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Sunday, December 3, 2000 - 11:45pm

Yes, I am still doing updates here.  I'll let you know when I finally change.  I spent most of the weekend cleaning up the apartment.  Clearing away some more boxes.  Just generally spent the weekend cleaning and getting ready for the trip back to Portland.  It was the first time I have just cleaned and did some stuff around.  Just about the first time in recent memory that I have had the energy too.  I even worked that morning.  I also got several christmas cards done and mailed.  Even took a box of old clothes and stuff to the clothing drop box.  Still have not found the Goodwill Store here.  Due to BLUE LAWS I'm sure they would not be open on a Sunday in Bergen County.  Anyway, got lots done and slept in today.  I have a computer shutdown and restart tonight so I am still up.  Watching the encore presentation of DUNE on SciFi while I type.  It was good.  It will be on tomorrow at 9pm too.  Not sure how many days it runs.  Anyway, need to post this and get ready for the shut down.  Will be in Portland late Thursday night.  I'll be staying with Judy.



Thursday, November 30, 2000 - 8:49am

Just doing a quick update for everyone.  I have a conference call in a few minutes.  I am going to Portland on the 7th thru 18th of December.  Selling the house.  Had a good time at the Macy's Parade.  Been very busy with projects at work.  Since I work most of the day on my PC, have not wanted to work much on my PC at home.  I go home and just crash.  Watch the Wide Screen version of Bab5 on the SciFi channel and then Tuesday thru Friday I watch Space, Above and Beyond also on SciFi.  Anyway, got lots to do before I fly out next week.  I will start updating my other page and leave this one alone.  I was really using it while I was learning FrontPage2000 so now I will just leave it as a picture web page and do the regular updates on the other.  Take care.  Have a great day.  Oh, and no snow here yet like they have been saying.  Just a few drops of rain last night.  Nothing much.


Sunday, November 26, 2000 - 11:45pm

I had a nice Thanksgiving.  Sorry, I just have not been in the mood to write much.  I have been relaxing and just kicking back.  Got the pictures from the parade back.  They look good.  Hopefully I will post some later this week.  I was cold at the 74th annual Macy's Day Parade but it was well worth it.  Parked up at about 90th and Broadway and took the Subway down to the 50th and Broadway station.  Then watched the parade from there.  Had a great time.  Right now, I am waiting to shut down the computer environment at work so that we can switch back over to our primary node.  The failover test has gone very well.  So that is one big thing checked off of my list.  Monday we will be working on a database conversion.  Always seems to be something else.  Hugs.


Monday, November 20, 2000 - 01:11am

Here I sit at work waiting on the system to come back to life.  We are doing some testing tonight and all week so I am waiting on it.  I've taken care of all of the other things I could think of.  Worked a bit on my big project already and now just taking a minute to update you.  I got here about 11:30pm and shut down the QuestLab system at midnight.  Now I am waiting on the Systems people to finish up the minor upgrade they are doing to the firmware and then they will reboot the system.  At that point they will "failover" the QuestLab environment to P0 instead of P1.   See, we have two Alpha 8400 systems.  TBAVP1 and TBAVP0.  We normally run on P1.  The backup plan is that in an emergency or hardware outage on P1 we would run on P0.  So, we are testing months of work on the plan this week.  All week we will be running on P0.  This is mainly because it will be a light volume week.  we have been averaging about 44,000 specimens a night.  So light should be interesting.  Lots of people take the Friday after Thanksgiving off so the week totals will really be down.  Anyway, after the system comes back in "failover" mode.  Running on P0 that is.  I have to do some testing to make sure everything is working fine.  I could have done it from home but is much easier to do it from here.  And, I only live 10 minutes away.


Let's see.  What else is new.  I had a nice long talk with Dad today.  He is helping give me advise on selling my house in Portland.  I have furnace problems right now and just some good sound advise.  He and Connie are in Palm Springs and I did not have the phone number down there.  So it's been a bit since I've talked with him.  It being Sunday, I have 5 cents a minute long distance so it was perfect.  I used up one of his calling cards too during our conversation.  He first called me on it.  Boy, when those things run dry they go poof.


Got a nice Thanksgiving card from Grandma and Mom.


Going to Portland in early December.  Look forward to the break from here.  But I'm not looking forward to what I have to do in Portland.  I have to box up what I want to keep and take it out to Judy's.  Then I have to finish up with Larry and Mark and sell the house.  


I'm going to try and go to the 74th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday.  Live from New York, New York.  Or just Manhattan or The City as everyone around here says.  The web page told me some interesting things about the parade.  Check it out. is the address.  One thing is that the parade is only about 30-45 minutes from the start.  But it's spaced out for NBC-TV so if you watch it up early before it get's all bunched up for the TV, you can see the whole thing in a quarter of the time.  The parade starts up in the Park blocks and then comes down through Times Square to Harold's Square (which is where Macy's is) so that is where the TV is.  They have a RESTRICTED AREA for two blocks where their is no performances and no spectator viewing because they are getting ready for the TV cameras.  Sounds interesting.  I also found out that from 3pm to 10pm on Wednesday to inflate the baloons.


Oops, got to get.  


Saturday, November 18, 2000 - 9:10am

Hello.  It's Saturday and I am having a hard time keeping up with the weather forecast around here.  Yesterday they said Scattered Snow Showers for Sunday and now Sunday is just Partly Cloudy but Tuesday it says Rain and Snow.  Hmmm.  Either way it sure is getting cold around here.  I keep checking for zip code 07608 which is Teterboro or 07601 which is Hackensack.  When I drove in there was a bit of a fog or haze over the city (Manhattan).  It is really fun to look across and see the Empire State Building when driving in.  From my new cube I can see the Empire State Building if I stand at the window and look to the far left.  Otherwise I have a great view of the fuel tanks for Texaco and Exxon that fuel the Teterboro airport.  One of the United States largest private airports.  Gad that place is busy.


Anyway, I think I will checkout the possibility of going to Manhattan on Thursday to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade live.  That might be a fun thing to do.  I have a co-worker here that lives in Manhattan.  She should know of a good place for me to watch the parade.  


Well, back to work for me.  Have a great and SAFE weekend everyone.  And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours.


Thursday, November 16, 2000 - 3:45pm

Boy how time flies around here.  I have been sick but also busy with my new duties.  I have gotten so much done in the past week.  Now it is Thursday and we still do not know who the next President will be.  Hmmm.  Anyway, I was out with a cold on Friday, over the weekend and Monday.  Have not been 100% yet.  Got lots of projects to work on.  Several are coming to a head soon.  


The weather here is really starting to get interesting.  If you check out for zip code 07608 you will see that we are expected to have some Scattered Snow Showers on Sunday.  I was talking with Mom and she already has had snow in Bend.  But that is kind of normal for them.  Sunday it is supposed to be in the high 20's.  Time for me to pull out the winter coat it would seem.  Monday we are to have Rain and Snow then Mostly cloudy the rest of the week.  Oh well.  


Several of my projects are going well.  One is bogged down but I hope to kick it free early next week.  This weekend we will be "failing over" to our backup system.  So I will be very busy making sure everything is right for that.  


Dad and Connie are in Palm Springs now.  They are kicking back enjoying the sun shine.  I need to figure out what is going on with the house.  I need to get back to Portland and box the rest of my stuff that I want to keep.  Then make arrangements with Larry and Mark for Vivian to show the house.  I need to get some other things done before I leave.  Later.


Thursday, November 9, 2000 - 11:11am

Boy, what a couple of historic days this has been.  I have been so glued to the TV watching all of the news and searching the web after work for news.  We have never had a Presidential election so close in 200 years.  This is really history stuff that will be talked about for a hundred years.  All eyes are on Florida right now.  Lots of people around here have asked me about Oregon because of the mail in ballot questions that people keep asking.  So, it has been interesting.  Everyone is talking about it.


Work has been great.  I have gotten more done in the past few days than I have in the last few weeks on these projects.  Just trying to stay focused and moving in the right direction.  My new cube is nice but the NRC people are noisy and flat out loud from time to time.  When we (local I.T.) all move into one area around the first of the year it will be nice.  Anyway, have to get back to what I was doing.


Sunday, November 5, 2000 - 6:00pm

Instead of heading into the lab, I stayed home most of the day.  Slept, did some laundry, drove around a bit and cleaned up some.  Oh, paid bunches of bills.  Boy am I broke.  Especially now that I have paid most of them.  Oh, well.  It was nice to take my first day off from the lab in almost a month now.  And it's a Sunday too.  Hmmm, I wonder if there is a reboot tonight?  No, I think that was last weekend.  Maybe I should check.  Anyway, going to watch a movie and fold clothes once the dryer is done.    Later.


Saturday, November 4, 2000 - 10:00pm

Watched a movie KEEPING THE FAITH.  Funny comedy.  I loved it.  Then sat down and put most of this together.  What a task, but this program made it easier.  Learning lots of the strange things about this program.  Will really come in handy later when I am using it to update the department intranet site.  After I publish this, think I will sit down, watch a little TV and then go to bed.  Talked with Connie earlier.  She was following Dad down I-5.  They are headed to Palm Spring's.  They expect to be their about a month before coming back in mid-December for a week or two and then will head back down.  Called and talked with Bill for a few minutes today.  Wanted to check on a spelling of a proper name.  He and I both had it right but it just did not look right.  Mom was away at an event.  Music stopped.  Guess I better save this and publish it.


Saturday, November 4, 2000 - 2:10pm

Working on my new web site.  Decided that the best way to clean things up was to start over and learn it from scratch.  Have been moving my office and decided to work on this for a bit.  I got my computer up and running in my new space and have things situated.  Need to come in and work a bit tomorrow to get some of the other things cleared out of the old room and sorted out.  But it is getting there.  Besides, it's hopefully only for a few months.  We (the department) should be moving into our new space sometime around the first of the year.  I have seen the plans for the space and it will really be a very good improvement over what we have now.  Ok, time to get going.  I need to publish this to the web and then finish up.  Chat with you tomorrow.




Saturday, November 18, 2000 - 9:20am

All log updates are over on my other web site right now.  Check it out at (old link which should be working just fine now.  Have a great weekend and a good, SAFE Thanksgiving week.


Thursday, November 9, 2000 - 11:21am

Mom said the below link to my new website is not working.  I have tried it several times and it works fine.  Not sure what is going on.  Anyway, I have been totally glued to the TV during the recent Historic election results.  Sorry, but I have a phone call to take.


Saturday, November 4, 2000 - 2:45pm

Started my new web site.  Will work on it over the next few weeks and then will eventually close this site here or just keep it around as an archive site.  My new site is where I have started building the site.  It's just the raw form right now, so don't expect much.  The name means Teterboro Craig in case you did not figure that out.  Anyway, just moving my stuff and working a bit on this in between.  I'll be in tomorrow to finish up clearing out my old office.  Actually, I will probably finish on Monday and just do some more work tomorrow.  Either way, later.


Friday, November 3, 2000 - 8:45pm

Working on my web page some more.  Changed the color's around and added the border area.  Now I am trying to download it back to the server.  Have been having some problems with that.  Watching TV and working on this back and forth.  I need to move my stuff out of my office tomorrow.  Not looking forward to that.  I'm going to be in a cube now.  The people in the NRC are rather noise.  Might just be because the manager is gone right now.  Oh well.  It's still a nice change.  My stress level is much improved.


Friday, November 3, 2000 - 6:15pm

Learned how to do a common border over on the left.  It should be on all pages as soon as I update all of the pages.  That way you do not need to try and find the HOME PAGE button or any other.  Most are on the left hand end.  Working on various changes.  Also started working on a major project at work.  Our Web Fusion project will totally replace our CCLink systems in the field.  Dad and Connie are headed to Palm Springs.  Got my package from Mom.  Have had several people congratulate me on my recent promotion.  Being a Senior Project Manager sure is nice.  I think my blood pressure has actually gone down.  Ok, back to figuring some more out.


Friday, November 3, 2000 - 10:45am

Just getting ready to leave for a meeting on a new project I am going to be working on.  It is going to be a major change for the company as we move toward being more e friendly with web based ordering.  They call it Web Fusion which is really a silly name for it.  Oh well.  I did not have any input into it.  The name is not what I am concerned about.  It is going to be a major project and we are going to need to think this one through from all of the angles possible.  Anyway, got to leave.  Later.


Thursday, November 2, 2000 - 11:00am

This front page product is sure different.  Anyway, here I am at work, just working away.  Testing different things while I learn this new software.  Boy, that color banner sure grabs your attention.  I am moving my office this weekend.  Think I will go ahead and keep the same extension number.  But will be changing to a cube.  Cool.  A spell checker too.  Went to the court meeting in the Village last night.  Had a great time talking with people and getting hugs.  Needed the hugs.  Lots of events are coming up but I am going to be short of money since I want to save and go to Portland in early December (hope, hope, hope).  Dad has invited me to come to Palm Springs sometime in December or January.  I have tons of time so might want to do a Portland trip in December so that I can clean the house and get some stuff boxed that needs to go to storage.  Judy, my hockey buddy has said she would store a box or two for me of my video's if Dad and Connie are in Palm Spring.  That way I can get everything I want out of the house.  Have signed and sent off the paperwork to sell it to Vivian on Tuesday I think.  It was hard, but I need to just do it.  Now comes the hard part where Vivian needs to sell it.  Just because it's listed it may not sell.  Need to take some time and discuss the house with Dad.  I saw that he called last night after I got back from the City.  It was to late to call when I noticed.  I never went into the bedroom where the caller ID is.  I started working on the computer when I got back.  


Wednesday, November 1, 2000 - 11:30pm

Well, that was interesting.  This program really has lots of interesting things to it.  Still figuring out how to convert the .htm files into .html files.  So, I am going to try and figure this out some more.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000 - 5:21pm
Learning how to use FrontPage 2000.  It is a web page designer.  I will be using it in my new job as Senior Project Manager.  We will have an Intranet site for the I.T. department.  I've got lots to learn in a short time.  But it will be fun because that is some of the things that I like to do.  Once I get refocused, I should be able to make some great strides on some of my projects.  I have been so busy, I have not been doing things good.  Some of them only half ass because I just did not have time to do things.  Anyway, I need to get back to seeing how to publish these page updates onto the web.  If you are reading this, I must have figured it out.  

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