before that he was the I.T. Director in Dallas, Texas. THat is one of the reasons I think he is going to be so good. He already knows the Quest Diagnostics culture. All he has to learn is the Teterboro mix. We talked and he gave me such a good feeling that he will work out just fine here. Now I just have to wait the 5 weeks until he gets here. Oh well.

Got lots else to do. Need to get through my over 300 emails now that I am behind. I need to just sit down and wade through them. That will give me a good feeling. Just got paged by the data center. Have to go check on something in the lab. Later. Have a safe weekend.

Sunday, June 18th, 3:45pm, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY
Hi all. Happy Father's Day. I have been sick all weekend long. Went home early on Friday. Been in bed most of the weekend. My fever is down, so that is good. Still feel ickie. Watching some TV right now. Have to go out and buy some more Ginger Ale soon. I'm out. Anyway, I have to go blow my nose. Later.

Wednesday, June 14th, 9:30pm F L A G D A Y
Work was very interesting today. At least I got out of there before the sun went down. I think some of the pieces are finally dropping in the right places. Had a really good meeting today between Donna and Al from the National Help Desk Group. Got some things sorted out that were just miscommunications between us. After the meeting, I felt much better about understanding some of the history behind some of the interesting mix-ups that I have been in the middle of. Oh well. Time will tell. Tiffany sure wants lots of attention. We are going to go sit and watch TV. Night.

Tuesday, June 13th, 10:00pm
Made it home finally. Had an instrument problem with TAHA4 which is a Hitachi 717 or 747 instrument that runs T4 thyroid tests or something like that. Anyway, finally think we fixed part of the problem. Need to work on another aspect of the problem tomorrow. Found out that the Devils will be having a celebration down at the Meadowlands arena on Wednesday. I will be at work. Oh, talked with Mom and she was forgetting to put a _ between my name. Dad is on the phone. He is putting siding on the side of the building. He says it's wet in Grants Pass. Anyway, going to talk with him.

Tuesday, June 13th, 7:20pm
I am still at work. Talked with Mom a few minutes ago. She is getting ready to go celebrate FLAG DAY at the Elks in Bend. Bill (my step dad) is going through the chairs with the Elks. Sounds like something I would be doing if I was an Elk. In the organizations I am in, we have people who just talk alot and people to get out and do things and lead. Normally I like to sit back and learn then lead. You tend to be a better leader when you watch and evaluate how things are being done now before changing things around. Anyway, I'm going to try and get out of here and get home to get some rest. Been real tired because of the massive amount of stress right now. I am just totally beside myself. I totally understand the frustration the District Sales Managers are relating to me right now. I just have to get through the recent hiring I did and get these people trained. Phone, got to go.

Sunday, June 11th, 11:15pm
The New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup. Full front page spread on The Record (local paper). That game on Saturday went to 2 overtimes before they won it. So I was a bit tired. Sleep a bit and just puttered around the apartment. This morning, I walked with several others from the lab at the annual JDF Walk to Cure Diabedies. Hmmm, I know that is not spelled right. Oh well. Wish this puppy had a spell checker but it does not. Anyway, we had a nice time. It was hot but I walked with some friends from Client Services and some of my staff.

Right now it is raining and my car is nice and dry downstairs. Earlier I was watching the storm come in from my bedroom window. I was watching the lightning strikes some 20-25 miles away to the south. It was so pretty. Have never really been able to watch lightning strikes like that. I'm on the 8th floor so it really looked cool. Tiffany did not like the lightning as it got closer. She sleeps every night with me. Ran to the store and took back some video's to make sure I was not late. Have not done much of anything work related this weekend. Should get caught up on my email but just have not had the heart too. I'll work on it in the morning.

Mom sent me some information on PRIME ONE which I was reading a bit about. What Adaptogens can do for you and that sort. This is the herbal drink that I am taking. It's only been about a week now but it helps balance my stress level. Also helps with additional stamina and endurance which has been helpful because of my long hours this past week. Anyway, night.

Thursday, June 9th, 11:50pm
Wholly Cow. We have finished three regulation periods and one overtime period and it is still 0 to 0. We are tied going into the second overtime. This is now the third longest Stanley Cup Finals game. What a game. It has been a great stress release to just watch. Then again, it has been a nail bitter too.

Tiffany is loving me. She likes to follow me around the apartment and chat with me. She is so sweet. I was pulling a phone cable around behind me and she was chasing it around the apartment. Then she has her little toys that we were playing with too.

I have a meeting with HR tomorrow to review our finalists for the positions. It has been so funny this time around. I even got stopped in the restroom and asked about our job postings. It's so funny to be washing your hands, 'Excuse me, are you Craig Williams.' Ah, no. I think he left already... It was interesting. No, I stayed and talked with the guy for a bit. Nice guy. But I am already down to the finalists. I have a stack of about 100 resumes of people who have mailed in, faxed in, or emailed them in. Got to dash. Watch your local papers and see how this game turns out.

Thursday, June 8th, 10:00pm
The Devils and Stars are 0 & 0 after the 2nd period. Don't have much time to fill you in. Have been very busy at work. Up at 5am and finally get home around 8 or 9pm. Yesterday had a meeting in the City. Meet a really nice guy who has offered to take me out to Fire Island some weekend. Fire Island is a nice sand bar off of Long Island that is mostly gay. Lots at the meeting and trying to figure out the up coming gay pride here in Mahatten. That should be interesting.
Work has been very busy. Have been finishing up 3rd interviews for the finalist. Have about 8 people trying for 5 positions. Because of training and orientation, I should be at full strength on the Help Desk by August 1st. That will be a HUGE relief. When I have one person out sick, I will not take a major hit on my statistics. Nor will the clients be so negatively affected. Right now I am just stressed to the MAX right now. Trying to keep things going, having meetings with my boss about how to improve things, and trying to do interviews and find the right people for the job. I am just so pooped when I get home. That is why I have not written much. I have not even had my computer on at home.

Mom sent me some PRIME-ONE. Thanks Mom. I can sure use it right now. Have not had time yet to read the lit you sent. My phone line has been dead for the last few days. Found out on Tuesday and phoned it in to Bell Atlantic on my other line which was working. Today I checked, when I got home and it was working.

Oh, and I got a new parking spot downstairs in the garage. It's clear on the far side but I think it will be just fine. Game is starting, got to go.

Saturday, June 3rd, 11:25pm
It's about 68 outside right now. Nice and dry, the day was great. Monday and Tuesday it's supposed to rain but 74 for tomorrow. I laid out by the pool for a bit today and got some rays. The New Jersey Devils won tonight in Dallas 2-1. Several problems at work which caused me to get paged. Worked most of the morning on the problems. Oh, I took the same typing test I am having everyone else take. Scored 64 words per minute.

Friday, June 2nd, 7:15pm
A quick update while I am still at working. Waiting on something to be completed before leaving. Had a full day of interviews. Had to drop some people because they could not type. Have to be fair by holding everyone to the same standards. Looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Was about to break at the seams today. Got over stressed at one point from just sheer frustration with to much to do. Oh well, much better now. Maybe I will check out a movie somewhere.

Thursday, June 1st, 10:15pm
New Jersey and Dallas are 1-1 at the start of the 3rd period. I have had so many interviews it's not even funny yet. But things are going to get better. I have hired 3 people now. One of them a great internal transfer. The externals will start soon and will be in orientation first. So, I still will not see them until like the 3rd week in June. It's funny. You hire someone and then you can't even get them into the department for 3 weeks. Oh well. At least at the end of June I can start thinking of getting training going and seeing some relief. I have interviews all day Friday, Monday and Tuesday. The quality of the candidates has been really interesting. I am using a standard typing test to help screen candidates.

I'm going to go relax and watch the game. Then directly to bed. So, I will see about typing some more this weekend. I think I will sleep most of it this weekend. (grin) Night. Oh, and it is warm and muggy outside. At least it has finally warmed up. After that one week heat wave, it has been down right cold. I think it is supposed to be hot this weekend. We will see.

You know what frosts me, it's when they play the same commercial on TV over and over and over. When you have seen that so many times you can close your eyes and see it. It makes me want to die. It is so stupid. Game is back on. Later.

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