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Friday, March 31st, 4:00pm:
I am sure glad the week is over. We have a major event in the city this weekend. Going over tonight to the Out of Town show at The Web and then tomorrow night is the coronation. Here in New York they call it the Night of a Thousand Gowns. It will be at the Broadway Ballroom of the Marriott Marquis Hotel right off Time Square. The dress is formal and its a Full Four-Course Dinner, coronation at Midnight, and Viennese Buffet (whatever that is) at 12:30am. It is their Fourteenth Annual Charity Ball and the Honorary Co-Chairpersons this year are Susan Sarandon and Joy Behar. If you are interested in more information check out which is the Web Site for all of the events with the Imperial Court of New York. Have a great weekend and do not forget to set your clocks FORWARD one hour when you go to bed on Saturday night.

Wednesday, March 29th, 2:25am:
Just a brief update that Mark and Larry arrived just fine on Monday morning. It's nice to have them back. Work has been interesting and I have several big meetings this week. More on that later. Mark and Larry went out today and explored Manhatten. Had a great time. The lab just called which is why I am up. Take care.

Sunday, March 26th, 5:00pm:
Mark and Larry and flying back to New Jersey today. I am picking them up at the airport around 1:30am. Really late but it is worth it. PRICELINE.COM is where we got the tickets. Normally you can get a flight from Portland to Newark for aroun $388 right now with a 14 day advance purchase. These tickets cost $250 each and I only bought them 3 days ago. The flight has one stop but that is not bad at all for the cost.

It will be nice to have someone else around besides the cats that I can talk with. It's hard to talk with people at work because they are employees and it's just not right to unload. Some I know it's ok, but it's still not the same as just blowing off steam around the house. Was at work this weekend. We are doing the CPT2000 updates right now. Those take effect on April 1st and are government mandated. We are not going to be done in time but I hope we will be >60% done. The big cheese is not giving us any extra staff to do this. I have to work it out with comp time for my people willing to come in and work extra hours. It's very dull work but very needed. Now with Integration of the old SmithKline clients in our area, we will be adding 350 CCLink systems (currently we have about 1000) and an additional 1,500 autodial printers (currently we have 3,500). What a very challenging job I have right now. Hey, at least I can say it is sure not going to get boring anytime soon.

I did some more work on the apartment. Cleaned and got some more stuff out of boxes. Assembled the other bookshelf that I bought and now have it half full with video's mostly. Trying to leave the bottom three shelves for books and such which are still in a box in my room. The place is really starting to look nice and homie. It is big, but I like it. When Mark and Larry return to Portland this winter I will move to a one bedroom. Knowing me, I will stay in the same building and just change apartments. Anyway, I think I will go finish reading the Sunday Comics and then get some dinner, watch a movie and then go to bed. Especially since I have to get up around midnight and drive down to Newark to pick them up. I was going to sleep in then but I have a training class in Rutherford at 8:30 which I need to be at. It's a MS-PROJECT class part 2. With this being a short week at work, it is going to be rough on me. Then the big charity ball is on Saturday. More about that later.

Thursday, March 15th, 08:45am:
I'm in class right now. The instructor is about to get started so I should get off of this. Have a good day.

Thursday, March 15th, 12:32am:
It does help to vent sometimes. I feel better now. All of that in so short a time. Guess I will call the lab and see how things are going.

Thursday, March 15th, 12:15am:
Was fiddling with the looks of the webpage and thought about a few other things. Had a major system problem last night. The ISIS system which is used for the entry of specimens was not getting the orders over to the QuestLab system so that when the techs went to run the specimen, it was not on file. Had a massive conference call trying to sort out the problem. Went to sleep earlier because I was expecting to hear problems by now. Just checked and all appears well. The volume was high yesterday, 31,000 specimens. But that is normal for a Tuesday night. Only 26,000 on Monday or something like that. Then again. Compare this to Portland having a good day at 3,400 per DAY. Oh what a difference. Anyway, I hate problems like this. You can't put your finger on it and it is so hard to explain to a layman (Lab Manager and Business Unit Leader) type people what happened since you yourself do not know. They, the Business Unit, had poor turn around times yesterday and spent around $8,000 to $10,000 in extra overtime JUST FOR THIS ONE DAY because of last night problems. Now you might understand why I get so uptight when the system is not performing like it is supposed to. That money comes out of the bottom line and affects the business unit. This is the same business unit that is supposed to have a goal of like $90 million NET for the business this year. Well, they are not going to get there if problems like last night continue. The hard part is trying to pull together all of the pieces. This system and environment is so complex and so confelluted that it is really hard to sort out where the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone. Sometimes I have problems just finding the parts let alone where they are supposed to be connected. The amazing thing is that I am finding out that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS EITHER... That is what bothers me. How the heck did they operate before? I am truely amazed at how they operate sometimes. I just do not understand how did I.T. get so bad here in Teterboro. The good thing is that now I understand why the entire rest of the company believes that Teterboro is so messed up. Because it is. Anyway, time for some TV. Big heavy sigh. I'm not going to solve the companies I.T. problems overnight. That much is for sure.

Oh, the I.T. leader came to Teterboro and had a ROAD SHOW he was calling it. Gave our the same speel about how we need to focus on our values, etc. etc. Same story. I really should be careful since this is the internet and all and this is public domain at this point. But then again, this is a free country and I am entitled to my opinions. We (I.T.) are not going to see to many concrete changes until the CEO finally gets rid of the CIO and finds someone new who can really put this organization together right. It is so fragmented it is not even funny anymore. And I am right in the middle of it trying to pull people together to collaborate on something that is needed to support a $40,000 per month account and I've got people on the 5th floor and the 6th floor of Lyndhurst (where the corporate I.T. offices are, down the road a bit) and I have them conferenced trying to get them to talk together and they are just one floor apart. It is amazing. . I'm just worn out trying to deal with the corporate I.T. people. Even more so now that what it was like being 3,000 miles away. At least I only had to talk with them 2 or 3 times a week. Now it is multiple times a day. And that is because this business unit (Teterboro) does not have ANY telecommunications, data networks or LAN network people here. They were all transferred to corporate (Lyndhurst). Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, March 14th, 11:45pm:
Gad, two nights in a row. What a shocker. I must really be bored or just in the mood to write. Hmm, the later I think. It helps me think sometime to just type and get stuff off of my chest. Hey, had a great time at the Doctor. Doctor Alan Felsen is my new Primary Care Physician. He is a really nice guy and has late office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. His nurse is a sweetheart. Big, tall black gal that knows her stuff. Just sweet as can be. He also had a RN that was working on her Nurse Practictioner (hmm, spelling looks weird) and she was a real nice, funny gal. The entire office was a total 180 from the last office I visited just about 5 blocks away. Got my blood drawn at the Hackensack Patient Service Center (PSC) just down the street also. My Cholesterol was 159 and my Triglycerides were 172 for those of you that know that sort of thing. Not bad for an overweight tub like me. My testosterone was normal but that was because he gave me a shot on two days later I got my blood drawn. I think he was checking to see if the testosterone was going to be high and off the scale because of the 1.2cc that he gave me. But that was not the case. It must have been low otherwise. Anyway, so that was a real nice experience.

Got a call from an guy with the imperial court. He has discount tickets to an off-broadway play this Sunday for only $10. His director (which means he is in the play) gave him the tickets to sell and all of the money is going to the court for charity. Even though I am by myself, I think I will go. Should be a fun time and it will be fun to see the play for so cheap. Normally they are $40 minimum each. Once you start to know people, lots of little things like that crop up. The Gay Men's Chorus is playing Carnige Hall and I had the opportunity to get half price tickets. Did not since I would again be by myself. Sounds like this happens several times a year so maybe next time. Also had an opportunity to be one of the walk ons during the Easter Parade. That would have been interesting but now Mom will be here during Easter. I forgot about that because I am supposed to be with several people in the New York 42nd Avenue Easter Day Parade. Maybe I will take mom and go support but not take part in the parade until next year. I hear it is a New York tradition dating back many years.

I have a training class on Thursday for MicroSoft Project 98. It's an all day affair and part 2 is on the last Monday of this month. It will be very helpful but also is hard because there is so much going on at work right now. Just goes to prove that you have to make time for what is important. Right now, trying to squeeze some training in will help me down the road. Hopefully everything will hold together. I still have one performance review to do and he is leaving on vacation soon. I need to get it done and get it to him. He has such a special position within my group it is difficult. He has been great with all of the changes that have been going on within the department. He has worked for the company for 20+ years I think. Really a long timer. He talks alot, but he is great when it comes to special project. He kind of grows on you. It's just hard to not like him after things get rolling.

Going to go veg in front of the tube for a bit to help recharge my batteries. I got an email from an old roommate that now lives over here on the east coast. He might be coming up to New York for the weekend to visit someone so he might call me and drop by. My fingers are crossed that he does. It would be neat to see someone else from many years ago.

Wednesday, March 14th, 12:30am:
Mark and Larry leave Portland soon on their way here. I should cheer up then. Got great news that my mom is coming to visit in late April but work has been very stiff recently. Glad to get it out of the way though. I need to cement things at work before breaking out but there is so much to do and it seems like so little time left. I have had so many people outside of Teterboro tell me that I am the main reason things did not totally self destruct here. I'm just not sure how to take that anymore. Then again, sometimes I am not good at taking a compliment.

Things are going well but there is just so much. I have to be careful of not over loading myself. Oops, to late. So, I'm just figuring out how to unbury myself. Have had some fun thinking about all of the neat places that I am going to take Mom while she is here. I'm been to Grant's Tomb but she mentioned it and it's such a nice place to visit I'm going to go again with her. Lot's of stuff that I have not done yet, money. Are on the list as well. I had forgotten that Mom will be turning 60 in just a month and a half. Gee how time flies. I'm pushing 40 and sometimes I feel it. But other times I feel like 20 again. Anyway, Mom mentioned that she wanted to see a real Picaso so we are going to The Met. It is the largest museum in the western hemispher so it should be lots of fun. Will have to schedule a whole day for that. Been thinking about how to get into the city. Traffic is a bear so might take the ferry over or just take the bus from here. Just depends. I think Mom will like to see them all. When we go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island we will come from the New Jersey ferry dock instead of going to Battery Park. I'll have to take Mom to Battery Park when we are in Manhatten, but not to go to the Statue on that trip. Plan on taking the double decker sightseeing bus ride the first day she is here. It helped me understand where things were and make a mental picture of things that I wanted to explore more in depth. Like, she wants to see Macy's and Grand Central Station, etc.

I know we are going to have a blast. Should make a nice birthday present. Anyway, It's almost quarter to 1 now and I have to be up at 5:30am so I'm off to bed. Was sleeping earlier so I've already been asleep. Lab paged about an hour ago. Nothing to major. Have been working on getting some more boxes cleared and things put away. Surprised at my lack of shelf space and lack of tables. Hmmmm. I know Mark will be surprised. He will have expected me to do nothing while he was gone. I've got pictures on the wall and everything. Mark has told me that he is pretty sure he will not be staying in New York. After our lease is up in December, he and Larry have already talked about moving back to Portland. Can't blame him. If it was not for work I would to. This job here is really a good thing for my career but living here is totally different. Well, I'm making a name for myself and poor Portland is being downsized still. I sigh heavy sometimes thinking about it but it was the right decision and being in the thick of things corporate wise has already brought me lots of attention. Most people say the best thing I have going for me is my friendly personality and the fact that I DO NOT come from Teterboro. Anotherwords, I am not stuck in the muck of the past.

Not sure when I will write again. Oh, I had blood work done the other day. Can't remember what my cholesteral was. Will try to remember to post my blood results here next time. Found a really nice doctor just down the street. Might write about him and his friendly staff too. Hugs to all.

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