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LOG UPDATE FOR January 2003


Friday, January 31, 2003 6:15pm EST (From Hartford)

Hello, I am here at the Hartford, Connecticut Hilton doing school work and thought I would do an update.  Trying to take a bit of a break before getting into the next section of this program that I am working on.  It's not due until Wednesday but I want to get most of it figured out so that I will not be rushed when I get back to New Jersey.  The local river is rather frozen over and they have lots of piles of snow still.  Ours are almost all gone.  But they got lots more than we did.  Jeffrey is working on various clothes right now.  I have had an opportunity to meet several people from this court and renewed some friendships.  The out of town show is tonight, here in the ballroom.  The coronation is tomorrow night.


Wednesday, January 29, 2003 8:45pm EST

Working over at Starbucks on my program for next week.  Have just finished all of my email for class and now going to work for a bit more before heading home and packing for Connecticut.  I have a rental car right now.  Insurance is paying for 80% of it, so that is nice.  I should have my car back on Monday.  So I am taking the rental to Connecticut.  Nice since that way I do not put the miles on my car.  The rental car is unlimited miles.  Anyway, also had an old filling taken out today, a cavity right next to it filled.  That was not fun.  Then again, I am not really tickled with dentists.  However, I do like my dentist.  He really takes the pain out of it.


Sunday, January 26, 2003 4:30pm EST

Wow, two updates in the same weekend.  What a shock.  Actually I am just getting up from a nap and will be getting dressed and headed to Starbucks for some more school work shortly.  Thought about this picture last night when I did the other update but I did not have it with me.  I took a trip into Manhattan today to drop off some stuff to Jeffrey.  I stopped in Weehawken at the Alexander Hamilton park.  You know, the spot that overlooks the Hudson River and Manhattan where that dude who is on the 10 dollar bill was shot.  Anyway, I took a few pictures.  It has been so cold that the Hudson has ice in it.  Ferry service has been disrupted and barge service up the Hudson to Albany has been suspended.  It's such a slow moving river, no wonder it has ice in it.  Anyway, I had never seen that so I stopped before going through the Lincoln tunnel and uptown to see Jeffrey then out the George Washington Bridge.  


Saturday, January 25, 2003 8:30pm EST

Sitting here at Starbucks doing school work.  Just finished polishing up a program for my POS400 Visual Basic class.  Now I need to finish up some reading and do some discussion questions.  Still have a paper to write for my NTC360 Network class.  But it is good to know that I have the hard part out of the way.  Lauren is working tonight.  It's always fun when Lauren is here.  Her father works for the same company I do.  She also is a student at William Patterson so we swap stories.  Anyway, so what is new.  Had a car wreak / fender bender the other day.  This guy was in the left lane and went to pull around the car in front of him and turned right into the side of me.  Not injuries but scratched the entire left hand side of my car.  Insurance is taking care of it.  Have to take the car in for 3-4 days.  Well, I am just putting off this reading.  Next weekend I am in CT so I have to make sure I am ahead.  The hotel does have internet access, so I will be able to keep up.  But I will be busy with other activities so time will be limited.


Friday, January 17, 2003 7:30pm EST

Went over to DMV and got my car inspected the other day.  My inspection is now good until 2005.  The car did really good.  Way low on all of the tests.  School is getting tough.  I have an event here in NJ that I am coordinating the ticket sales for.  So I have been a bit distracted.  After that is done this weekend, then in two weeks is the Connecticut ball.  But I have already checked and the hotel that we will be staying at has high speed computer access in the room.  So my laptop is going with me to stay up with school.  I now have two classes at once and it's interesting switching gears from answering one set of discussion questions about the telephone industry to Visual Basic computer software ones.  Anyway, have a program that I need to start work on.  


Sunday, January 5, 2003 2:00pm EST

Ok, have finished doing the changes that I wanted to do.  So I'm going to get out of here and grab something to eat and head home to upload these page changes.  Never dull around here.  Someone ran the light across the street and had a crash.  Yesterday, this one guy spit on an off duty cop in here at Starbucks and was arrested.  Guess the whole store is the guy was a junkie and had threatened the cop earlier.  Like I said.  It's never dull around this place.


Sunday, January 5, 2003 1:20pm EST

Finished updating my University of Phoenix page.  You should be able to get to it by clicking the School link above.


Sunday, January 5, 2003 12:30pm EST

Sitting here at Starbucks doing some work on my web page.  I'm a bit ahead in reading for my class and decided to do some work on this.  I've decided I will keep the site up and running for now.  I have a web class in late February, so I will be able to use some of my tricks from that class here.  Should be interesting.  Have finished my first week of reading for my networking class which starts in another week.  It's all background stuff that I already know but it was fresh to read it.  Or should I say it refreshed some of the information in my head.  I still have another subchapter to go in my programming book right now.  Each tutorial is split into lessons which about 3 lessons per tutorial.  Anyway, that is for next week anyway.  I also have a short paper I need to do for next week.  Since I have been having problems with the frames on this page, I have started to gut them and change back over to a more straight forward style.  Will be interesting to see what I learn in class in another few months.  Oh, a nice plane just landed at Teterboro airport.  (That was for Mom).  She loves to watch planes land.  I am here at Starbucks facing out the window so that the glare is not bad on my screen.  I just looked up and a plane was coming in to land.  Kewl.  Have also been playing Hearts in yahoo's game section.  But that was mostly over the holiday break.  So, I have backed off from that.  Have to much else to do.  Never did get my year end letter done.  Not sure if I am going to do one or just send out individual thank you cards now.  Hmmm.  Something else to think about.  I also now have more pictures on CD so will need to get my photo pages updated.  Most of that is from 2001 and I have lots of newer stuff but just have not updated it.


Thursday, January 2, 2003 6:20am EST

Have been up for over an hour already working on school.  This is the first day of my new class and I was sending out my bio and generally getting things in order for this class.  Have checked my schedule and now realize that in late February I will be starting a 2 class series on web page development.  So suspect I will be using this web page for some practical application of what I am learning at that time.  So stay tuned for changes.  I was over at Starbucks most of yesterday working on a program so that I had a better understanding of Visual Basic.  That is the class I started today.  In 2 weeks I start another class that I already have the book for but I still need to crack it.  Looks interesting.  Got to jump in the shower.



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