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LOG UPDATE FOR November 2001


Friday, November 30th, 10:15am EST

Been out sick and generally in the dumps due to the flu.  Have lots of work to get done.  Mom said they had a snow storm in Bend.  She has over a foot on the ground but Bill said it was warm.  Watch out for those curves.  Weather here recently has been warm.  Last day or so has been a bit damp.  Fog today.


Sunday, November 25th, 5:30pm EST

Been asleep most of the day.  My cold is starting to subside.  Had two bowls of soup. Tiffany has enjoyed having me around.  Watched a little TV and mostly slept.  Put up some Christmas lights.  Can't find my red lighted sled.  It's got to be here somewhere.  Hotdogs for dinner.


Sunday, November 25th, 2:00am EST

Just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  What a great book.  I went out to Target and bought it on Saturday.  It was on sale for only $13.  Was normally $20.  The store was nicely packed too but I just poked around everyone and got what I wanted.  Spent the entire day just reading.  It's one of those books that are just hard to put down.  From what I hear, the entire series is like that.  The first book was sure hard to put down too.  Now that I need to concentrate on school work, I'm not going to buy the other two book out until Christmas break.  See, we have been on Thanksgiving break this last week.  We start back up on Wednesday.  But, I am going to be in Portland, Oregon in two weeks.  So, I am going to make sure I get my reading caught up and prep my paper to be submitted.


Friday, November 23rd, 5:15pm EST

I had a rather nice day.  Went to work this morning and got some things done, then left and headed into the city.  Stopped and picked up my friends Charles and Jeffery at Charles down on 10th Avenue.  We then went over to Charles work and picked up some boxes and stuff to be taken into storage.  While we were there, I turned this one corner and was able to see the remains of the World Trade Center 5 building.  It was so devastating.  Something right out of a war scene.  The entire side of the building was just blown away.  You could see into the floors where offices had once been.  We finished up and had a good lunch at this Chinese place where Charles ordered.  The food was good.  We walked to Charles place around the corner and I forgot to feed the meter, silly me.  Well the parking fairy nipped me this time.  A fat $55 parking ticket for not putting another quarter in the meter.  Oh well.  I've been here now two years and that is only my second ticket.  <sigh>.  Other than that, it was a fun time.  I am now back at home and reading my book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  I started it last night and have found it very hard to put down.  Guess I will have to buy the other three books now.


TURKEY DAY, Thursday, November 22nd, 11:30am EST

I'm watching the Macy's Day Parade on the tele.  Got a sore throat so decided just to take it easy today.  After the parade, going to go back to bed for a while.  Have been taking some Vit. C and zinc to help me through this cold.  Might do some laundry later and do some cleaning.  I'm going to pull out the Christmas decorations and sort out what I want to take to work to do up my cube.


Wednesday, November 21st, 2:20pm EST

Went into the City and ran some errands.  Bought some things for my nephews and then was walking around.  Saw that I was near Macy's so walked over and watched them getting ready for the 75th Anniversary Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Call some people and chatted from there.  Then headed back.  Talked with Jeffery earlier.  The food thing tomorrow has been cancelled.  Actually, due to security, they moved everything up to 4am-9am instead of the normal 8am-Noon.  So they are not asking for additional volunteers.  Not sure what I am going to do now.  Maybe just stay home and get some reading done.  I have another paper due on Sunday so it would be great to get a start on it.


Tuesday, November 20, 6:00am EST

Made it back from Boston just fine.  Had lots of school work to do so stayed up late Sunday night to make sure I got caught up.  Had a paper due so wrote that and submitted it.  Yesterday, I dived into the new version 3.0 of Test Orders and Results Online at work.  Found several production bugs that we were able to get fixed right away.  I am going to a client's office to install tomorrow.  Was thinking of seeing Harry Potter again, but went down for a nap and realized that I was tired.  So, I just slept.  Got up later and made sure I was caught up on my emails for class and then watched a little Law and Order.  Then went back to bed.  Still have laundry to do.  Did the dishes.  Tuesday evening I have a benefit show to attend in the City.


Saturday, November 17, 6:45pm EST - BOSTON, MASS

Having a good time in Boston.  Made it here just fine.  The show last night was well attended.  Got some reading done this morning for school.  Ok, here is the bombshell.  We went and saw HARRY POTTER yesterday.  I loved it and would recommended it to anyone.  Having not read the books, it was fun talking with Jeffery later as he went through the stuff that was cut out.  Hey, the movie was already 2 3/4 hours with the mass of trailers they had on the front of it.  And everything that he talked about, did not distract from the movie at all.  You got the point of what was going on, just fine.  Anyway, had to tell you.  Later all.  Got to get dressed and ready for the Coronation tonight.  The funds from tonight's event is going toward the Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project.  The Royal Commonwealth Society, Inc.  The Imperial Court of Massachusetts is dedicating this evening to the memory and honor of All those touched by the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  We Will Never Forget.  United We Stand.


Thursday, November 15, 5:30am EST

Woke up a bit early and started packing.  Leaving for Boston right after the morning management meeting.  Tiffany knows I'm leaving, so she has to be in the middle of everything right now.  Trying to keep her off of the keyboard.  Work has been very busy.  With my Web project getting ready to head to beta testing, little things keep popping up that needs attention.  Then yesterday I got an assignment to do a comparison with another software package within 24 hours.  Gee, that was fun.  Actually, it was.  A quick, fast, intense comparison between different web products.  Ok, even though I was miffed that it interrupted my already scheduled and packed day, it was fun.  My first week of school has been fun to fit into my schedule right now too.  When I first signed up, it would not have been so tight of fit as it is now.  But I still managed to get all of the reading done and the paper due.  Now I will be on the road in Boston with a paper due Sunday.  Anyway, still have the cat box to change and need to water the cat.  Take care everyone.


Saturday, November 10, 1:00pm EST

Everyone loved my Henry VIII outfit for Halloween.  Just got the pictures back and shipped some off to Grandma and the folks.  Have been supper busy now that I have started school and have had rehearsal for a Command Performance in Boston next weekend.  Everything has collided at once and I need to keep up my sleep too.  Wow, how busy I have been.  I will be in Boston next weekend for the Boston Coronation and then will be in Portland around the 7th of December.  After that, I am staying put for a bit.  Going to be doing some training at a Doctor's office in 2 weeks, hopefully everything will go well.  Talked briefly with Mom today.  She has stray cats that she is taking care of outside her place.  Talked yesterday with Dad before they left for Indio, California.  Got to run.  Hugs to all.

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