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Update for June 2003


Saturday, June 28, 2003 4:00pm EDT FIRE ISLAND

Having a good time here on the island.  Last night we had a power blackout.  There was a fire in the substation over in The Pines that caused it.  Power was back on around 2:30am.  The Fire Department here had a nice drill today.  I attended as an observer.  I have my application in to join the Volunteer Fire Department here.  Today's drill was about home construction and the various types that are out here on the island.  The glue beams that they are now using are very strong but their fire rating is less and will come apart at about 400 degrees.  They add lots of extra smoke to a fire.  Generally by the time you get to a full involved fire its "surround and drown" time.  Anyway, so that was interesting.  Jeffrey is now reading Harry Potter 5 and enjoying it.  I finished it on Monday so we have discussed a few bits of the earlier chapters.  Diana, the Fire Chief, also is a Potter fan and is about 1/3 of the way through the book.  We talked briefly about the book after the drill today.  We had a fun little parade here earlier and then Mark and I are headed back into town soon for attend the Manhattan Pride Parade on Sunday.


Wednesday, June 25, 2003 9:15pm EDT FIRE ISLAND

Check out our end of team projects at the following link.  Have fun.  Please remember that these are all just team projects that we worked on over the five weeks of the class.  Not sure how long they will stay up, but for sure the next few weeks.



Wednesday, June 25, 2003 8:30pm EDT FIRE ISLAND

Back on Fire Island.  Have had a very busy week trying to get everything taken care of before taking a little vacation time.  I am out here with a friend who flew in from Portland, Oregon the rest of this week.  Then will work on Monday and Tuesday and then will be back out here for the 4th of July and the annual Invasion of the Pines.  Should be a blast.  This weekend is PRIDE in Manhattan so we are leaving on Saturday to be at my house in Jersey.  Then we will head over to the city on Sunday and park early for the parade.  Just finished up with one class and that was interesting.  Trying to get everything done for class has been interesting.  The other class is not my specialty at all.  Databases.  I am hopeful that I will pull a C out of there.  Maybe a B.  Will have to see.  But that will be fine.  Really not my strong suite and with work and the other class it was very hard to work on it.  Now I have only one class at a time till the end.  So that will be much easier.  Should have not doubled up on that class.  Knew it was going to be a killer.  Oh well.  Got to dash. Have something else that I have to have done and posted by 11pm.  


Friday, June 20, 2003 6:30pm EDT FIRE ISLAND

Hello all.  Less than 6 hours until Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out.  They are having a big celebration in Times Square tonight when Toys-R-Us will be open for selling the book at 12:01am.  Lots of people are talking about it at Starbucks last night.  We got to the island and then took a nap for several hours.  Walked into town and did some work at the Community House and then walked over to the beach where they are building two houses in a space where a club had burned down 20 years ago.  It's right on the beach, very nice property.  Must have finally gotten the litigation taken care of and sold the land.  Anyway, have been working on some class work and am about to go online and check mail and upload this.  I am really depressed about this weather we have been having.  After this weekends rain, it will have been the wettest June EVER in history for the NYC area.  And believe me, that is saying something.  Remember some time back I was telling you that routinely they have days when they report the record for that day was set in 1882 or something.  So you know they have something like 130+ years of records.  For us west coast people, that is really wild.  Hopefully it will be a much better July.


Wednesday, June 18, 2003 6:45pm EDT

Back at Starbucks.  Got my assignment done yesterday for WEB350 and now I am working on discussion questions and finishing up a few other things for both classes.  Can't wait for next week when this last double class will be over with.  I'll be back to a single class at a time.  I got a new refrigerator today.  The old one was leaking water into the bottom tray.  So the apartment management replaced it.  But they left the doors backwards.  So they are coming back tomorrow to swap them around so that it will open the correct direction.  While I was down there, I saw Brandon.  He and Jonathon were working in the weight room so we caught up on what happened over the winter.  We talked for about an hour.  Brandon and Jonathon are life guards there at the complex pool.  I've known them for the past 3 years.  Brandon is in ROTC in Florida and Jonathon is going to a college in New Hampshire. They both just finished their freshman year so we had lots to talk about.  We covered everything from programming, fire fighting (both are volunteer fire fighters), social differences of the rich and snobbish, grades and of course sex.  So we had a good time talking.  The individual assignments are posted for us.  You might be able to check them out at and see what I had done for my second assignment.  The first assignment should be at This class has been a lot of fun.  I sat down Monday and wrote out 3/4 of the assignment in an evening session at Starbucks and then did the rest of it (and some polishing) on Tuesday before turning it in.  That one has not been posted yet.  But stay tuned, it is very interesting.  This one here is rather plan.  Oh, do not SUBMIT the form on html2 because it will send the information to the instructor.  


Mom tells me that Grandma might be able to move back into her own apartment soon.  She is doing much better but still needs to build up her stamina.  I already have planned to go back to Oregon in December to see her for her birthday and to spend sometime with my family and especially my nephews and niece.  They call me Crazy Uncle Craig.  Ok, it fits.  


Some of you know that I am a bit of a Navy buff.  The U.S.S. Reagan (CVN-76) will be commissioned on July 12, 2003.  Click on either photo to check out more information on the Reagan.  The newest capital ship of our fleet.


Monday, June 16, 2003 8:00pm EDT

Working on getting caught up on school work.  Very hectic day at work.  Lots going on and I have two assignments due this week which I have not even started on.  Would like to fancy them up but I am really going to have to just bare bones the assignment.  Will wind up with a majority of the points which will be just fine.  I really do not have the time to pour time into the assignment right now.  But they are rather fun.  Had a good day out on the island Sunday.  It was actually dry.  Mark is flying out next Tuesday (week from tomorrow) to spend two weeks with me.  He will be here for Manhattan Pride and then for the annual July 4th Invasion of the Pines out on the island.  Pick up a copy of the June 23rd TIME magazine.  Excellent article on why Harry Potter RULES.  I found it to be very well written and enjoyed it very much.  Read part of it at the dentists office today and had to go buy it to finish it.  Ok, back to school work with me.


Saturday, June 14, 2003 6:00pm EDT

It's raining outside, AGAIN.  Boy am I sick of this weather.  What a strange season it has been.  The Ocean Airs concert is tonight at the community house.  Need to head over there later around 7:30 or so.  They are having a wine and cheese party before hand.  So I need to make sure some music is on and playing.  This is a classical concert where some various performers from the island perform and a few come in from Manhattan to perform.  It's a very nice evening of live performances.  I finished Harry Potter 4 earlier today.  So I am now ready for the new book to be released next weekend.  I also got a little bit of school work done but really have been sleepy and took a nap instead of doing more work.  


Thursday, June 12, 2003 7:00pm EDT

Doing some work at Starbucks.  Gee, what else is new.  Was talking with my landlord today.  Having some problems with my refrigerator again.  She finally told the maintenance person to schedule it to be replaced.  So I should have a new one soon.  Things were busy today but that is nothing new either.  Finished my classes weekly summaries last night and actually did laundry too.  Off for the island in the morning.


Tuesday, June 10, 2003 5:30pm EDT

I got another "A" in my last class.  Just received the email confirmation when I got home.  Other than that.  It has been a very tense day.  Our primary application has been down 3 times today.  The Infrastructure people and application people have been looking into it and trying to get it resolved.  Time to hit the books.  I'm at Starbucks now.


Monday, June 9, 2003 10:07pm EDT 

Just left Starbucks and I'm home watching the final game of the Stanley Cup Hockey Finals being played just down the street at the Meadowlands Arena.  The New Jersey Devils are up 2 goals right now with 15 minutes left in the 3rd period.  Got 2 of 3 pages done on my individual assignment due Tuesday.  I told Tiffany I would change her cat box, so I have to do that soon too.  Lots of emails at work today.  Also got lots of mail today.  Grandma sent me a neat thank you card.  Also, Dad and Connie sent me a CD today with what I suspect are pictures of Amy's wedding.  Have not had a chance to look at it yet.  Also got my notice that my lease was ending in September.  


Sunday, June 8, 2003 5:00pm EDT Fire Island

Finished up the one class and started part 2 of that same Database Concepts.  This is my last few weeks of double classes.  It sure it hard to study out here on Fire Island.  I have also been reading book 3 and book 4 of Harry Potter getting ready for the release of Book 5 on June 21st.  This way the two previous books will be fresh in my head.  I have lots to do on Monday night at Starbucks.  I might take my computer with me to work and go directly to Starbucks to get in some "quality" time.  This table is a bit high here which also makes it a bit difficult. But I think I am just finding excuses.  Hard to study when you would rather be reading Harry Potter.  We are headed back on the 7:50pm Ferry tonight.  Friday was a nice day, then it rained all day Saturday.  Just stayed in and read.  Today is starting off nice, which means the big puddles over in the parking lot will be reduced.  Last time they had 2 1/2" of rain and it was a huge mess.  Grandma is doing better.  Glad to get an update from my mom that indicates she is hanging in there and very interested in staying with us longer.  


Wednesday, June 4, 2003 6:00pm EDT Manhattan Starbucks on Greenwich

Finished work and dashed over to the home health care place.  Picked up my CPAP machine with the new settings in it.  The new script is for a pressure setting of 8 where my old was 14.  Looking forward to the change.  I have to bring my other unit from my summer place in to town over the weekend.  Then drop it off some afternoon and pick it back up a day or so later.  Everything else seems to be good right now.  Sounds like mom is getting a bit more sleep now and grandma is holding her own and doing ok.  It's still touch and go.  I'm over in the Village right now for my monthly meeting at The Center.  It's the Imperial Court of New York's monthly meeting.  I also finish up my database class tonight and then start database #2 on Thursday.  Silly me, back to back.  I also have WEB350 Internet Concepts right now.  That class is really getting into high swing.  I'm going to be reading all weekend to make sure I am caught up.  


Wednesday, June 4, 2003 7:00am EDT Hackensack University Hospital

Good morning.  Had a nice sleep at the Sleep Center here.  Due to my weight loss, they have calculated my new pressure on my CPAP machine that I sleep with each night.  It's about half of what it was.  The staff here are excellent.  I talked with one gal last night about different sleep places that she had worked at.  It was an enlightening conversation.  Very few places are certified by the national sleep center institute.  When she first started (at another place) they gave her 6 weeks of on the job training and then left her alone with patients each night.  Here, they are required to have a certified supervisor on each shift.  That way if anything happens, they have someone with the training to take care of it.  They have 3 people on the night shift (one of them is a supervisor) and 6 patients each night.  Now I have to get my machines down to get the settings changed.  They are going to fax the script over to them today.


I still have to get home and upload everything.  Did some work on school last night while here.  I checked in at 8pm and they hook you up and everything.  Then around 11pm I week to sleep.  Woke up only once during the night.  


Tuesday, June 3, 2003 6:00pm EDT

Just did a bit of work on the web page.  Don't have time to do much.  I have one class finishing this week and have a web page assignment in the other.  Not to mention that I have to be at the hospital by 8pm for a sleep study tonight.  Busy, busy.  Have not heard from my mom today so suspect all is ok with grandma right now.  Last I heard she was feeling better from the heart attacks she suffered a little over a week ago.  My thoughts are with her.  Ok, got to get back to my class stuff.



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