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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Busy, Busy.  Integration starts today with the other lab that we bought.  Stock closed at another 52-week high.  Got my tooth worked on again during the day.  Had some puss in the tooth so I have to go back on Wednesday.  Sat at the pharmacy for 45 minutes waiting to get the drugs I needed.  


Sunday, April 28, 2002 8:00pm EDT

Had a nice quiet day.  Slept some.  Went to a moving sale up on the 14th floor.  Bought some new end tables and several other minor things.  Drove around and am now doing some work.  Tiffany was pleased that I stayed home.  Yesterday, the repair man showed up to fix my futon couch.  They had installed it wrong several weeks ago when they delivered it.  The weather has been rainy all day.  The tree about a block away was visible earlier buy is not thick in fog.  A lightning storm has just started.  Moved some boxes around and did some cleaning too.


Wednesday, April 24, 2002 9:15pm EDT

Working a bit from home.  Got my Virtual Private Network (VPN) up and running.  That is where my lap top will link up with the labs computer network through my DSL high speed modem through the internet.  It's working rather well.  Lot easier to get into the network and it looks and feels like you are in the office.  Other than that, just tired.  Lots of work and it's really heavy thinking type stuff.  Had a great time in Rhode Island.  


Friday, April 19, 2002 6:45pm EDT

Had a great time today.  Drove down to Warwick about 5 minutes south of Providence.  Went to this gem wholesaler place.  I just had a ball looking at all of the gems.  Several of my friends from the New York court were there buying various costume gems by the gross (144 to a gross).  After we left, Jeffrey and I drove down to Newport and toured The Breakers.  It was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt around 1895.  It faces the Atlantic Ocean and is huge.  Beautiful mansion.  It was their summer cottage that they spend 5-6 weeks in during the summer.  Tonight is the Out of Town Show so we are going to that later.


Thursday, April 18, 2002

Left Manhattan after picking up Jeffrey and headed to Providence Rhode Island.  We got checked in and then headed over to their local show.  Had a bite and then took a tour of a new stripper club that opened up in town.  Enjoyed talking with several people there and just relaxing.  We wound up closing the place at 1 in the morning.  


Tuesday, April 16, 2002 10:45pm EDT

It was 92 in Central Park today.  Blasted past the old record of 82.  They are calling for 95 for tomorrow and then into the low 70's for the rest of the week.  WOW !!  Good thing I was inside all day.  Over at the Englewood facility their Air Conditioners were dead.  Ouch.  Finishing my school work and making sure things are ready at work for me being off Thursday and Friday for a fun weekend in Rhode Island.


Monday, April 15, 2002 10:30pm EDT

Had an interesting day.  Went to the dentist to have a cavity filled and wound up having a root canal.  Oh piss.  Well, the good thing is that I am really liking this dentist.  Turned out that this was the cavity that had gotten in from my gum line straight in where I had lost a filling.  The decay went all the way to the root.  Makes sense.  This is the tooth that I have had problems with for about a year or more.  I have two more appointments to get it all taken care of.  He said there was plenty of tooth left to save.  I still have another cavity that needs to be filled but he said it does not look so bad.  This one was where a filling had come out.


Sunday, April 14, 2002 10:30am EDT

Ok, paper is done.  I think it is a winner.  It's worth 35 points so I hope so.  I need to head back home and post it.  Then I need to spend sometime on the computer addressing discussion questions from class.  Later I would like to get my haircut, but not sure if I am going to find the time.


Sunday, April 14, 2002 9:30am EDT

Was just talking with a guy who pulled up in a beautiful 1932 black and dark green Roles Royce.  Then he just spilled his tall cappuccino as he was adding sugar at the condiment bar.  Suppose it just shows that people even with cool cars can boo boo and be human.  Paper is about half finished.  Going well.


Sunday, April 14, 2002 8:30am EDT

Well, I am up and sitting at Starbucks getting ready to write my final paper for this class.  A friend of mine did not show up to open at Starbucks this morning.  So the staff is running around.  They had just opened a few minutes before I got here.  Hope he is ok.  It's not like him to not show up to open.  I got my evaluation from last week.  I got several points off from my discussion question answers.  I was a bit to brief for him in my answer.  But I got a perfect score on my paper.  Looks like I will get an A- on this class.  I have an A right now but only by 3 points.  I'm sure I will lose a few points here and there, so I expect an A- from the class.  Well, here we go with this paper.  


Saturday, April 13, 2002 10:30am EDT

Well, nothing to exciting to report.  Just lots of work.  I have been here at work until 8pm one evening and ran out of here at 7pm because we were going to have a fire drill.  Got home, then took care of school work.  This is the last week of class.  I have a huge paper to write that I have already started to put together in my head.  Will go sit over at Starbucks tomorrow for several hours and write it, edit it, then turn it in later Sunday night.  Trying to get things caught up at work.  A project that I am working on is behind on testing due to some technical problems on their side.  Nothing that can't be fixed.  Just have to keep on testing and identifying the problems.  I think that is why Larry has me testing it.  He knows that I will be relentless in continued testing to make sure when we go live, we have as few of issues as possible.  You know there will be a few things that was forgotten when you go live with a big project.  But, you just make sure you tested everything (and every combination) that you could come up with.  That way you will have many fewer issues and they will be easily resolvable.  HEY, stock on Thursday hit a 52-week high.  89.0 then it fell Friday.  Lots of people I think were selling because it did go up.  For the year we are up double digits.  In a news release from Specialty Labs on Friday, they were quoted as saying that Quest Diagnostics resent purchases of CDS and AML have affected their volume and thus their costs.  Specialty dropped like 13% on Thursday.  Remember, next weekend I will be in Rhode Island having a blast.  Suppose I should do some laundry this weekend so that I am ready.  Maybe I can do some pre-packing too.  I leave on Thursday (4/18), back to work on Monday (4/22).  If I am all packed and I am not picking up my friend Charles and Jeffrey until early afternoon, I might just come into work on Thursday morning to double check a few things.  Oh, and a friend of mine checked out my web site the other day.  He loved it.  Hope all of you do too.  Feel free to drop me a line that all is well sometime.  Just email me by clicking this link: have a great weekend.


Tuesday, April 9, 2002 1:25am EDT

I just finished up doing some stuff here in Syosset.  Going to check a few more things and then get out of here and head for home.


Monday, April 8, 2002 9:45pm EDT

Got out here to our Syosset lab around 3pm.  Have been working on my regular work and all of my emails.  Have worked in ISIS and helped a few friends out in local IT here.  Because things are going so well, I will be back in Teterboro on Tuesday.  Have lots of testing to do with my other project.  Just finished dinner over at a restaurant in Syosset.  It was great.  Several people from the lab all went.  Well, got to get back to work.


Sunday, April 7, 2002 8:30pm EDT

Sitting over at Starbucks right now.  Finished my paper.  Dennis, a school teacher acquaintance of mine, just got off of Easter break so he was going over papers for his 5th and 6th grade.  I helped him grade some vocabulary and spelling papers.  Another person, Chuck showed up after he finished his shift over at the airport.  I'm basically done now.  Just need to head to the store and get some juice and milk.  Then back home to upload my paper to the class discussion group.  Hopefully my instructor has posted my grade from last week.  Monday I am going to Syosset around mid-day and then working into the night.  Depends upon what they need.  I might be back and do the same on Tuesday.  Think I will go into the Teterboro facility first and then head to Syosset.  That way I can check things first and download things to my laptop.


Saturday, April 6, 2002

Went to our Syosset, Long Island, New York laboratory today.  Had a nice time out there.  Did not get lost on my way out this time.  Worked in the processing department doing the maxi-log or B station.  That's what they needed.  So, that is what I did.  Talked to several people.  The overall conversion is going fine for now.  Monday night and Tuesday will be the big test of the system.  On Monday, they have about 10 people from the Teterboro processing department that are going to be there. They will be able to get a large portion of the work through the system will the others are still being training and brought up to speed.  That should help the lab get their specimens on time.  Anyway, like I said.  It is going well.  Left and went into the City to have dinner with Jeffrey.  


Friday, April 5, 2002 12:15pm EST

Sitting here having lunch so thought I would type some.  Got an email from mom that she is back home and safe.  She and my 92 year old grandmother took a trip back to Grants Pass to shop and spend some time around town.  GP is about 4-5 hours away from where they live now in Bend, Oregon.  Sounds like they had a good time.  I am trying to get my school work paper done soon since I will be busy in Syosset, New York until Wednesday with a laboratory conversion.  Wish me luck. 


Thursday, April 4, 2002

My new recliner finally was delivered today.  Mom bought it for me as a Christmas gift.  Was not home much tonight but did sit in it and think I am going to love it.  Slides a bit on that floor.  Might need to put it on carpet if it continues to slide to much.  My new futon couch was delivered too.  The frame on my old one from Oregon was damaged so had it replaced.  Still need to rearrange the living room later when I have time.  But work and school have to come first.  


From 5:30 until 8:30pm I attended a reception for the new Quest Diagnostics Mentoring program.  Several senior managers were at the reception which I was invited to.  Had a great time talking with different people and providing information about Oregon.


Also had a Dental appointment to clean my teeth.  I have a filling that popped out and a cavity on my left lower side which I have to have filled right away.  Then I have a cavity that is right at my crown and might have spread up under the crown.  That one could be bad.  The last thing I have to have done is to replace two old fillings that have cracked on my very last back teeth.  One on one side and one on the other.  So that means another visit each time to replace those.  But those are low priority compared to the others.  Guess I should ask for money for my birthday so that I can pay my dental bills.  Found out here all services are up front.  They do not bill, period.  So I have to pay my deductible and co-payment prior to service.  


Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Attended our general membership meeting at The Center in lower Manhattan today.  The twin lights from the WTC really look different from 13th street rather than across the river.  Bought my tickets for the Rhode Island trip in 2 weeks and a dinner that 75 of us are attending.  The dinner is sold out.  That will be on Sunday the 14th.


Sunday, March 31, 2002 5:15pm EST

Ok, so I am back home now.  My system is docked so I have lots of power.  Now I need to finish this update and transfer it to my other system so that I can upload it to the main server.  I also need to do the same thing with my paper.  Drove down around the Hackensack river and took some pictures.  Sure is low.  Lots to do at work this next week.  And, because I will be busy next weekend due to the Syosset conversion, I need to get started on next weekend's paper soon.  The differences between ISO9000 and ISO9001.  Oh joy.


Sunday, March 31, 2002 4:15pm EST

I am currently at Boston Market in Lodi eating.  Decided to sit down and have a nice meal for Easter.  Besides, I just came from Starbucks where I wrote this weeks paper.  A nice one on the differences between reverse, forward and reengineering methodologies.  CLICK HERE to read the paper.  Last weeks paper I got one point off because I was not specific enough.  That was the only point I lost last week.  Received 99 out of a possible 100 points last week.  This paper is worth 30 points.  The rest of the points come from class participation, group assignment paper and discussion questions.


Last night I had a nice chat with dad.  He and Connie were driving the bus south, headed back for Indio, CA.  They were around Redding when he called.  We talked for over a half hour just catching up.  Told him about school and that next weekend I will be out on the island (Long Island) working on the laboratory conversion at our Syosset laboratory.  Well, my battery is indicating that I need to shut down.  Type at you later.

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