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LOG UPDATE FOR October 2001


Wednesday, October 31st, 7:45pm EST     HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Had a great day at work today.  I wore my Henry VIII outfit and lots of people at work loved it.  Got some work done and ran into some problems.  Normal day so it would seem.  Tied up some loose ends on my extra projects.  Julie was dressed as a very colorful court jester.


Tuesday, October 30th

Tried to get at my mass of email.  I've only been gone 3 1/2 days from work and I had over 100 emails on Friday when I downloaded my email and another 80 some today.  Was busy the majority of the day working on various issues.  Finally got home and turned in.


Monday, October 29th, 6:15AM PST

I've had a great time here in Portland.  Now I am sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight.  The Cleveland flight just left and our plane just pulled into the gate.  Here is a recap of what has been going on.  Got in around 11:30pm last night and then got woken up around 4:30am to head toward the airport.  Double checked everything with the hotel and packed up Patty.  Turned out that Patty was taking the same flight as I was (she is also from the New York Court and was at the coronation this weekend).  So, I offered to drive her and I to the airport.  Got here and drove right up to curbside check-in.  Then left Pat and returned the car.  So much lighter to just have my carry on luggage to lug around.  The security check-point was really crowded at the A,B,C gates.  I had stopped at a deli on the concourse to purchase some Orange Juice and a muffin.  Sat down and ate while I watched the line grow.  Finished and walked down to the D & E gate security check point.  What a breeze.  It was nice and easy getting through.  Took a grand 5 minutes (if that).  Well, the flight is about to start boarding here in a bit.


Sunday, October 28th (Portland, Oregon)

The Brunch was fun.  Always packed but it was especially packed.  Lots of out-of-town people were in for the coronation.  Went up to the Mad Scientist party which was different but always fun.  Jeffery decided to stay instead of taking the train up to Seattle today.  He flies out of Seattle on a red-eye around 1am on Tuesday morning.  So he is going to take a train up on Monday.  


Saturday, October 27th (Portland, Oregon)

The Lovely Suzanne's coronation was very packed.  They sold out the place at around 500 people.  The special command performance by Peter Christy (Texas) and his "Lost Boys" was the hit of the evening.  My Henry VIII outfit was a hit at the start of the ball.  After the first set, I changed into my white and black tux for the Portland presentation and then stayed in it the remainder of the evening.  Had a fun day just doing errands for Suzanne   Was really sleepy hanging out at Suzanne's.  


Friday, October 26th (Portland, Oregon)

Went to the lab this morning and saw Judy.  Also checked in with several people that still work at the lab.  While I was busy with that, I asked a friend from work to take a look at my laptop.  Had been having some problems with it.  She was able to sort out the problem (we think).  Seems to be working better now.  The major test will be when I plug it back into the system back in Jersey.  Friday night was the Jose Honor Awards and the out-of-town show.  The Court of New York received the Court of the Year award.  It was a formal dinner and the food was great.  During the day, we did some errands for Suzanne and caught up on some friends of mine.  While I was at the lab, forgot to log into the internet and download my web page updates from the trip here.  Guess you will all have to spend sometime just sitting and reading.  Remember, you should be able to print this page out and read it off-line.


Thursday, October 25th (Bend, Oregon)

Flew over to Redmond (Eastern Oregon) and was picked up by Mom.  We went for breakfast with my sister and grandma.  Had a great breakfast.  Then did some shopping that I needed.  Bought a belt, socks, shorts and some shirts and pants.  Grandma gave me some money for Christmas.  Picked up some great pants that she will give me.  Enjoyed being with all of them.  Gave each of my sister's kids some T-Shirts from New York.  Sad to leave so soon, but needed to get back to Portland,  Flew out that evening.  I took the new light rail from the Transit Station out to the airport.  That was slick.  Bought an all day ticket so it was rather easy.  


Wednesday, October 24th, 7:00pm EDT

We are finally off of the ground.  Only about 30-45 minutes late taking off.  Something about a weather problem over the mid-west that was causing some rerouting of flights for the entire New York area.  So, we pushed back and then sat.  Hey, it was a safe take off and we are headed in the right direction.  That is a good thing.  They are getting ready to serve dinner and then we can rest and watch the movie.


Wednesday, October 24th, 3:30pm EDT

Lunch was interesting.  Something happened to my original Turkey Burger.  Some waiter picked it up and served it or something like that.  Thus, they could not serve it to me.  So, they made another one.  I got talking with the gal next to me.  She had been vacationing in New Hampshire at family and is on her way back to San Diego.  My food arrived and I started eating.  The middle was still raw.  No thanks.  Flagged down the waitress and showed her.  She took it back and they made me another one.  That one showed up and was fine.  He, I got a few root beer out of it.    I still have a bit before the flight leaves.  It's not even pulled into the gate yet.  The previous flight from this gate just left.  Headed for Indianapolis.   My flight continues on to Anchorage.  Good thing it stops in Portland.  Not sure if I could stay on the flight an have another 5 hour flight right after a 5 hour flight.  A friend from work was talking about a direct flight out of New York that went to Hawaii.  Something like a 10 hour flight.  No thanks. Well, I have a book to read.  My book for class which starts after I get back.  Might as well get it out of the way while I have lots of time to read.  Then I can go back and reread the sections being discussed that week.  


Wednesday, October 24th, 2:15pm EDT

Well, I am sitting at the Garden State Diner inside terminal C of the Newark Airport.  I got out of work a bit after 12 o'clock and headed for the airport.  The mid-day crowd was light.  I had no problems driving right up to the departing flights section.  Was flagged over by a New Jersey State Trooper right in front of a curbside check-in person.  He took my bags, asked some questions and out came my boarding pass.  I tipped him and off went my bags and I just had the car, myself and my carry-on to deal with.  Drove around the airport to the North Economy Lots.  Found parking in the "G" lot and the bus pulled up just as I was getting to the stop.  What great timing.  Then the slow 10 minute drive on the bus back to the terminal.  Got off at my stop and headed for the airport security check-in, screening.  There was something like 10 different positions open and only about 2-3 people per line.  I was marshaled over to the far left side and put my carry on into the scanner and walked through the metal detector.  The gal asked me to step back through.  A puzzled look on my face because I had not beeped.  She then asked me to remove my lap top from the bag and put them through individually.  Bag then computer.  Ah ha.  A light dawned in my head.  I then passed through again and my stuff was sitting down at the end just waiting for me.  The interesting part was the National Guard troops around with the M16's.  Talked to one of them briefly as I was putting my lap top back into my bag.  That was it, I was set for a 4 hour wait for my plane.  Oh well.  If I had waited and headed out here a few hours later, I would have wound up in traffic or had a crush at the security check-in because of the volume.  The mid-day volume of people out here is rather light.  I know the mornings and late afternoon are normally packed.


The other thing interesting is the plastic knifes sitting next to the regular, metal forks on the tables.  Very visual reminder of the extra security concerns.  Lots of State Police, Port Authority Police and extra security.  Went by Terminal B and saw several K-9 dog units getting ready for a tour through.  Terminal B here is the International Arrivals and Departure terminal.  Not a problem about the time.  I brought lots to read with me and I know I have lots of email to take care of on my system too.  Even brought an extra battery with me for the flight.  Did not bring the power cord but I can recharge on Friday at the lab in Portland.  


Talked with Mom last night and the pass over to Bend from Portland has already had snow and is not really great to travel.  We talked and she offered to fly me over.  So, on Thursday.  I am taking a United flight from Portland to Redmond.  Mom will meet me there and we will drive down to Bend.  Spend the day together.  Maybe even play a round or two of Hand and Foot (a card game).  Then, after an early dinner, I will fly back to Portland around 8pm.  Looking forward to seeing her and especially Grandma.  Thanks Mom!  Food must almost be ready.  Later.


Sunday, October 21st, 3:30pm EDT

Just got back from running errands which included scanning the above photo and those here.  The shot of the WTC is for comparison.  It was taken from the Liberty State Park, a bit south of where this other shot was taken.  I include it from my archives to help everyone understand what the skyline of lower Manhattan  looked like before the attack on the World Trade Center's twin towers caused their collapse in just a few hours after being hit.

Tiffany being herself during my recent move in September 2001.


Sunday, October 21st, 11:00am EDT
Doing laundry right now and just kicking back.  Cleaning up a bit and starting to think about packing for the trip.  Keep dialing into the lab system and checking on a routine running.  Once it finishes I need to start another purge routine.  Watching a bit of TV as well.  Just talked to my neighbors downstairs in the garage as I was coming back from taking the film to be delivered.  They are headed to Pennsylvania to see her mother.  We got talking about Grandma and how she is still making Christmas cookies.  They loved talking.  Their son lives in Seattle.


Saturday, October 20th, 7:00pm EDT

The photo shoot in the City went well.  Since I was in lower Manhattan went out the Holland Tunnel.  It only recently reopened.  Traffic was not to bad on the Jersey side so I drove down by the water front in Jersey City (that is where the Holland comes out) and parked.  Walked down by the Exchange Place PATH station (closed since the WTC attack) and just to the left of the picture above.  I finished off the rest of the roll around the area.  I could not get a good shot like the one above.  That whole area around the statue is being used by emergency personnel.  They are working on the PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) from this end.  Those are the tubes that run to the WTC and were crushed in the collapse.  If you watched the WTC special on the History channel the other night, you will know what I am talking about.  The tubes are really in bad shape.  One tube is flooded and they have plugged it with concrete on the Jersey side.  Anyway, after that I headed back.  Decided to do a bit of work and hung my CD rack then put away all of the CDs.  Have to do laundry tomorrow and start packing for the trip.  Was playing around with weather earlier so I added the links above.  Those are the low temps and high temps for today.  Also added a web site counter.  We will see if this one stays running.  Added the code directly in HTML this time instead of using the features on this program that I am using.  Oops.  The CD that I am listening to just finished.  Must be time to get up and change it.  


Saturday, October 20th, 10:00am EDT

Doing a bit of work before I head into the city for a photo shoot at 1:30pm today.  Have everything with me so I can leave from here and drive in.  The shoot is down in the Village on 13th street.  Going to take my camera with me.  Might get a few pictures while I am down there.  Otherwise just very busy with various projects right now.  Also trying to get ready for leaving on Wednesday at noon to fly to Oregon.  Going to head over to Bend to see my Mom and Grandma on Thursday if the weather in the mountain pass is good.  When I get back, I have to buckle down and (thanks to my Dad) I'm going to start school again on the 8th of November.  He is helping me with the financial hurdles that school brings and I am doing the rest.  Have already received the books and have started to read them.  The first one is Critical Thinking, Asking the Right Questions.  A rather helpful subject for any line of work.  The other book is at home and I can not remember the title.  My flight out is at 5:30pm so leaving work at noon should give me time to check in, park the car and get through security at Newark.  Will get in around 9:30pm Portland time.  It's a direct flight.  


Friday, October 19th, 9:30am EDT

My back is much better.  Have found a Chiropractor here in Jersey that is really nice and very well respected by his peers.  A good combination.  Saw him on Wednesday morning and my back started getting better.  By Thursday it was doing much better and I could actually move around and concentrate on work.  This was very good since I had two short presentations to give here in Teterboro on Thursday.  Both went well.  But I have not been myself since I sprained my back.  Anyway, so I am busy.  Went over for my final fitting last night.  Jeffery had done an excellent job on the outfit.  It looked great.  


Sunday, October 14th, 2:15pm EDT

Talked with Mom.  They just got home from their anniversary trip.  They had a nice trip to Napa and Boise, Idaho.  They took the 5th wheel and the two dogs and just had a great time.  Just got off the phone with her.  Grandma is over and had taken them out to brunch.  Told mom about my back and what has been going on.  I was asleep when she called but now need to get up and run a few errands.  Oh, and it was Bill's birthday too.  We also talked about the 50 state quarter program because Uncle Gene and mom are collecting them.


Friday, October 12th, 9:00pm EDT

I have been busy to say the least.  One of my coworkers at work has taken a leave and I am picking up my already busy schedule and a pile from what they were doing.  Work overload.  My back has also be bothering me.  Got my DSL line up and running at home.  Now I can do updates from home.  Also got all of the software loaded for my online class that starts next month.  Got all of the settings done.  My new email address is or so that is interesting.  More spots to check email.  Had a nice talk with Dad just a bit ago.  We talked about work and what has been going on around the world right now.  Mom is still on vacation with Bill.  I think they get back soon.  Got some work to do tomorrow and might go into the City for a bit to have lunch or dinner with Jeffery.


Monday, October 1st - 7:00am EDT

Happy Binary Day 100101.  Now, all of you math people out there, that would be 25 (hex), 205 (octal), and 2011 (base 4).  The next binary day will be next Wednesday 101001 followed by 101101.  Then we will have to wait until next month and the final binary days for 9 years 111001 and 111101 until 2010 when the new year will be 010110.  Interesting how I think of these little things.  Have a good day.


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