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Wednesday, August 28, 2002 7:30am

The weather yesterday was great.  Had a nice walk from the end of Cherry Grove along the beach to the other end.  Then went over to the dock and watch the freight boat come in.  A friend of mine from the Hotel was unloading freight so I helped him out with the pallet of water.  Just kicked back and had a nice day.  Read two chapters of my next class.  Today is starting off cool and cloudy.  


Monday, August 26, 2002 10:50am

Just relaxing on the island.  I am off all week.  My new textbook got here the day I left.  So I brought it to read.  That way I can be ahead of the reading game for this next class.


Sunday, August 25, 2002

Rainbow Phi presented Gay Grease at the Ice Palace.  It was a benefit for GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis).  It was an excellent show.  About 150 people were there.  


Saturday, August 24, 2002

The opening of CLASS REUNION.  The Labor Day play here at the Arts Project of Cherry Grove Community House.  I'm doing audio for the show.  Talked with Dad during intermission of the first show.  They do a 7 & 10pm tonight.  And then Saturday and Sunday next week (7&10).  A few things with the show.  But generally was great for volunteer theatre.  The plot was cute.


Sunday, August 18, 2002 10:00pm

Got on the first boat off the island this morning.  Tiffany was glad to see me.  Just got back from a wedding.  Had a great time.  Dindo is someone I work, his new wife also works here. Very nice reception.  The place had three different wedding parties going on at the same time.  Had a busy weekend.  We are getting ready for the opening of the Labor Day play out on the island.  We had our first tech run through.  Trying to figure out where all of the lights go and sound cues are.  Should be a fun show.  It opens 7pm and 10pm on Saturday then again the follow weekend on Friday and Saturday.  Six performances in all.  I'm off next week, so I will be out on the island relaxing.


Wednesday, August 14, 2002 11:00am

Had minor oral surgery yesterday.  Having some gum problems around where my root canal was several months ago.  Still only have a temporary.  Have to go back for more in the first week of September.  Trying to get it to calm down.  The drugs he gave me have kicked in now so I am headed to work to get some things done.  Been very busy with being out on the island every weekend.  It is great to relax out there.  But I pay for it by not being near my computer.  Normally I leave it at home.  Helps me relax.  Anyway, got to dash.  Take a few more pills before I leave for work.


Friday, August 2, 2002 10:15pm

Well so much for the storm passing soon.  It let up and now it is raining again.  Not with such force like it was earlier as it roared it's way onto the island.  Just a nice steady drizzle.  Going to go check the weather sites now to see what it looks like.  Sure it will be hot tomorrow.  Have a rehearsal at the Community house soon.  Dad called earlier.  He got his results back from a specialist in Portland.  He does not have a blockage like they thought.  Good news !!!   Now he can concentrate on getting better and maybe changing his meds.  Wishing all well and especially Dad.  Hugs to all.


Friday, August 2, 2002 7:30pm

I took today off from work.  So Jeffrey and I came out to the island last night.  We have meet some friends that are renting a place for the week and helped them get everything from the ferry down to their place.  Right now I am in the middle of a squall that just blew in.  Rain is hitting the bay side of the house in buckets.  It looks like it will be breaking up soon.  It was 90+ here today and real muggy.  Like humidity in the 90% range.  This breeze, ok, gale of wind blowing through is really helping in clearing out the air.  Have mostly rested today and finished a book that I had started last weekend.



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