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Wednesday, June 27th - 1:35pm EDT

Taking a few minutes to update everyone on yesterday's activities.  I have a conference call coming up at 2pm and Carmen is busy with a Sales Representative right now so I can't work on my Fusion stuff right now.  Actually took care of what appears to be the final hurdle earlier so I'm sitting rather pretty right now.  So, here we go with an update of yesterday.


Tuesday, June 26th

Even though I was off, stopped by the lab for a few hours before heading into the city.  Made sure a few things were heading in the right direction and then took off.  Parked in a garage in Jersey City.  Talked with the management people at the place I am thinking of moving to.  They have a 1 bedroom on the twelfth floor that will be available about when I want to move.  The only problem is that it faces east (thus has a nice view of Manhattan) and the base price is around $2,000 a month.  I chatted with them about it and have been doing some thinking.  Budget wise, this is a bit over what I was planning on.  And I am in no major rush so think I will pass on this unit.  I can wait until one comes available facing west instead of east.  I really do not need the view.  Then it was off to the City.


Took the PATH train into the World Trade Center.  First time I had done it this way. Caught the subway for the Lexington Avenue line (4, 5 or 6 train).  That dropped me off just a block from the Waldorf Astoria.  Went upstairs to the Grand Ballroom and found my friend Jeffery.  Spent the rest of the day staying out of people's way and lending a hand to the setup for the show.  The whole event was great.  It was the 14th annual Verizon Academic All Stars Induction ceremonies.  The place was packed but it was great to be behind the scenes and watch the whole thing.  James Earl Jones, the Voice of Verizon, was there as well.  He was fun to watch go through makeup.  He was a very nice guy with a great personality.  Dick Ebert (Sports newscaster) was the Emcee for the evening.  At one point I went out into the production truck.  Holly smokes, it was three times the size of our Mobile Productions truck at Portland Cable Access Television.  The truck was split into three different sections.  In the front was the Video decks, shading of the camera's and technical feeds.  In the middle section was all audio.  A huge audio board.  Then in the back was a switcher, director and technical director location.  Monitor's filled the entire back wall.  It was great.  After the show, I headed back to the WTC (World Trade Center) and made it back home around 11pm.  All in all, it was a fun outing.  Well worth taking the day off work for.


Monday, June 25th - 1:25pm EDT

Just taking a few minutes to update everyone on what has been going on.  My feet are killing me !!!  But I had a great time yesterday.  Later, 


Sunday, June 24th - New York City Gay & Lesbian Pride March

This is one of the largest PRIDE marches in the world.  This was my 2nd year marching with the Imperial Court of New York.  Since our Empress Fiona is a regular on the HBO television series OZ, the theme was Prisoners of Love.  The float people were all in red except for the Dowager Empress and Emperor and the current Empress and Emperor.  The float was really good looking.  The rest of us walked along the side of the float in orange prison jumpsuits.  The jumpsuits were borrowed from the props department of OZ.  The PRIDE march and rally commemorates the Stonewall Riots that occurred back in 1969.  Generally fed up with Police brutality and harassment; the Drag Queen's at the Stonewall Inn rioted during a routine police raid.  As I recall the story, it was the day Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz) died.  She was an icon for many of the drag queen's of the day.  Now, 30 plus years later, we march the length of 5th Avenue from Central Park to the Village.  The parade starts promptly at Noon.  All of the bikers who lead off the parade are all revving their bikes up.  The volunteer parade marshal raises a flag, the crowd starts to count down from 10 and on zero the flag drops and off you go.  


At 2pm, the entire parade goes stone silent.  The parade stops and remembers all those loved ones that we have lost to Aids.  Bells from the church we were at rang several times to signal the time.  Then, nothing but quiet.  It is an eerie feeling.  Thousands of people lined on both sides of the street standing in total silence along with all of the floats up and down 5th Avenue.


My feet are dead.  But I had a great time.  I am very pleased to be in the parade, but sometimes wish I could just sit back and watch it.  I understand that the parade is over 4 hours long.  We stepped off around 12:40pm as the 15th float / unit.


Saturday, June 23rd

A friend who originally lived in Portland and now lives in Falls Church, VA called on Thursday.  He is coming into town with his boyfriend to partake in activities.  They drove in last night and I went over to Queens and picked them up.  We toured around the town and got caught in a cloud bust at Liberty State Park.  


Thursday, June 21st - 1:00pm EDT

Just taking a few minutes to update my site.  Waiting on a call from another person across the country.  Got a cool update from Mom on what has been going on around her.  She is getting ready for a big event in the next few weeks.  Oops, major phone call.  Got to go.


Wednesday, June 20th

Was busy at work all day.  Getting ready for a big test on Monday.  Was at work until 6:30pm.  Tiffany was upset at me when I got home but she got over it.  I made it up to here by taking out the cat box.  Refilled her cat food container too.  Now I have to add cat food and litter to the shopping list.  To bad Costco does not carry Tiffany's cat food.  All thought,  a huge pet supply place is just down Hwy 17.  The price there is only a little higher than what Costco is for the big bags of cat food.  So I shop there.  Tiffany likes the Adult (less active) IAMS.  Maybe I will stop there on Thursday and take care of that.


Tuesday, June 19th

Busy day at work.  But ran away around 3pm.  Had to take my application over to this new apartment I am looking at in Jersey City.  It is in the Paulus Hook Historical District of Jersey City.  This area was first settled in 1630.  On September 3, 1609; Henry Hudson, an English navigator in the employ of the Dutch East India Company anchored his sixty ton vessel, with a crew of about 20, at Sandy Hook.  The area was later governed by the Dutch as New Netherlands.  In June 1623, New Netherlands was established as a province.  A land grant (or deed) exists from November 22, 1630 when a local chief sold this area.  If you look at the map this link should take you to, the apartment complex is on the corner of WARREN and I think it's YORK.


After, I took the PATH train over to the 14th street station and walked three blocks to the Manhattan ECKANKAR center where I had a meeting.  Ran into my friend Jeffery just as he was leaving.


Monday, June 18th

Came into work late.  Got home from the Broadway Bares show around 3am.  HAD A GREAT TIME at the event.  It was sold out and well worth it.  They raised around $325,000 for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights Aids.  Around 160+ Broadway actors took part in the event.  If you ever have the opportunity to go see this yearly event, it is well worth it.  Monday night I drove down to the ECKANKAR center in Edison for a group study class.


Sunday, June 17th - 11:00am

Rained really hard last night.  Got up around 4am during the peak of the storm and just sat out on the balcony and watched the storm.  It was so pretty.  Tiffany sat just on the other side of the screen and watched with me.  Testing a few things here at work and then wanted to update my website with the past week.  Later, Jeffery and I are going to the 11th annual Broadway Bares - 2001: A Strip Odyssey.  It will be at the Roseland Ballroom on 52nd and Broadway.  The show will be at Midnight.  They have only two shows.  The 9:30 show is MUCH more expensive so we are going to the later show.  The show is put on by the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS project.  Check it out:

From there web site:

"This hotly anticipated annual event combines the naughtiness of burlesque and the razzle-dazzle of Broadway and has been a smashing success since its inception in 1992.  Conceived, directed and choreographed by Jerry Mitchell, the event features the hottest male and female dancers on Broadway and has become one of Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS signature events.


"This year, join special guests Charles Busch, Alan Cumming, Michele Lee, Idina Menzel, downtown drag sensation Edie, and many others, in this intergalactic strip adventure that truly promises to be out of this world!"

Saturday, June 16th

Had a training session down in Edison, NJ with Eckankar.  This was part 2 of 3 for Arahata training.  An Arahata is one who teaches Eckankar.  About 20 people are in the training.  It was loads of fun.  Humor is important always.  Each of us has our own path and it's so much fun to be included in this caliber of people.  I really enjoyed the two sessions.  Once I have finished the next class, I will be able to request a class again.  An Arahata leads their class through a specific discourse that is being studied.  It is a commitment for an entire year.  The class is also very good for preparing one just to talk with people or to give an intro talk.  All will not teach a class.  I have not been an Arahata since the late 80's somewhere.  They have revised the material since the last time I went through this so it is also fun to study the new material.  If I move to Jersey City which would make Manhattan much more accessible, I might request a class at the Manhattan Center.  For more information on ECKANKAR just click on the link at the bottom left of my navigation bar.  ECKANKAR is the study of an ancient religion of the Light and Sound of God.  In the mid-sixties.  Our spiritual leader at the time brought the teachings of ECKANKAR out into the public.  Previously it was studied on a very small scale in the east.


Friday, June 15th

Also worked really late.  Had several thing happen at work that just kept me into it until past 6pm.  Trying to track down why a specific variable is not crossing over to the billing system correctly.  Later, after a nap.  Drove around the area for a bit and just unwound.


Thursday, June 14th

Worked late.  The Dallas programmers showed up and was getting them settled in.  They are doing a major upgrade to the software on Sunday and then will be here to monitor it until Wednesday next week.  Talked with them about various places to go see.  This is Susan's first trip to Teterboro and the Big Apple.


Wednesday, June 13th

Work, Work, Work


Tuesday, June 12th

Visited the Manhattan Eckankar Center this afternoon.  Turns out that they are in the same building as my friend Jeffery down in Union Square.  Had a nice meeting and then went to dinner with Jeffery.  After I dropped him off, got stuck on the lower level of the George Washington Bridge with an accident for about 45 minutes.  Good thing I had my CD player in the car.  


Monday, June 11th - 7:30am EDT

Not much to report.  Have been rather busy.  Still working on that one major project here at work.  Trying to stay sane through the whole thing.  Lots of little details to deal with.  Today I am going to try and pull all of the remaining pieces together so that I can sort out the priority on them.  I need to get the Quality Control piece ready to be submitted.  


Sunday, June 10th

Worked registration at the annual Bergen County Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations walk.  Quest Diagnostics is a local presenting sponsor of the walk.  About 500 walkers from Quest Diagnostics showed up.  The weather was just great.  Nice and clear.


Saturday, June 9th

Did laundry and cleaned a bit.  Slept in until noon then came to work for a little while.  Got involved in a problem that had been going on since late Thursday night and did not get much accomplished.


Friday, June 8th

Got a notice about my lease coming due at the end of August.  They raised the rent over $100 per month if I decide to stay.  Already looking around the Jersey City area.


Wednesday, June 6th

Went into the city for my monthly meeting of the Imperial Court of New York.  Still not feeling very well but did go to work today.  Everyone seems to have this flu.


Tuesday, June 5th

Stayed home sick.


Monday, June 4th - 9:00am EDT

Just in doing some work that needs to be done.  Then going home sick.


Sunday, June 3rd

Spent the entire day in bed sick with a cold.


Saturday, June 2nd 

Attended a training session at the Central Jersey Eckankar center.  We had about 20 or so people there for the training.  It was very enlightening.  Got news that my article should be printed in the July/August issue of the newsletter.  


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