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LOG UPDATE FOR December 2001


Monday, December 31, 2001, 1:30pm EST

Only 10 1/2 hours to go now.  Have finished up at work and getting ready to head toward the cleaners to pickup my tux pants for tonight black tie affair in lower Manhattan.  Yesterday I finished my A look back at 2001 letter that is going to several friends.  It's rather deep but is what I was thinking about.  I sat over at my favorite Starbucks and wrote it yesterday for about 2 hours.  Happy New Year everyone.


Saturday, December 29th, 12:45pm EST

I've been a bit under the weather recently.  Not to bad, but did not want it to get any worse.  So have been working half days and sleeping the other half.  Feel much better.  Work has been dead.  Hard to get much done that needs help from others in the company.  Everyone, practically, has taken this past week off.  I have a new class that starts on Thursday so need to install some software and get ready for that.  Have otherwise been taking it easy.  Got up this morning around 4:30am because my back was bothering me.  Read the paper and talked with the cat.  Then went back to bed.  Slept until almost 9am and then came into work.  Have been cleaning up lots of little things over the past week that just needed to be done.  My EZPass tag seems to have died.  Over the past few weeks I have been getting no reads when going through the tolls.  Talked with someone at EZPass and they indicated that I just needed to replace the unit.  So it's ordered but has not arrived yet.  Got a New Year's party I am attending in Lower Manhattan.  This holiday season has been much better than last year.  I am spending it with friends that I have started to get to know here.  


Wednesday, December 26th, 8:00am EST

Had a lovely time last night.  Was at a friends place for dinner.  Everyone had a great time and the Turkey was very good.  Overstuffed myself but it was well worth it.  Really had it a nice holiday just being able to spend it with friends.  Got home late and just went straight to bed.  Talked with Dad, Mom, Grandma and my sister earlier in the day.  My niece and nephews loved their presents I picked up in NYC for them.  Got my niece some Nutcracker things from the New York Ballet.  Got a sweater and a vest which will be really nice.  Wore the sweater last night and a few people commented on it.  Got some shirts and pants that Grandma helped buy.  Then got this really neat stocking from Dad & Connie stuffed with all kinds of little things.  Some pens, memo pad and stamps.  Anyway, I had a nice Christmas.


Tuesday, December 25th, 8:30am EST  CHRISTMAS

Was up watching TV last night.  Called both Mom and Dad before turning in.  Phones might be a bit crazy this morning.  My presents from several people are all stacked in the corner.  Tiffany has already found one that Jyoti from work gave her.  It is a kitty toy and Tiffany can already smell it through the wrapping paper.  I had to move it to one of the top shelves.  The sky is clear and beautiful.  I am listening to Christmas music right now.  Need to shower and then will open stuff.  Later tonight I am going to a Christmas dinner with some friends.  Happy Holidays to all.


Monday, December 24th

Things were dead at work today.  Everyone loved my Santa hat that I had on.  Jayshri had gotten me a Starbucks gift card so I used it this morning.  My morning Mocha never tasted so good.  Thanks Jayshri.  Got lots of little things taken care of and then headed back to my apartment to relax.


Sunday, December 23rd

Went into Manhattan and ran some errands with Jeffrey.  Picked up an item that I wanted to buy over on 8th street.  Traffic was light since it was early.  Came back here and took back some movies that were due.


Friday, December 21st, 7:45am EST

Sorry I have not posted for a bit.  Have been rather busy at work with the holidays and all coming up.  And I have a big project that is in the middle of beta testing and all.  Finished my first Online course and got a very nice A- out of the class.  I would have been happy with a B but just sneaked in with an A- in points.  Needed 260 points my last week out of only 290 available so I must have done good on my last paper and team project assignment.  I have not been able to get into my class email since my DSL service has been down since Wednesday.  Verizon says it is working to the test jack but I think they disconnected something in the phone room downstairs.  Anyway, have no great plans for Christmas.  Just me and Tiffany (my cat) will be kicking back and relaxing.  Had a nice department holiday party yesterday.  Got this really cool Starbucks mug from my secret Santa and a Starbucks gift card.  Just finished updating my University of Phoenix page with 2 links to papers I wrote for that class.  Happy Holidays.


Saturday, December 15th, 10:00pm EST

Well I had a fun day today.  Went into the city and meet Jeffrey.  We parked up on Lexington and then took the subway and buses all over town.  Was running errands and just had a great time.  It's always fun running around with him.  Later we went up to Lincoln Center where the New York City Ballet was just getting ready to start The Nutcracker at The New York State Theater.  We talked with the House Manager who allowed us upstairs to purchase souvenirs.  Got some appropriate things for my niece.  As we were leaving, we stopped by the information table and talked with this gal.  She gave us all kinds of flyers that I am going to include for her.  Then we went to this Chinese restaurant. 


Been very busy with work after getting back from Portland.  This is also the last week of class and I have my last paper to write.  Got a 100 on my last paper that I wrote from the Hotel room in Portland.


Saturday, December 8th, 6:30am PST Portland, Oregon

Have been in Portland since Wednesday.  Have been hanging out and generally having fun with old friends.  Read the third book of the Harry Potter series and have been kicked back.  Trying to finish my school reading with all of my other activities going on.


Friday, December 7th  Portland, Oregon

Mark headed off to work and I read in the morning.  Finished my book and then packed.  My friend Suzanne was coming by to take me to the hotel.  Talked with her and had a fun time.  Later, walked over to the Lloyd Center Mall.  We then attended the Friends and Family show at the Embers.  Ran into lots of old friends from the area and chatted.  Afterwards, we headed up to the Silverado and watched the dancers and talked with other friends.  On the way back to the car, we stopped in at Club Z which is the underage club.  Chance (Thorn 25) was in the show so we stayed and tipped him to show support for all of his work he has done as the reigning youth titleholder here in Portland.  He told me his will turn 18 before his New York trip.  He and his boyfriend (who is already 18) are raising funds to help support them being at the New York Night of a Thousand Gowns in March 2002 at the Marriott Marquee.  It is right off Times Square.  So they are really looking forward to it.  I'm sure their little eye's will be all aglow after seeing all of the glits and glamour that will be on parade.


Thursday, December 6th  Portland, Oregon

Hung around the Lloyd Center Mall for most of the day.  Sat and read my book and did some errands and just a little bit of shopping.


Saturday, December 1st, 10:00pm EST

Got some work done and ran some errands.  Working on my school work right now.  Bought Tiffany some cat food.  Going into the city tomorrow to meet up with Jeffery and pick some things up.  Had a nice chat with Dad earlier then Connie called a bit ago.  Just a normal Saturday.  It broke a record in Central Park today.  69 degrees.  A cold front is sneaking in so it will only be in the 50's tomorrow.  Still going to be dry next week.  I fly out on Wednesday so have lots of things to get done before I leave.

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