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Tuesday, May 30th, 10:15pm
Dallas just let in another two goals. It's 6-1 Devils and Dallas has decided to pull their goalie and replace him with the backup goalie. Oh boy, guess I will watch the rest of it. What a game 1 of the Finals. Two goals in just a few minutes of playing time. Oh baby. Read about it in your local newpapers in the morning. Night all.

Tuesday, May 30th, 9:45pm
I am pooped. I'd go to bed but Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Hockey final is on right now. It is being played just down the road, about 7 miles away. New Jersey Devils are playing the Dallas Stars. Jersey is currently leading Dallas 3-1.
Long day at work. After being sick this weekend, it was a rocky start to the day. But I pulled it together and got things going. Carolina and I had a meeting with Donna this morning going over Interfaces. I was really pleased with the meeting. Donna had some good input and it helped me understand the process more too. I have to admit that I have just let it slide since I have been so busy with other things. In this case, Donna knew it was becoming a priority and helped put some focus on a process that she knew I did not fully understand. The reporting changes that we discussed will take sometime to put together, but will help in the long run. We have to take the time up front to make our life better down the road. With the changes Donna suggested, the Sales Managers will be able to tell what the status is easily. This will help head off calls and questions.

Devils just scored on Dallas again. It's 4-1 with 3 minutes to play in the 2nd period. Go Devils.... That means that Sam is going to be wild tomorrow. He is a big Devils fan. So is Anthony. Sam works as our CSR dispatcher. He takes all of the cases that my group have been unable to figure out, and dispatchs someone to the field to repair or (normally) replace.

Slashing call on Dallas. Devils on the power play. Oh, for those of you that are not hockey smart, that means Dallas has a man in the penalty box and the Devils get to play with an extra man on. Actually, it is not an extra. Normally you have 3 forward, 2 defensemen and 1 goalie. What is known as a 5 on 5. Right now it is 5 on 4. The 2nd period has just concluded. Yippie.

Anyway, I'm off for bed I think. Have a few other things to do. Think I will just read about the 3rd period in the paper. I have to be up at 5am and that comes real early. I find that I am going to bed earlier now that Mark and Larry are gone. Before, I would stay up and talk with them because that was the only time I got to see them. Now, I am eating better (less) and getting more sleep. Someone at work commented that they thought I was loosing weight. I hope so. I'm trying to just stop eating so much fat right now. I was doing good before but then it was Mark's milk and Craig's milk. Then Mark did not like my lite food. Some of it I don't care of either but it is better for me. I need to work on it.

Anyway, good night. I have to be up in 7 hours and Tiffany is ready for bed too. She was so happy when I came home. After two days of me not leaving the apartment, she was not sure what happened to me. I have interviews 11am until 7pm all week. Pooh. Oh, and I found some good quality candidates today too. I have to cut it down to 10 finalist. So far I am at 3 and it's only the first day. Oh boy. This is going to be hard. I suppose I would rather have to many quality candidates than not... Hmmm, that is a scary thought. Been there, done that.

Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th, 5:20pm
I have been rather sick the past day or so. Think it might have been food related, not sure. Have not done anything but sleep. Watched a few movies but mostly, Tiffany and I sleep. The sun is out now and I just finished Good Will Hunting. Felt better so I'm updating my web dairy. Got some work to do for tomorrow. Figured I would get some of it out of the way. All week I have interviews from 11am til 6pm each day. We are seeing some 40+ people back out of the 175 we screened. Need to cut that down to 10 finalist for the jobs. I have 7 positions. Planning on hiring 5 from outside and 2 from inside the company. That's if I find the right people. Then I should have one more position open in a month. Paperwork is winding it's way through the red tape now. We will see how long it takes to get through. The sun is shining. I think I said that already. Washed the sheets so that I will have nice clean sheets for tonight. Still have to make the bed. Hung up all of the clothes that I did a few days ago. Mom is wanting to come back again. She had so much fun here. Gina (one of my gals at work) keeps commenting on how lovely my mom is. She can not believe she just turned 60. Gina says she wishes she looks that good when she gets old.

The temps we had from Client Services have been working out great. Not sure exactly what to do. They are holding their own right now. That really helped bring down the ASA (Average Seconds to Answer) the calls. Now I have to work on getting the new people in here and trained. It's nice to answer the phone but if you can not answer the question, it just pisses some people off.

Cat box needs changing, going to do that and then do some work. Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 27th, 7:00pm
Got the first part of the laundry done. Where is Mom when you have laundry to do? (grin) The hockey game is up next. Got the web page outline printed so I am ready to rework it. Reworked the archives link a bit. Had to sharpen up on my html skills. Later. Go Avs...

Saturday, May 27th, 6:00pm
Doing laundry right now. Thought I would update my web page. I have been thinking of redoing the entire site. This weekend might be the perfect time to do it. If I can keep my 'puter up and running. The C: drive has been acting up. Checked for any virus but found none. It is just getting old I think. Anyway, the New Jersey Devils are in the Stanley Cup Finals. They won 2-1 last night down in Philly. So the Stanley Cup Finals will start Tuesday just down the road from me against the winner of tonight's game between the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avs. I know guys on both teams but are pulling for the Avs.

I need to map my web site. Then I will be set to give it a face lift. Hope you have a safe Memorial Day. I guess it is supposed to rain here. Oh well.

Thursday, May 25th, 7:15pm
Gosh the last few days have been busy. The Open House yesterday was really fun. Had a good time talking to people and trying to find those 5 lucky people who will be joining my team of dedicated professionals. Hmmm, sounds a bit drippy but that's me. I do have lots of concern for my staff and want to make sure I find the right quality people for them to work with. We screened around 150-175 people. I think I interviewed around 20-25 people myself.

I did not get home until around 9pm last night. I turned on the TV and it was the 3rd period of the New Jersey Devils Semi-Final game with Philly. Game 6, here in Jersey and it was 0-0. Oh, it was fun watching the end of the game.

Several people from work have seen my little web site now. Guess I have a fun club here on the east coast. I got an email from a high school friend who lives also on the east coast now and he found my web site too. Maybe I will spend sometime and revamp it. I have been thinking about it for sometime but have been so busy with work. Later.

Sunday, May 21st, 9:30pm:
All of last week was rough. Normally I like to free type when I update this so I did not last week. I was dealing with an HR issue at work with an employee. On Friday we terminated his employement. So I have been very busy. Short on staff it has been rough but it is going to get better.

On Wednesday, we will be having an open house. ISIS (which is the processing group) will also be hiring. We have an ad in the local papers. Hmmm, I should find it and cut it out. The open house will be from 4pm - 7pm in the Teterboro Auditorium. This will be my first employement fair like this. It should be interesting. I am seriously looking for Quality people. I've told my staff that I will not lower the standards just to get someone into the department. They all agree. My graveyard person is on vacation for a few days in Southern California. So I will be helping cover the shift. Anyway, got to dash.

Saturday, May 13th, 8:30am:
Things have been stressful at work. I'm happy that we have the approval now to hire more people, but I want to find quality people and not just anybody. I'm working on qualifications and duties, etc. That and we have been taking a record number of calls. This week we had two days over 200 calls. I think that is the first time we hit >200 calls in a single day. That means the week total is going to be off the chart. Next week I have my Senior Analyst on vacation and another employee off for surgery. Oay... Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. The Open House is not until the 24th to even interview anyone. I've talked with the Client Service Director and am working on a deal to borrow two people from her for the next 3-4 weeks. If she goes for it, it will seriously help out. I'll need to remember to send her chocolates or something as a Thank You.

Wednesday, May 10th, 8:00pm:
What a change today. Sam departed, the weather totally changed and is now lightning outside. It's cool again, that is a relief. Donna informed me today that my request for 7 additional bodies have been approved. I'm not sure if she was waiting on Sam to leave or what, but after providing her the proof that she needed, she came through with them. It was a long road but we will be fine. Now all I have to do is find where to put these people and hire quality people. I'm not going to just find bodies. I want solid, quality help desk analysts. Mainly because it will make my life so much easier in the long run. I've lived through it this far. Might as well put up with a bit more screaming for the next few months and get the right people for the job. We have an Open House that the Business Unit is throwing in two weeks. So they will do the advertising for it and all. What a nice set up.

Found out that Mark and Larry are in Prineville right now on their way down Hwy 26 to Portland. They should be there later tonight. Anyway, got some work to do on the computer. Need to sort out hours for coverage and shift schedules to make sure we have the maximum coverage possible for the peak call periods. Also how to reshuffle a bit. Will probably wait to actually hire anyone seriously until after the new I.T. Director is hired. That way will be able to work with them directly.

Tuesday, May 9th, 6:35pm:
Sam de Sousa announced today that he will be leaving Quest Diagnostics effective tomorrow. He has been great to work for since coming to the east coast. The change will be difficult but I look forward to it. Lots of opportunity for positive change is at hand. Most of it would benefit my staff members. Hopefully things will work out for the best. Teterboro will get a stronger I.T. Director in the eyes of senior management and the staff will get someone who can advocate our problems about being understaffed and over worked.

It is hot. Over 90 again today. Tiffany is just crashed out because of the heat. I'm watching TV and typing. Just trying to keep cool. The cooling in the apartment is still having maintenance so it is not working. The paper today even talked about rolling blackouts due to power shortages. They have something like 16% of their capacity unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. It's a heat wave for sure. Tomorrow it is to lift and be about 10 degrees cooler. That will be nice. A nice thunder storm and cooler weather. 70 is nice. 90 is to hot.

Monday, May 8th, 8:22pm:
I fixed my April 2000 page which had the pictures linked to it and fixed the November 1999 page which had several links on it. Should just sit down and redo the whole thing but have not had the time yet. The problem was with my Relative Links verse using Absolute URLs. A URL, or Uniform resource locator is normally relative. I call my pictures "photo/mom.jpg" or something like that. When I move them to archive, I have to change the links to Absolute calls or "" for an example. Since I do not use html (the web page programming language) all the time. I forget the specific link calls. So, I have to pull out the book and look up the reference sometimes.

Mark called. They are in Denver right now. Will stay the night there. They are enjoying the place in Denver and meet up with a few nice people who are showing them around. They will then head out tomorrow. Think I will go fix dinner and then work on some other things around here.

Monday, May 8th, 7:25pm:
A generally nice day at work. The staff had a birthday lunch potluck for me and a birthday cake. They are so sweet. I really enjoyed it. They even put candles on the cake. I got Gina with a spot of frosting on her cheek. A good time was had by all. I got cards from Mom and Bill, Grandma and Grandpa, Dad and Connie, Gene and Barb, Mark & Larry, David and The Lovely Suzanne.

It has been over 90 degrees the past few days. It is very warm for this time of year and everyone is searching for their fans. I found out that mine were left back in Portland so I will have to go out and buy one or two. The air conditioning in the building will not be turned on for another week. It is being cleaned right now. They are preparing the pool next door and I know ours will be next. We had a grand thunder and lightning storm last night. I got to watch some neat lightning flashes. It was really fun to just watch. The wind was so hard, it blew one of my screens off the window in the bedroom. Then it all blew over and it was hot again today after being cloudy this morning.

Well, I just found a bug in my April link so I guess I should go figure it out. The pictures are not coming up because the link was changed when I archived it. So, I need to go figure out the correct link statement in the code. Hmmm, that should be interesting. Later, Craig

Sunday, May 7th, 11:00pm:
Well my birthday is about over. Had a nice quiet day. David is visiting and we went for a drive after a big lunch. Mark and Larry called from Kansas. They can't find Dorothy or Toto but did find a Mobile station where they filled up. We watched 'GET REAL'. It's a great British coming of age film. Now David is watching another movie. He is heading over to Manhattan tomorrow to explore. He's leaving later this week so wants to run around The City as much as possible.

My dad called. He was in Portland at a Rally. Mom called later. We talked for a while about her recent trip to New Jersey. Anyway, got to get to bed. Long week at work.

Saturday, May 6th, 07:10am:
Mark and Larry just drove off for Portland. Now I know how my mother feels everytime I would drive off back for Portland. It's been so heart wrenching this past week. Some much stuff is going on right now. I never knew that a 39th birthday could be so dramatic. Anyway, Mark and Larry and left for Portland. They are driving back via Cincinatti, Ohio where Larry's daughter Danielle lives. A friend, David is visiting from Portland. We are going to go do the Statue of Liberty today to help take my mind off of everything else. Then we will spend the rest of the weekend cleaning the apartment. Spoke with the manager and she will be looking for an apartment above the 9th floor on the south side of the building. That has the best view. Work was very rough this week with Mark & Larry packing and lots of stuff going on there. Anyway, we are off.

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