Halloween, 2000, 8:50am EST
Happy Halloween everyone. I am all dressed up in a clown outfit today spreading cheer everywhere I go. So be sure to spread some chear of your own where you are at today. Happy, Happy AND SAFE day to all.

Sunday, October 29, 2000, 12:58pm EST
Did you remember to set all of your clocks back last night? Anyway, I am at work. The weather was cool but clear as a bell when I got here. Visibility was unlimited. Now a front is moving in from the South west and it is cloudy. We are supposed to have snow flurries later today as the tempature has stayed down. It is very cool outside. Then it is to warm up into the 50's this week.
Went on a little drive yesterday. Drove up 208, a little country type road through Fair Lawn, Hawthorne, Ridgewood. Had lunch in Haledon then meandered over to Wayne, Paterson and finally found Interstate 287 and took it North into New York. Then took 87 East to the New Jersey Parkway and then came home that way. The tree's are all pretty in their fall colors. Anyway, got to get ready for the week.

Saturday, October 28, 2000, 12:36pm EDT
Just finishing up here at work. It is a nice clear day outside. Might go for a drive. Need to go buy some new shoes. These are getting old and ragged. I have to do it today because all of the clothing stores are closed on Sunday. An old BLUE law here in Bergen County from what I understand. The malls are all closed Sunday too. You have to drive to one of the other counties from where I live. Anyway, have been getting caught up. Got a nice email from mom. Chatted with her the other day. She had received an email from her ISP (Internet Service Provider) on an email she had sent me. It said, the pipe had been broken. Or something like that. I think it scared her. She called that evening. The funny thing is that I got her email. Suspect it was something with the internet connection between the servers. Anyway, everything is going ok. Trying to learn how to deal with my staff. They are nice, that is not the trouble. Just trying to manage appropriately. Have never had this many people working for me. Da. I have 22 direct reports now. Gaad. They all have various backgrounds. Just trying to get most of them on the same page is a challenge with all that is going on around here. Really have focused on just management recently. Thanks to Larry (my boss) I have been allowed to take the time to learn how to manage. It's getting better. Now for some of the hard stuff. Oh well. I'm taking some work home with me and going to get out of here.
I'm supposed to be on vacation back in Portland right now but work needs and finances kept me from going. A good friend of mine is getting crowned tonight Empress of Portland. She is a great gal that I have known for greater than 10 years now. I'm really going to miss being at her coronation. But will make every effort to go next year in 2001. Besides, I got the papers on the house and am going to put it up for sale. Have to read them later today, sign and send them back. Later.

Friday, October 27, 2000, 12:15pm
Howdy. Boy the week went by fast. Have been very busy and trying to get things cleared up so that I can get out of here early today for a change. I have a conference call here in 15 minutes and then will be out of here. Got a nice email from Mom. She was in California and made it back ok. Still waiting on a package she sent. I just got interupted again. Everyone is stopping by looking for a job. IT is the buzz out there. I just hired 3 this week to fill 4 of the open positions I have. It is such a long process. Anyway, got to get. Everyone have a great weekend. And I hope the GREAT PUMPKIN visits everyone on Tuesday. I will be dressing up in my clown outfit and having a good time at work.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2:00pm
Just a fast note. I am at work, working on procedures. Have to get them done. Going to be presenting them this week at our Lunch and Learn sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. Kind of nice to have your presentation done before you give it. I have 2 more to work on then will be out of here. Going to take a walk and take back a movie. Now that I have a little TV, I can relax watching movies. Going to pick up another one and veg. Did laundry yesterday. Mailed out some "stuff" to dad and another package to mom. Hope all enjoy it. Would like to get some sleep tonight. Got to shut down the system tonight remotely. So, will be heading to bed early. Later.

Friday, October 20th, 12:30pm
Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am still alive and well. Things are still rough but I am getting there. Went to PC Richards the other night and bought a little cheap 13" TV on-sale. Once I get my big set fixed, I can use this one in the bedroom. It was very relaxing to finish the movie that I had been watching when the TV died. My stress level will be much better now that I can relax in front of the tube for a movie after work. Get's my mind off of work and just relax to the movie. Kind of day dream type relaxation. Much better on my nerves. Anyway, got work to do. Got a nice email from Kelly my friend who is attending the University of Oklahoma.

The subway World Series starts tomorrow. Lots of the people around here are buzzing about it. I never have been into baseball much. Probably because of my baseball injury when I was in the 5th grade. I have never liked it since then. Anyway, later.

Monday, October 16th, 8:20pm
Hello all. I am working late tonight because my 2nd shift person is out. I left and went home around 3pm and got some sleep and now I am back and will be here for another 4 hours until the 3rd shift person comes in. Have lots of things to do so I should be rather productive. Just thought I would drop a line. Anyway, it is raining here. Things have been hectic but interesting. Have been rather busy at work. Actually took a bit off on Sunday and had some fun. Drove down to the Elizabeth SeaPort and watch a few ships sail by. Just drove around and hung out. That was interesting. I drove about 50 miles total. Anyway, got to get back to work. Later.

Saturday, October 14th, 5:15pm
Yes I do still exist. Just very busy. I have been working on the computer so much, that when I get home, the last thing I want to look at is the computer. I am averaging around 60 emails a day. It is so hard to stay on top of it all. Have been here at the lab most of the day working on a Visual Basic spreadsheet problem. It would really help me out with tracking the performance of employees. So, I am making the time to work on it.

I am learning that you have to make the time to find the tools or learn the tools that you will need to manage everyone else. The noice leave sometime is so high around "fix me", "Fix this", "help me", that you just get lost in your priorities. And then my microwave goes and dies on me and the TV. Oh boy. What is the world coming to.

I went to the WIZ last night and looked at new sets. Found a nice 13" for only $120 but then found out that they do repair their too. The guy thinks that it could cost me around $100 to get it repaired but it would be 2-4 weeks normally. That got me thinking of checking some other repair shops. So that is my task on Monday. Will talk to a few staff members too. The TV is a nice Emerson 25" set so it's was not cheap. Minimum to replace would be in the $300+ and normally $400 range. So I might as well look into repair. The manufacture date is July 1993 so I doubt it is on warranty nor do I think I could find an original receipt now. Anyway, I still have to deal with the couch issue and the microwave. But then again, why. I'm not home much right now so just deal with it. The TV though is the killer right now. I use it alot. Anyway, I'm out of here. Hugs to all.

Sunday, October 8th, 9:55am
Just waiting for Texas to call me back. Having problems with one of the background jobs so I had to call the gang in Texas where support is out of. Then I have a conference call at 10am on the status of a recent virus out break. Kind of down. Coming to the realization that I will not be able to go back to Portland later this month. Really wanted to go but have to many work related things going on here and my finances are not good either. Had a verbal offer on the house but it seems to have fallen through. A neighbor's daughter wanted to by the house but wanted it for immediate occupancy instead of having to wait until the lease runs out in December on current occupants. Anyway, got to dash. Hugs.

Saturday, October 7th, 10:55pm
Took a few minutes from work to change my page. Have been very busy. My TV decided that it had had to many moves so it exploded on Thursday. We are testing the failover of one system to another so I am still at work. Just finished up the testing and am going home to sleep. Have lots of reports to do tomorrow that I was unable to get to today or this week. Just been very busy. Need to find time to manage the staff even with everyone pulling at me from all sides. Anyway, I am going home. Hugs to all.

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