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LOG UPDATE FOR December 2002


Monday, December 16, 2002 9:30pm EST

Been busy since I got back from the west coast.  Had a great time while I was there.  Just got my grades back from my last class.  Another A.  My next class starts January 2, 2003.  Got the book already and need to start reviewing the first few chapters to have a head start.  Have been sick since getting back.  To much traveling.  I had 6 different plane trips in 10 days.  That was about 19 hours just in the plane which does not count time in the airport.  I've decided to stop updating this web page at the start of the new year.  I will be even more busy with taking several classes over lapping.  Time will be short and I have not been doing so good with updates recently anyway.  I need to overhaul the entire web site but just do not have time between work, school and my charity activities.


Friday, December 6, 2002 11:30am PST

Just packing and getting ready to leave BEND, OREGON.  Have had a great time here.  Enjoyed running around with my niece and nephews.  Got to talk with my sister and enjoyed being with Mom and all of her dogs (three of them).  But all good things must come to an end and I have other people to see.  Flying back to Portland today then on Sunday to see my Dad in Palms Springs.  Busy, Busy me.  And I have my last week of school that I am doing online too.  I had a great time surprising Grandma for her 93rd birthday on Wednesday.  That is the day I flew in here.  She really enjoyed her card I gave her.  I had lots of my friends from work sign this huge card.  She read everyone of the messages.  The kids loved seeing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  They had a good time at the movies.  Then we went out to eat afterwards.  I even got to see my niece rehearse for the Nutcracker.  Ok, time to pack up the computer.  Later.


Sunday, December 1, 2002 10:50pm

Finished putting up the lights.  Spent a good part of the day at Starbucks finishing up my program for this class.  Will submit it before I leave.  That will leave me only the discussion questions to worry about while I am in Oregon.  I have already earned enough points for a C in the class but should pull out another A with just a little bit of work this week.  Also have mostly packed now.  Have also done some cleaning since the neighbor is going to be in my place to tend to Tiffany (kitty).  Also, I needed to get some stuff cleaned and moved.  With this new laptop, I needed to move the old system out of this prime space right in front of the TV.  Put back the furniture to the way it was and vacuumed yesterday too.  Need to finish packing and get my haircut tomorrow.  Just about set.



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