Monday, February 26, 2001 - 11:30pm EST

Got busy and never downloaded this.  Sorry about that.  Have been busy because of last nights change over.  Was here until 3:30am and then left and came back around 7:30am.  It has been busy ever since then.  My boss, Larry is back from vacation.  Lots of little things for several fronts going on.  Now I remember why I like this job.  So many different issues.  Problem solving - I LOVE IT.


Sunday, February 25, 2001 - 9:45pm EST

Well, I have showered and am just waiting for my program to come on Showtime.  After that, then I am heading into work.  We are doing a full switch over from our primary system to the secondary.  Two of the night Analysts are going to be there for training.  In two weeks we will flip it all back.  Had a nice talk with Dad today.  We were on the phone for about 45 minutes.  Found out about my house.  They have finished.  I was a week off with the Open House.  The Open House will be next Sunday not this Sunday.  It should sell right away.  They have spent around $10,000 fixing the house up.  Guess it looks great.  The bathroom has been totally redone.  Connie was saying it really looks great.  T.J. has a few clean up things to do and then the Open House.  Watching a special about "The Green Mile".


Saturday, February 24, 2001 - 5:45pm EST

I just finished dinner and I'm watching Midway.  Changing around my web page.  Grouping together several pages to save picture space.  Gee, it's hard to decide on the best of the best pictures to keep.  Tiffany is helping too.  She is parked between me and the keyboard just purring away.  


Saturday, February 24, 2001 - 3:30pm EST

Ok, guess I am finished playing around for now.  My 'puter has recharged and I have finished documenting my web site so that I can do some changes later today and tomorrow if I have the energy.  Might take a ride tomorrow and just cruise around for a bit.  Lots of fun to do that on a Sunday.  Not much traffic around if you go early enough.  After about 2pm everyone is coming home from the weekend and then traffic starts to get to ya.  Hugs to all.


Saturday, February 24, 2001 - 12:40pm EST

Finally decided to wake up.  Have been in bed fighting a cold.  Just slept.  I'm at Starbucks right now working on my web page a bit.  Need to go over to the lab to print some pages off before I make some major changes.  Will download this before that.  Went to the New Jersey Motor Vehicles yesterday.  Got my new plates on the car, LAW36A.  An easy plate to remember.  Went through their vehicle inspection program.  Passed that with flying colors.  Your allowed 625 parts per million on this one section.  My car had 6.  They test for wheel alignment, shocks (front and back) and emissions.  The entire test is free.  AND, you get it AFTER you get your car registered.  Not before.  Also, the other thing I thought was very interesting.  No one ever came out and looked at my car to make sure the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number was correct.  I'm not sure if that is because my title had the number on it and they were just transferring it or what.  I know in Oregon, they VIN the vehicle to verify the number.  Especially when the car is coming in from another state.  The lien on the car cost me an additional $40 and the registration was like $36.  The big mix up was finding my title.  They had it filed under L.  You know.  Williams, Craig Langley.  So they had me on the records as Craig Langley.  After they got that sorted out, it took another hour to get all of the paperwork done.  It is a really weird place.  You have to get into line 1 for everything.  You turn all of your forms into that gal.  She checks them and then you have a seat.  An hour or so later they call you up to the cashier to pay, and here are you plates.  The place was packed too.  I got there just before the rush so I was lucky.  Lots of kids got off school and were waiting for their driver's permits and licenses.  They arrived about 15 minutes after I did.  I got through line 1, which normally stretches out the door, in about 5 minutes.  The average wait while I was sitting there was about 20 minutes.  And some of the people were so upset at the poor lady checking stuff in line 1.  "I'm sorry, you need to have x, y or z."  "No, no, I have this."  "That is not an acceptable form of identification."  "But I lost my visa."  "I'm sorry, you need to get it replaced before you apply for a drivers license."  "No, you do not understand.  I lost it.  I have this to show you."  "That is not an acceptable form of identification.  Were you born within the United States?"  "No"  "Then you must have your visa, green card or passport as valid documents." "I lost my visa, I have this." she repeated several times.  Finally another supervisor gal came up and looked at the documentation and agreed with the gal in line 1.  She very pointedly sent the gal away.  She (the gal arguing) then went over to the pay phone and made several calls for the next 20 minutes before she finally left.


The lady in Line 1 was really nice to me.  I plopped all of my paperwork down and said, "I think I have everything her you need."  Asked her a few questions about plates and helped her find my Craig Langley name on the list of some 100 titles listed.  Note, not in alphabetical order.  They looked like they were in some kind of "slot" order.  Once we found it, the indicator said 20 so she pulled out envelope 20 and there was my title from Oregon.  She and I laughed at it being under my middle name.  Then she laughed about how she could tell me stories.  I joked with her that I'm sure she could.


Anyway, sorry to make this so long.  I am still stilling at the Starbucks just finishing my Venti Mocca with 6 pumps of mocca mix, non fat, no whip and no foam, stirred not shaken please.  <grin>


Oh, I'm starting back to school here next month.  As soon as my bonus comes through in early March.  I will pay down one of my credit cards and then use it to start back.  Work will pay for the classes but I get reimbursed AFTER I get the grade from the class.  So I have to float some $2,800 at a time.  Speaking about money.  Dad called yesterday and said they are going to have an open house at my home in Portland.  They had a few problems with the alarm and the floors being sanded.  Stirred up enough dust to set off the smoke alarms in the house.  But everything should be done today for an Open House tomorrow.  


Well, I have picked up the plates sitting around the place.  Picked up all of the papers tossed around the places and put them in the paper rack.  Even picked up a couple of cups and tossed them out.  I'm here to much I think.  The manager just handed me a coupon for a free drink next time.  Then Fernando (Manager) joked with me, are you off tomorrow?  Anyway, later.  It's now 1:07 pm EST.


Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 5:30pm EST

Hello.  Been rather busy and a bit sick too.  Have been sleeping instead of updating my web page.  Oh well.  I also wanted to wait until I took this class today.  FANTASTIC.  Loved the class.  Learned lots of things.  The instructor was Doug.  He has a great website at http://hometown.aol.com/dkirky/doughome.htm which we got to check out.  Learned more about frames and how to use them.  Hopefully for those with only an 800 pixel wide screen, this web page now will not have a horizontal scroll bar on it.  Anyway, look for some changes.  Oh, the class was at CALC Canterbury which has some other great classes too.  They have an Advanced FrontPage 2000 class which I am thinking of taking as well.  Today's class was an Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and I really enjoyed it.  Anyway, got to get this saved and reconfigured.  Later.


Saturday, February 17, 2001 - 2:35pm EST

Sorry, no time for an update.  Have been busy.  Had a fun meeting down in Edison last night.  Then I have a discussion/talk in Clark which is still down in Central New Jersey and then on Monday I have a study group that is just starting also down in Edison.  It really feels good to get out and be with some people of like interest.  This is all church related.  Anyway, trying to get out of here.  Got the car washed and chatted with Mark for a few minutes.  He is doing fine.  Tiffany (my cat) loves to drag this shoe lace around the apartment.  IT IS HER TOY so don't even think of messing with it.  It is so cute.  Got to take some packages to Airborne before they close.  Someone forgot to take them down by the deadline in the Support Center.  Since they were promised by Monday, this way they will still get their.  Hugs to all.


Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 7:55am EST

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day and wished Oregon a happy Birthday yesterday.  Have been busy with the web page at work.  Trying to get it all approved by next Thursday for a roll out.  Making bunches of minor changes but they just take time.   Talked with Mom yesterday and got a neat card from Dad & Connie.  They included some pictures of my former house in Portland and pictures from Palm Springs of their lot down there.  Had previously gotten cards from Mom and Grandma.  Mom called the other day to tell me Grandma had fallen again.  But she is just fine.  She has to remember not to stand on her foot when it is sleeping.  Dad & Connie sent me some great Starbucks coupons which I just love.  Anyway, got to dash.  Have not had the time to finish the coronation pictures from Connecticut.  Need to clear up some space on the Geocities server first before I can transfer them.  Sounds like a weekend project for me.


Monday, February 12, 2001 - 10:00am EST

Just took a short break from work and figured out what I did wrong.  Fixed the problem.  I was headed in the right direction, but was to tired to fix it last night.  Anyway, had a great time at the Coronation in Connecticut.  Glad to get back home but would love to go up again.  Had a blast at the Polo Club which is where all of these pictures are from.  Will work on the Coronation page tonight.  Need to purge some space off of my web site so that I can keep adding more pictures.   Got to get back to work.  Later.


Sunday, February 11, 2001 - 11:00pm EST

Got home safe and sound.  Had a great time in Connecticut.  Drove Coco and Jeffrey home.  We chatted a bit and they slept part of the way back.  When I got home, Tiffany was waiting for me.  Messed up my web site a bit.  Check back in a day so that I can clear it up.  This web site is case sensitive and my computer is not so I have some wrong links on my new photo's.  Not to mention the age old problem of running out of disk space.  Got a nice card from Mom and Grandma for Valentine's day.  Talked with Dad and then noticed Mom had called and chatted with her for a bit.  Got to dash and see if I can fix this.


Saturday, February 10, 2001 - 9:30am EST

Having a great time in Connecticut.  The party at the bar in Hartford last night was a lot of fun.  The Polo Club just rocked.  Meet the owners.  They are two brothers.  The place was packed and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Meet lots of people that I know from the West Coast and lots of people from New York came up.  Meet this really nice waiter, Michael and his boyfriend.  Can not include photo's of them since they are with an agency but just take my word for it.  They were both very cute but mostly they were nice.

craig_suzanne_john.JPG (174985 bytes)

Here I am with Portland's current Empress XLIII The Lovely Suzanne and John from Boston.


I took lots of photo's so just click on this link to see the Connecticut pictures I took.




Thursday, February 8, 2001 - 7:50am EST

Got email this morning from Connie.  She says that Dad is doing fine in the hospital right now.  The nurses think he might be able to go home later today (Thursday).  He is doing very well.  I will be working early Friday and then will be off to Connecticut.  Should be a fun trip up.  Jeffery and I are driving up with Fiona.  Then on the way back, Cocco is going to ride with us instead of Fiona.  Cocco needs to be back by 6pm and I would really like to be back before then too.  So, she is going to right back with us.  This should be a very interesting and fun trip.  Hartford is only a couple of hours away.  So it's only a hope and a skip.  


Wednesday, February 7, 2001 - 7:45pm EST

Sitting here at the GLC (Gay & Lesbian Center) in Manhattan.  Thought I would type some before the meeting at 8pm.  Have been keeping real busy.  Last night I was at Hunter College in uptown Manhattan.  We were at a dance studio on the 6th floor.  It was a big, huge place with plenty of space for us to put the final touches on our production number for this weekend in Connecticut.  I will be at the Connecticut Coronation Friday, Saturday and driving back on Sunday.  A friend from the court here is going with me.  We are planning on leaving Manhattan around 2pm on Friday to beat most of the traffic on the way up.  Will talk to him here in a little bit to make the final arrangements.  Other than that, things are fine.  Dad had his surgery today.  Got a call from Connie that all went well.  They did not even have to do any transfusions.  He is expected to be out of the hospital on Friday and back home.  Thinking about spending some of my tax refund (when it gets here) and head back to Oregon for a week to see him around the end of February.  He should be feeling better then and will be able to visit.  It would be a nice change from here.  Things pick back up in late March for me here.  The security guard just asked me to vacate the room I was sitting in.  Not a problem since it's just a few minutes before my meeting.


Monday, February 5, 2001 - 2:30pm EST

It is snowing hard outside.  Got most everything done, so I am heading home early.  Mailing off some stuff back to Oregon.  Need to swing by and drop this stuff off before I head home.  Road look fine.  The rest is a mess.  They are saying 3-6 inches.  We will see.  Here are some pictures right out my window here at work.  The first is looking to the left out my window (toward the Empire State Building, the second to the right.)  Can't see Manhattan right now.  Clouds have closed in.  Still working on the rotating picture thing.  It's coming along.  Just have to work on the script file to pull the right pictures.  Checkout the local news on www.cbsnewyork.com.

lab_snow_020501a.jpg (204343 bytes)lab_snow_020501b


Thursday, February 1, 2001 - 9:30pm EST

I've been working on a new feature which will show different pictures.  Each time you bring up my web site, you will find a different picture.  It will cycle through the different photo's that I have in the file.  This is a feature that the lab has on it's main company intranet web page.  I've been working on it and figuring it out to make it work for the Business Unit Intranet site that I am working on.


Talked with Dad today.  He will be having back surgery on Wednesday, February 7th in Medford.  He should only be in the hospital for a day and then will be home recouping.  Connie is going up to Portland on Friday and will be back on Sunday.  While she is there, she is going to take some pictures of what they have been doing on my former house.  I heard it really is looking good and about finished.