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Update for May 2003


Thursday, May 29, 2003 7:20pm EDT

Over at Starbucks working on some school work.  It's been a rather trying week.  My Grandma is not doing so well.  While I am concerned for her, I know she has had a good life and that is what is important. My mom has been taking care of her as always.  I am really glad she is there.  The week has been rushed since it's a short week.  I head out to the island Friday morning and have two classes right now.  After I finish these classes I have only 5 left.  A bit behind in one class but still going strong.  It just started the last week, but I have lots to do while on the island this weekend.  I need to take both of my computers out.  Also, we will be headed to Rhode Island on Sunday for an event.  We will leave around noon and head east out to Orient Point at the Northeastern tip of Long Island.  Then board a big ferry which will take us across the Long Island Sound to Connecticut.  From there it's about a 1 hour trip up I-95 to where we are going.  After the event, we will drive back that night.  The event is at Brown University.  So it should be a very interesting weekend.  Ok, back to school work.


Monday, May 26, 2003 2:10pm EDT - FIRE ISLAND
It has been a wet weekend here.  Lots of rain today and now flooding in various places of Manhattan.  We are thinking about taking the 3:50pm Ferry back.  Last night was the big homecoming membership part at the Community House.  Had a good time seeing people and we crowned a new Homecoming Queen.  Heard from my mother than grandma is back in the hospital and not doing so well.  She had multiple heart attacks and currently is on a reparatory for oxygen.  My thoughts are with her.  


Friday, May 23, 2003 10:00pm EDT - FIRE ISLAND

Having a fun wet time out here.  The weather has not been that bad.  Just like home in Oregon.  It's just been an all day mist and light rain.  Nothing to write home about.  But, I guess that is what I am doing here.  One thing for sure, is that I will not need my sun screen this Memorial Day weekend.  Oh well.  They say if you have a wet start to the season, it's going to dry out and be a fun summer.  Not sure if that is true or just everyone's wishful thinking.  We walked over to The Pines (next community over) to get some keys made at the hardware store there.  The store is right on the harbor.  While there, a private boat got stuck on the sand bar.  The freight boat went out and pulled them off.  Then, the jerk pulled right over the same spot and got stuck again.  The passenger ferry came in at the same time.  Anyway, we got the keys made and walked alone Ocean Walk on our way back to The Grove.  Lots of changes each season.  Houses being remodeled or changed around.  We had a nice walk.  After dinner, have been getting caught up on posts from my classes.  I have two classes for the next 5 weeks and then back to only one class at a time.  This way, I will finish in November.  After I finish the two classes I am currently working on, I will have 6 left.  Ok, suppose I should dial in and get online to post this and download my email.  The dialup is not to bad from out here.  I am only using it for email in class.  All of my high speed searches I am doing during the week when I am at home or at Star Bucks.  Oh, the Home Coming Pageant (where the new Home Coming Queen is crowned) will be on Sunday.  So I need to help out and get the theatre tech booth ready for that tomorrow.  


Thursday, May 22, 2003 10:20pm EDT

It's been a very busy week.  Maybe I will write more once I get to the island.  I have a new class that just started tonight.  Looks like it will be fun.  I have a paper due on Tuesday already.  So I will need to be working on that over the weekend.  Just finished up a few things here at Starbucks and I am headed home to get packed.  Headed into the city around 6am to pickup Jeffrey then off to the island.  Should be a wet weekend but I will be out of here.  I closed my Green Belt project today at work.  Long story but a major accomplishment.  


Wednesday, May 14, 2003 9:00pm EDT

It was a long day today at work.  Lots going on.  For some reason, lots of break fix work today.  And stupid stuff that was clouding my day.  There is a rumor that the Application Support group will be moving upstairs.  Personally I can not wait.  I need to get out of that cubicle and away from the Support Center.  I like them, but they need to fend for themselves.  They know the answers, they just choice to not engage their noodle sometimes.  That really interrupts the day and I can not get much accomplished.  Did get a huge UAT (User Acceptance Test) plan written and emailed off.  That was a good accomplishment.  Now I need to execute the plan on Thursday morning.  My fingers are crossed that everything passes. Weather looks really bad for Friday. So Jeffrey are I are going to work inside the place that day.  Saturday is supposed to be nicer.  So it's outside work on that day.  Should work out fine.  We are headed out early on Friday to the island.  Oh, got my grade back from my last class.  Another A.


Monday, May 12, 2003 6:15pm EDT

Over at Starbucks just doing work.  Had a busy day today. Only one class is just fine with me right now.  Lots going on and I am overloaded.  Weather has been bad recently.  Diet is still going well.  Later


Thursday, May 8, 2003 5:30pm EDT

Over at Starbucks now working on school stuff.  Talked with Mark yesterday and caught up on some things going on in Portland.  Also talked with my mom and either talked with my sister or we exchanged emails.  Can't remember now.  Sent my Mom and Grandmother some nice Mother's Day flower arrangements.  Grandma was thrilled I understand.  Talked with Dad today.  Anyway, school calls me.


Wednesday, May 7, 2003 11:00pm EDT

Had a nice quiet birthday evening.  Work was fine.  Got home and headed into the city (NYC).  Meet up with Jeffrey down at a nice restaurant that we both frequent.  We had a nice time, then attended our regular monthly meeting of the Imperial Court of New York.  Got home and am working on a bit of school work and then heading to bed.


Saturday, May 3, 2003 7:30pm EDT

Boy has it been busy around here.  Here is what has been going on.  On Thursday night I went to the opening of X-Men 2.  Had a great time at the movie.  Work has been busy with the new boss, but I am really getting to understand her style.  School continues.  My web class is about to finish up this week and I just started my Database class.  Boy am I getting tired of this double class stuff.  Really takes all of the free time to let the mind relax.  My summer place opens May 15th.  Starting that week, I will have every Friday off through September.  That way I can drive out to the island on Thursday night and enjoy a three day weekend on the island.  Then, on Sunday night, Jeffrey and I will drive back.  I called my Mom and wished her a happy birthday today.  She was going to have a nice quiet day.  Also talked to my Dad today.  He is in Nebraska headed for St. Louis on some Lewis and Clark 5 week tour with a group.  


Right now I am over at Starbucks doing some work.  Just trying to get my head put together and sort out what I need to do tonight and then all what I need to do on Sunday.  Expect to be here most of the day tomorrow since I think I have a paper to put together for my new class and a term paper for my web class that is just finishing up.  Then I have 2 weeks of only the database class until my next class starts.  During late June, July and August I have only one class at a time.  But I still have to get over this hurdle.  Today I went out and ran some errands this morning.  Dropped off some film to be processed, went to Lords and Taylor to but some pants.  I wear a 42 now.  My 48's were making me look to much like a skater dude.  I don't think I have worn 42's for about 10 years.  I also got on the scale today and I'm down a few more pounds to 295 now.  Still have a ways to go, but I am feeling much better about myself and losing the weight.  The Atkins plan has really been great for me.  Sure is different, but I am holding in there rather well.  Still need to exercise more.  I would probably loose even more if I was to exercise.  But I have never really exercised much.  

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