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LOG UPDATE FOR September 2001

Sunday, September 30th - 10:00pm EDT

Oh, and I found my coin jars that I have been looking for.  Law & Order - Criminal Intent was rather good.  Enjoyed watching it.  I have been watching the older reruns of Law and Order on weekday evenings. 


Sunday, September 30th - 9:00pm EDT

Watching the new Law and Order so thought I would type during the commercials.  Yesterday, Jeffery and I spent the afternoon shopping a little and then laying out and cutting fabric.  I had better keep my day job.  I am not cut out to be a seamstress (no pun intended).  Have not done that for a long time.  Had a good time just helping out.  The costume is for my Henry VIII outfit that I will be wearing at the Portland (Oregon) coronation in 4 weeks.  Later we went to dinner down in the Village.  The place was packed.  Jeffery knows the waiters and they indicated that it was their first packed Saturday night since the WTC attack.  Everyone was having a good time.  The food was great.  I had my usual, and excellent spinach stuff chicken breast with the best garlic mashed potatoes in NYC.  Afterwards, we drove up the West Side Hwy.  The road was closed at about 20th and we were put over to 10th Avenue.  Lots of Police out and about.  The Holland Tunnel is now open to New Jersey only and all tunnels and bridges south of 63rd are restricted to 2+ people in the car on weekdays from 6am to Noon.  I had no problem getting into the city across the George Washington Bridge.  Worked on the apartment this afternoon.  Got some more boxes emptied and put away.  Thinking of how to rearrange the computer area.  The DSL service goes in on the 10th so I have a week to figure it out.  


Saturday, September 29th - 9:00am EDT

I got home last night and was so surprised.  A note was given to me by the building management.  It reads, "September 28, 2001 - Dear Craig, Please accept this Gift Check as a token of our appreciation for all your help on Tuesday evening.  We consider you to be a hero for all the kindness and consideration you showed your neighbors during a difficult situation.  Thank you again.  Sincerely, Joan Bersch, Assistant Property Manager TCRS".  WOW.  And then the Fall building news flyer was under my door.  The last paragraph says, PIERRE HEROES.... Many, many thanks to those who helped out during the recent power outage.  And especially to Lindardo Thorne and Craig Williams!  These guys helped many residents to & from their apartments and ran lights off of extension cords to stairways & halls.


Guess I should tell you what happened.  On Tuesday, the emergency electrical box shorted out.  This is the one hooked up to the generator.  It provides power to the elevators and lights in the stairwell & hallways.  Needless to say, it was DARK.  No one could use the elevators and the stairwells were pitch black.  All of our apartments were fine, it was getting to them that was the hard part.  After making my way to the 9th floor in the dark, I hooked up one of my tall lights and set it in the hallway.  It was plugged into the outlet just inside the door.  I then grabbed another light and one of my uninterruptible power supplies and hooked it up in the landing of the 9th floor.  I then grabbed my one 50' extension cord and another lamp.  Went down to the 7th floor landing and ran my cord from the laundry room to my light in the hallway.  At this point, I had another lamp but no cord.  So, I went down to the apartment management office and Joan provided me with another 50' extension cord from her supply.  I hooked this one up on the 2nd floor landing.  Then went back upstairs and watched TV.  About 4 hours later, the emergency was over and power had been restored.  So, that is the story.


Friday, September 28th

Had a nice talk with my dad today.  They are planning on heading for Palm Springs in a few weeks.  Might get the opportunity to visit them in Palm Springs this season over a long weekend.  Did not get the opportunity to last year because the season was cut short due to Dad's back surgery and my financial problems.  This time, his recovery is doing well and my financial situation has improved and I am headed back to (online) school at the University of Phoenix.  Still interested in how this is going to work.  Will let you know after classes start.  I start either November 1st, 8th or 15th.  Waiting on confirmation, depending upon class schedule.  It will be MGT 350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making.  Shipped some additional Disney video's to my sister today too.  Got some nice emails from my Mom but I have not had the time to write back in to much detail.


Thursday, September 27th - 8:00am EDT

We are supposed to have internet access back soon.  Got some email that my web site index page has crashed again.  Can't fix it until I can get back onto the internet.  This two week problem has pushed me to sign up for DSL service with Verizon.  In two weeks, my DSL information should arrive and I will be able to hook up my home computer to the service.  My first class ONLINE starts the first week in November.  Without internet access, I would be sunk.  So, DSL service at home makes sense.  The cost will be worth it so that I can do school work from home.  My first class is MGT 350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making.  Gee, sounds like what I do everyday.  Listen to the course description.  "This course provides students opportunities for analysis, synthesis, prescription and application of critical thinking and decision making within the organization.  Emphasis is placed on preparing managers who can deal clearly, rationally and creatively with a diverse workforce and dynamic workplace.  This course equips students with concrete skills in critical thinking and decision making that will allow them to identify and solve organizational problems, as well as provide strategic direction."  University of Phoenix, BS-IT course outline.  Like I said, sounds like what I do everyday.  Should be interesting.  Looking forward to it.


Wednesday, September 26th - 7:00pm EDT

Got word today that the GAY LIFE EXPO originally scheduled for the weekend after the World Trade Center disaster has been rescheduled to November 17th and 18th.  That is the same weekend that I am supposed to be in Boston.  Don't think I am going to find anyone else to cover for me at this convention so, suspect that I will need to stay and not go to Boston.  I was looking forward to Boston since I have not been their for 20 years.  Was hoping to see a bit of the town while I was there.  The EXPO is our new Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender employee network here (called PRIDE NETWORK AT QUEST DIAGNOSTICS) first public event within the GLBT community.  So it is very important to the companies image as a gay friendly, diverse company.


Monday, September 24th - 9:00pm EDT

Went to the Hackensack Library to get internet access for 30 minutes.  They have 4 stations where you can sign up to get onto the internet.  Checked my yahoo account and took care of some things.  I had some 40+ email messages that I had to wade through.  Hopefully we will have internet access back at work soon.  This is a pain.  But a nice service.  The Library here is closing for a renovation within the next few weeks.  It is their 100th anniversary and they are doing a 6 week renovation just prior to the anniversary.  Been thinking of checking out DSL rates and services.  I know Version (phone company) has one as does DirecTV (cable) provider.  Need to look at their offers and see which one is really the better deal.  This outage would have killed me if I had been taking this class already.  It's either that or subscribe to AOL at dial up rates.  That is like $25/month and slow.  


Saturday, September 22nd - 10:45am EDT

Watched the TV special last night.  Boy, those two hours seemed to go by fast.  Came into work to do a few things but due to this recent virus, they messed up my computer.  They do not expect to have it resolved until this afternoon.  So, just doing a little update right now.  Our internet access has been unavailable since Tuesday afternoon.  What a pain.  Been very busy with work.  The whole week just seemed to go by so fast.  Mom and Bill have cancelled their anniversary trip to Walt Disney World and will stay closer to home.  Maybe next time.  Due to work items being pushed to November 1st, I can not guarantee mom that I will have time off in early November.  So, she has postponed her New York trip as well.  At the present time, it's all for the best.  Well, I need to get home and do some more rearranging.  Also have some laundry to do but I'm not sure which box the laundry detergent is in.  Guess I'll go see if I can find it.  Ta.


Tuesday, September 18th - 7:30am EDT

Got the remainder of my errands done yesterday morning and came on into work.  Glad I did.  Lots of stuff going on yesterday.  Then, when I got home.  The wind patterns had changed and for the first time the smell of the WTC hung over Hackensack.  It smelled like that burnt electric kind of smell.  Like plastic being cooked.  Anyway, the DirecTV guy had finished hooking up my TV and everything was working just fine.  Tiffany and I sat on the floor and watched a movie.


Sunday, September 16th - 11:00pm EDT

Just got back from walking along the waterfront in Weehawken (Just north of Jersey City).  As I drove down the Turnpike, the cloud rising from the former World Trade Center looked like a mushroom.  Smoke still rising from Building 7 and the site all lit up with big construction lights.  When I got down to Jersey City, the Police had all of the usual ways to the waterfront closed off.  So I went North toward the Lincoln Tunnel.  I was still South of the Tunnel when I found a parking space near a PATH station.  I was able to walk out on the water front and take a few pictures.  You could see buildings, near the site, were still totally dark.  Buildings a few more blocks away had power restored to them.  Night lights and some office lights were in them.  The Empire State building was all aglow in red, white and blue.  Took a picture of that too.  We will see if they come out.  


Sunday, September 16th - 8:30pm EDT

Well, I am almost totally done now.  All I have left to do is sweep the place and vacuum a few more dust bunnies and that is it.  The only thing left down there is the vacuum (a really great one that Dad bought me when he was here last year) and my dust pan / broom combo unit.  Now comes the hard part.  Putting my life back in order and figuring out what is in what box.  Oh boy!!!  Tiffany is amused.  She is parked between me and the computer right now.  I'm going to head out for a little ice cream and then hook up the TV and VCR.  In the morning, the Direct TV installer is supposed to be here.  Gad, $99 just to hook up some wires.  Unlock the box and I would do it myself.  Oh well.  The phone man had more to do.  He had to find a clear line for my 2nd phone line that I have here for the computer.  That took him over an hour.  Then I wanted the second line to function in two different locations.  Works great.  My two line phone in the kitchen works now.  Have not connected my cordless to the other line.  Will need to do some splitting on that jack.  It's the master jack with all kinds of cords coming out of it.  L1 & L2 for the cordless, and L2 to both computers and the Direct TV box.  Will have to stop at Radio Shack and get the right parts.  Oh well.  I hear ice cream calling me.  Tiffany, move your tail sweetie.  That's better.  Was watching the Mass at St. Patrick's.  Nice.  Monday is get back to work day.  The Mayor is trying to open up as much of lower Manhattan as can possibly be open.  Everyone holds him in very high regard for his handling of this crisis.  And these are his last few months in office.  Lots of people have commented on how glad they were that he was still the Mayor.  This could have been an even worse situation if we had had a new Mayor that had only recently been sworn in.  You have to remember that the City of New York's Emergency Situation Room was in the World Trade Center.  Brand new and just completed a few years ago.  Now they are working out of a rapidly setup one.  City Hall was in the frozen zone too until Friday.  It's down in lower Manhattan.  14th street used to be the Theatre district and where all of the night clubs were at the turn of the last century.  Then things moved up to 42nd street after WW2.  Or around there.  Anyway, the point is that lower Manhattan has tons of history to it.  

Sunday, September 16th - 4:44pm EDT

Well I am now set for the final push.  I have talked with Brandon and said my goodbyes.  Brandon is the Lifeguard here at the pool.  Today is the last day for the pool.  Brandon is also a Junior Volunteer Firefighter so we had lots to talk about concerning the World Trade Center.  People from his station are prying open the cars and trucks that were crushed over in Staten Island.  When the rescue workers uncover a vehicle, they mark it with how many people they can make out inside and then it is towed over to Staten Island where the Firefighters and the FBI, pry open the vehicle and extract the people and sift thru the car for identification.  A very gruesome job but a very important one too.  Anyway, so today is Brandon's last day so we shot the breeze for a bit.  Now I am back at it getting the last things out.  A few more trips and then I will be ready to vacuum and sweep the place.  I meet my new downstairs neighbor (Tony) on the ride up in the elevator.  Real nice guy.  I told him to feel free to let me know if anything is bothering from upstairs.  My flag hangs down onto his patio.  Since he did not say anything, I'm pretty sure he does not mind.  The apartment next to me also has a 5x8 flag up as well as several other apartments on their patio.


Sunday, September 16th - 1:00pm EDT

Another huge load from downstairs warrants another break.  I vacuumed the bedroom, the bath, the closets and the hallway in my old apartment.  I also did one of the big rugs I have.  Next trip I will bring it up.  Tiffany is back on the table keeping me company.  This load had some pots and pans that were missed before, the toaster and one of my computers.  Trying to think where I am going to unload it so that it will not be in the way.  I am moving my computer area to another location in this apartment to better situate things.  Besides, the phone lines are not in the same location as before.  Think I will stash this over by the a/c unit so that I can rearrange things.  


Sunday, September 16th - 11:45am EDT

Taking a break right now.  The bathroom is totally done in my old apartment and 3 out of 4 closets are empty.  I have one more trip from the bedroom and then it will be all done too.  By taking a break to sit and type, I am making sure I do not wear myself out to much.  Tiffany is sitting on the table with me playing with my fingers as they try to type.  She is butting her head up against them.  Ok, pat, pat, pat.  She is happy now.  Now she is purring.  This V8 Splash Fruit Medley is rather good.  Had bought several of the different kinds and rather enjoy this combination.  Have been trying not to drink soda and drink more fruit juices and water.  Much better for me.  OK, enough of a break.  Time to get back to it.


Sunday, September 16th - 8:45am EDT 

Wanted to download my web site and take care of a few things here at the office.  Got into my email and downloaded 30+ email messages and then the server went down.  I'll read them later at home.  The email people must be working on it.  They do from time to time on Sunday since it is the least used time of the week.  Good time for maintenance.  Anyway, I have a few other things to do here before returning to work at the apartment.  Have my day cut out for me.  Still have the bathroom to move and the computers.  Then just a lot of little things before cleaning and getting the place ready for inspection.  Have had one confirmed individual that was associated with the Fire Island crowd, Pamela, identified among the World Trade Center fatalities.  Never met her, but understand that she was a strong supporter throughout our community.  In the days ahead, more people will pulled from the wreckage.  One thing is for sure.  Life must continue on.  Hugs to all.


Saturday, September 15th - 10:00pm EDT - MOVING DAY

Tiffany just moved so I figured it was time to take a break and write an update.  Last night I talked with my friend Jeffery.  He had finished breaking down the Fashion Show that was supposed to have run all week.  The shows on Monday happened but all of the others were rescheduled.  The event happens inside of a huge tent erected in a Park down in lower Manhattan.  Well, you guessed it.  The NYC Emergency Services have asked to use the tent as a staging area.  So, Jeffery worked a 12 hour shift today, coordinating volunteers.  It was good to hear him.  His voice was much better.  The first time I talked to him after the disaster, like many New Yorkers, he had a very sad tone in his voice.  It was still sinking in.  Now, he is helping out.  On the TV they say that so many people have come forward to donate blood and supplies that they are overstocked and overrun with supplies.  Right now they need specific items.  Men's work boots in sizes 10 and up.  The carbon filter masks for workers down at GROUND ZERO.  Stuff like that.  


Anyway, so Jeffery was unable to help me move.  A friend from work, Julie, came over about Noon.  We went to lunch and then she rolled up her sleeves and attacked my kitchen.  She did a grand job of boxing everything up and then unpacking it upstairs.  I just continued to move things along and to get ready for the big items to be moved.  Around 3:30pm, Julie was finished and I was pooped.  Julie left and I laid down for a brief nap.  At 5pm, I went down to the pool and Jonathon (Lifeguard) came up and helped me move the cabinets, dressers, bed and sofa.  He was having a ball with the furniture doll once we had it empty.  He would sit on it and scoot down the hallway with it back to the elevator.  After a little more than two hours, we were done.  I drove him home and then went out for a bite to eat.  


I came back to my old apartment and watch a bit of TV.  The cable installer was unable to make it to my prearranged appointment on Friday.  He was stuck in traffic as a result of the President's visit.  The Turnpike was a mess.  So, he has rescheduled for Monday.  Nothing much for him to have to do.  It just leaves me with no cable up here in my new place.  Anyway, I still have lots of little things to do on Sunday.  I still have to move the computers and the carpets.  I want to vacuum the carpet before I bring it upstairs.  I'm also thinking of moving a few things around from where it used to be in my other place.  Even though they are the same floor plan, they have a few differences.  Light switches are in different places, cabinet doors are hung differently.  It's almost like different people did different floors.  Oh well.  The view is great.  Well, time to go make the bed.  I'm beat from working all day.  Now I have a big pile of boxes in my front room.  Like I told Julie.  My goal is to have everything out of my old apartment tomorrow and moved upstairs.  Once I have taken care of making sure everything is upstairs, then I can stop going back and forth and can start putting things where I want them in my new place without having to worry about the old place.  


Things in the city are starting to get back to normal.  Broadway has reopened and cars are not allowed down to Canal Street.  The Holland Tunnel continues to be closed as does one of the bridges in lower Manhattan.  Staten Island ferry service continues to be suspended as well.  Have not been into the city yet.  They have been asking everyone to stay out of Jersey City.  To many people have been flocking to Jersey City to take pictures.  In a few weeks, I will take an exact duplicate of the picture above and show the two of them.  I will also take a few from the Liberty State Park.  But think I will wait a few weeks until things calm down.  Right now it is important to remember that Life Must Go On.  And that is for all of us.  Hugs.


Thursday, September 13th - 3:15pm EDT

Well, I did not have to go.  The security was tight and the telecom guys did have to go, so I did not.  Now I just have to go pick up my furniture dolly and get ready to move this weekend.


Thursday, September 13th - 7:45am EDT

Additional security around the Teterboro airport here includes an officer stationed at the fuel tanks and another at the entrance to the airport.  Lots of additional security checks and things like that.  Today I will be heading into Manhattan over the GWB and going to our Manhattan STAT lab at 92nd and 3rd Avenue.  I'll let you know how things go.  All of our MCI frame-relay connects when through the World Trade Center # 7 phone company hub.  That was the 3rd building to collapse.  It was a 40 something story building next door to the main towers.  The World Trade Center complex was 7 different buildings with # 1 and # 2 being the two main towers that everyone knew.  Well, that main phone company central office is now gone.


Wednesday, September 12th - 1:20pm EDT

We just had an evacuation here of the New Administration building.  Turned out that someone changing filters in a telecommunication closet set off the fire alarm in that building.  I was in the cafeteria at the time.  Lots of people were looking to the air for planes coming at us.  It was just a oops.


Wednesday, September 12th - 11:30am EDT

Everything below 14th street is closed today.  All tunnels are closed and all lower Manhattan Bridges are closed too.  The George Washington Bridge is open OUTBOUND only for regular traffic.  Our couriers are headed into the city with Fire Department escorts.  Then they can make pickups and get back out the GWB.  Everyone is still in a lot of shock here.  But people are pulling together and life must go on.  The Gay Life Expo scheduled for this weekend at the Jacob Javis Convention Center has been postponed for 30 days.  I was to have attended that.


Tuesday, September 11th - 3:20pm EDT

Not sure what the status of things are right now.  But here are some photo's for you.  (BELOW LEFT) Pedestrians and Police run as a tower of the World Trade Center collapses.  Loss of life is expected to be catastrophic from the collapse of the giant towers where some 50,000 people normally work.  (BELOW RIGHT)  Smoke and debris fill the air after one of the World Trade Center Towers in New York City collapsed today.




World Trade Center collapses after both towers are hit by hijacked passenger airliners.  Photo credit: Reuters/Peter Morgan


Tuesday, September 11th - 1:10pm EDT

As you have heard by now, both towers of the World Trade Center (pictured above) have collapsed.  I took this picture from Jersey City earlier this summer.  The South Tower is on the right.  That is the one that collapsed first.  The second one (North Tower) is on the left.  From the office next door, all we can see is smoke coming from where we used to be able to see the World Trade Center.


Tuesday, September 11th - 10:10am EDT

I'm just fine.  The World Trade Center (NYC) and the Pentagon (Washington DC) have been struck by planes.  All appear to be a coordinated terrorist attack.  Planes took off from Boston and then were flown into the Trade Center just before 9am.  All of Manhattan has been closed.  All bridges and tunnels into the city have been shut down.  Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports have all been shut down.  I have also heard that all air traffic in the United States have been closed as well.  Today was also New York Primary Election day.  They are talking about rescheduling the election.  The New York Stock Exchange has also been suspended.  We have unconfirmed reports that a third plane just hit the south tower and caused the entire tower to topple over.  All one hundred and ten floors.  The view from the window across the hall is nothing but smoke from the towers.


But, I am just fine right now.  Watch your local and national news for more detailed information as this story unfolds.


Monday, September 10th - 7:00am EDT

Had a fun weekend.  No, not really.  Packed and watched movies.  Got most of the pre-work done that I wanted to.  Now it's just the moving itself.  Tiffany (my cat) loved having me around for the weekend.  We talked and she enjoyed getting into everything I was doing.  In every closet, in every box.  You know.  Cat things.  Got email from a friend in Oklahoma.  He got 1/2 inch hail yesterday.  At least his school team won the football game against Texas.  Anyway, got to get the rest of my day started.  Should be a busy week.  This weekend I have a convention in NYC.


Thursday, September 6th - 4:00pm EDT

We had a really nice meet the candidates dinner last night.  I was elevated to COUNT by their majesties.  Have been rather busy with packing and work.  Surgery went well for my Step-Dad back in Oregon.  He had work done to his shoulder and should be getting home today.  Got to run.


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