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LOG UPDATE FOR November 2002


Thursday, November 28, 2002 8:00am

Not sure what happened, but I did just import everything into this new Laptop.  Something in my index page has gone funky and I just do not have the time to solve it now.  Will rename my main page to the home page for now.  All of my links will be missing from the left hand navigation page until I have the time to fix it.  Sorry about that.


Thursday, November 28, 2002 7:30am  HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Have some errands to run.  Going to go do some reading then have laundry to do.  Have to pick up dinner at Noon from the deli.  Need also to clean today and start getting packed for next week.  Leave on Tuesday for Oregon.  Got my class assignment done but still have one week to go.  We have a week break for Thanksgiving but I need to finish all of what I can before I leave.  Snowed here yesterday but since it had been warm, it did not stick.  Supposed to have more snow on Sunday which should stick better because it's stayed cold.  About 25 outside right now.  Just checked the long term forecast and it's suppose to get up into the high 40's on Tuesday when I fly out.  So, should be good flying weather for me.  


Monday, November 25, 2002 9:15am

Had a great time in Boston this weekend.  Have returned to a mad house here.  Lots of work to get done for a short work week.  Glad a had a great time.  Got unpacked and now starting to gather things that I want to take to Oregon.  Tomorrow it will be a week away before I leave for Oregon.  Lots of school and work to do between now and them.  Plus, I have to do laundry and pack.  


Friday, November 15, 2002 10:20am 

Went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at 12:01am.  They were playing it on three screens in Clifton, NJ at the AMC Clifton Commons.  It's a complex of about 16 screens.  All stadium seating.  The place was about 40% full but I made sure my ticket was for the #3 screen.  Everyone was getting tickets to the first two.  I heard from the usher that they were much fuller in those two showings.  Loved the film.  It is a must see again and again.  Better than the first movie.  DO NOT DRINK anything before you go into the show and make sure you go before too.  The movie is 2 3/4 hours and with the trailers, that is over 3 hours.


Thursday, November 14, 2002 3:30am  DAY BEFORE POTTER

It is the day before the release of The Chambers of Secrets.  Yes, Harry Potter madness has struck.  I just happen to be up because my back was bothering me.  Sitting here at the computer and thought I would type just a bit before heading back to bed.  My neck strain has been better.  I now have a flat screen at work and that seems to be helping.  It's positioned straight on so that I do not have to crank my neck to the right.  I have eye glasses coming.  Seems that my headaches might be associated with my eyesight.  The flat screen might help with that too.  Over time.  Because it positions my screen farther from me instead of right in my face.  I do not have as much problems with long distance.  Just up close.  


Tuesday, November 4, 2002, 8:00pm

Working on school and taking care of some business for work.  Thought I would take a few minutes to update the web site.  I have a huge headache still.  Not sure what is causing it.  I have an eye appointment on Friday since I have been having problems with focusing.  Finished up on major project today but also had a huge issue with some files not being imported correctly.  Caused lots of extra work.  Trying to keep my head above the water line at work.




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