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Update for July 2003


Thursday, July 31, 2003 3:00pm PDT - SAN DIEGO, CA

I made it just fine.  Saw a Krispy Kreme and called Mom to tell her.  So far have just had lunch and I am waiting to head over to the hotel a bit later.  Met some people that I know from here already.  Just wanted to get online and download my web changes that I did on the plane and the discussion questions for school that I also finished up on the plane.  That also allows me to download some more stuff from school and go over it later.  Lots of activities tonight and this whole weekend.


Thursday, July 31, 2003 10:00am CDT at 35,000 headed for San Diego, CA

The plane left about 50 minutes late.  When we took off I counted 17 planes on the taxiway lined up for our runway.  Oh well, it is only a 5 hour flight time so it should not be bad.  And when I come back, I am flying a red eye so I should have no problems with arriving traffic like some people do in the late afternoon.  I land at 6am on Monday.  Anyway, got most of my stuff that I wanted to done before I left.  Did not get the opportunity to get over to the new apartment again to test the phone line.  Guess I will do that on Monday when I am back since I do not work until Tuesday.  I want to take a few loads of boxes over on Monday so that I will have something to unpack and sort out on Friday when I am there waiting on the cable installer.  Got my assignment done for week 3 of this class.  I feel like I am really struggling with this class but the instructor must think I am doing ok.  Got my weekly review back for week 2 and I got a perfect score on my paper all available points.  That means I still have full marks for the first two weeks.  I was not totally happy with my paper but his written comments indicated that it was well put together and covered all of the points.  Did not want to correct him on the few points that I thought was lacking in the paper.  Can only guess what the other papers were like if I was at the top of the heap.  Then again, the main purpose of the paper was to perform the research on various vendor's SQL (Structured Query Language) applications that are available.  That took me a few hours to do and read through.  Then I tossed the paper together at Starbucks one evening.  I know how to bring my conclusion back to the main topic presented in the first paragraph and all that stuff, so guess I did ok.  With full marks I support I did. 


Anyway, we are at 35,000 feet and headed toward St. Louis right now and then southwest over the San Diego.  It's been rather smooth but it is bumpy right now as I am typing.  I have the CD on and the Captain just turned on the seatbelt sign.  Bump, Bump, Bump.  I brought a book but think I will sack out for a bit.  Breakfast was a bit of a bust.  They had a Turkey Sausage, Egg, Biscuit combo.  So I had it open faced and left the top off.  Not bad.  Nice raise bran muffin.  Since I have been having some problems with my digestion I figured the fiber would be good.  Left the Yoplait yogurt.  It had 22 grams of Carbohydrates just in the one serving.  Ouch.  And I left the fruit as well.  Too much sugar for me.  The one thing about Atkins is that you can just act like you are diabetic and eat things low in sugar.  There is lots of new items out for diabetics and I can have lots of those.  I brought extra low carb bars if I need them.  


What else?  Not sure.  I have lots of work to do on the apartment.  Have decided pretty much were I am going to put everything.  Or at least the big pieces.  I know it will change at least once between now and then.  I also made arrangements for a cargo van from Enterprise yesterday.  Maryanne, who is the manager of a Enterprise location, is giving the van to me and making me a deal on it.  I'll pick it up on Friday afternoon.  I have a low impact dolly but should go rent a few furniture dollies.  Aggie and Steve are coming over Friday after work to make a few trips.  Then they are coming back on Saturday.  I think it will be Aggie and I in the morning and then Steve is coming back after he gets off work at noon.  Should be interesting.  Once the major stuff is moved, I'll take it from there.  I still have the rest of the month to clean out the little things and clean the place before my inspection.  Gee, funny how much I type when I am just sitting on a plane with not lots else to do.  Ouch, bad English.  Oh well.  


Tuesday, July 29, 2003 3:50am EDT

I just happen to be up for a few minutes.  Tummy giving me a bit of a problem over the last few days.  Boy have I been a busy person.  My office at work has moved.  So I am working out of boxes right now.  No time to get totally setup.  My current office partner moves out today.  So once that happens and Dan moves in (my regular office partner), then maybe things will start to settle down.  NOT !!!  On Thursday morning I fly out to San Diego for their Coronation.  So, I will not even be on Fire Island this weekend.  But it should be a very fun time there.  Have not been to San Diego's coronation before so it should be lots of fun.  Jeffrey is already there working.  Work wise things have been very busy.  And I am moving as well.  Still trying to get some school work done (thank goodness I only have one class at a time now).  So much going on.  Mom and my niece come to town mid August and my dad is coming in early September for a visit.  And somewhere in between there I have to move, finish this class and still work to earn a living.  WOW !!!  


Dad gave me a hand with my deposits on the new apartment and Mom helped me out with the purchase of a brand new bed for the place.  I also got a nice 3 table set on clearance so I will actually have matching furniture in the living room for a change.  Anyway, back to bed with me.


Tuesday, July 22, 2003 6:00pm EDT

A few interesting day in weather outside.  At about 2:30pm we all looked out the windows and it was very dark.  A sever thunderstorm was passing by us.  Still very rainy outside now.  Local street flooding all around. I also got my grade today from my last class.  This is the class that I thought I was really not doing well in and was really having problems with.  I got a B+ from it.  So that made me feel good.  Got to get a paper done for my current class.  Sure glad I only have one class right now.  To much going on at work, home and the island for me to do much more.


Ottawa House OutsideMonday, July 21, 2003 10:30pm EDT

Had a very busy day.  Got home this morning and then got up around 7am and got the tires on my car rotated.  They appear generally good.  Then ran to Staples and got a new toner for my printer.  Then UHaul to pickup some additional boxes that I needed.  Got my haircut, dropped by Costco then went to Bruce the Bed King and made arrangements for my new bed.  Had lunch and called my new apartment manager.  The keys were ready so I dashed over there and picked them up and signed the lease.  Setup my major move date with my current apartment manager.  Also went by The UPS Store and made arrangements for a Private Mail Box.  My new place has an external mailbox on the building and is not a secure place for boxes since I have no doorman.  So I am going to have my bills and any packages sent there.  They will call me when I have packages to pickup.  So that will be nice.  And I got 3 months free by paying for 1 year.  Took a nap and then talked with my Step-Mom and made arrangements for my dad's trip here in early September.  It has been a very busy day.  Still have a paper to write tomorrow.  Need to do some research on it tomorrow.  Here is a look at my new place.


My new apartment is in the upper near corner of this building.  The complex is about 6 buildings just like this.  The laundry room is in the basement of this building on the opposite side of the building.  The carpet is still wet right now.  I toured the place today and found a few minor items that needed to be taken care of before I move in.  A light fixture still had masking tape on it and a bulb was blown on one of the lights.  Also took some pictures inside that I will get developed soon.






Craig at Arts Project of Cherry Grove 2003 60's Casino Night

Sunday, July 20, 2003 4:30pm EDT - Fire Island

Having a good weekend.  Worked the Casino last night for the Arts Project.  We raise thousands of dollars for the Arts Project here at Cherry Grove.  I was spinning a wheel last night.  The fun continues tonight and then there is a special ferry off the island at 1am.  Plan on taking it so that I can get home.  Have lots of errands tomorrow even though I am off.  Getting ready to move and all.  Lots of little things to do.  


Here is a picture of me from last night.

As you might have guessed, it was a 60's theme Casino this year.  Lots of people came through the door and had a fun time.  They had blackjack set up in the main area and the wheels out in the pavilion.  The funny thing is, that this picture was taken late in the evening.  This is not the wheel I was spinning all night.  But it's a good picture of my outfit that Jeffrey made for me last week.  















Tuesday, July 15, 2003 5:00pm EDT

Busy day.  I went from work directly here to Starbucks.  Waiting on a friend to get here.  Then finishing up school work and headed home to do more cleaning and packing.  Made a mistake earlier.  Mom did something to her knee and not her ankle.  Well, I was close.  Had lunch with my boss today as we discussed some matters.  I am really starting to like her.  Ok, I liked here earlier but I just like the way she thinks.  Need to also stop by the Bed King and chat with Susan.  Officially sign the papers.  I had gone in last week to look at the bed that I bought.  Then called Susan on Thursday before leaving for the island.  That is when I found out that the sale ended Saturday so I had to give her a deposit over the phone.  I had looked at almost the exact same bed at another chain store here and they were slightly cheaper on the bed, but they added everything else on.  The delivery was $55 and something else cost and then something else.  So, this bed will be great.  I've needed a new bed ever since I have moved here.  So it was a for sure since I am moving.  I get the keys next Friday, then I am off to the island for my last weekend there until late August.  The following weekend I will be in San Diego for their coronation, then the following weekend I am moving and then my Mom and niece arrive for a tour of New York City.  Should be a very busy next 8 weeks.  Because after that, my Dad will be flying in to visit me the first full weekend of September.  Wow.  Not sure how I am going to fit it all in and work too.


Tuesday, July 15, 2003 7:00am EDT

Boy have I been busy.  Actually got most of school done for this week.  Have a few more things to do tonight and then head home to do more packing.  Got one corner of the apartment all cleared out and 4 boxes of video's and DVDs all boxed up.  So IT HAS BEGUN.  Also pulled out another one of my medium size garbage bins and have started to clean and toss.  Trying to be heavy on the "toss" aspect since I do not want to move things that I am really never going to use.  My DSL is down at home right now.  Went out last night for some reason.  So I am sitting at Starbucks working right now.  Just about to head to work across the street.  My Mom and Bill got back from their trip to St. Louis.  They had a good time up until the last.  Mom twisted her ankle and was having tests done yesterday to see how bad it was.  At least nothing is busted.  I am working through Thursday and might head out to the island on Thursday night right after work or might stay and pack some more and head out Friday morning.  


Sunday, July 13, 2003 1:00am EDT FIRE ISLAND

Having a great time.  Got to run - headed downtown.


Tuesday, July 8, 2003 8:30pm EDT

Over at Starbucks working on my team paper that is due tomorrow.  Have been sick and generally not feeling well.  Loads to do at work today, but got most of the big things out of the way.


Monday, July 7, 2003 11:38pm EDT

Made it home today.  Had a great time out on the island.  Got an email from my friend Kelly.  He tells me the dew point has been raising around here.  I need to email him back and tell him that I know.  It is very humid here.  Anyway, got to get this posted and off to bed.  Mark leaves in the early morning and then I have to head for work.  We went to see the movies Terminator and Sinbad.  Then stopped by and picked up pictures from the trip.  Mark is all packed.  Tiffany is glad to see us.  


Sunday, July 6, 2003 11:00am EDT FIRE ISLAND

Had a good yesterday.  Finally woke up today and just finished breakfast.  Mark entered and won the Mr. Sunsets contest last night.  Sunsets is a bar here.  It looks like it is going to be a hot one today.  Not to many clouds in the sky and already rather warm.  Not much going on today.  Just kicking back.  Did the dishes already.


Friday, July 4, 2003 6:00pm EDT FIRE ISLAND

So far it has been a wild and fun 4th of July.  The invasion went very well.  We had about 275 people on the boat as it "invaded" The Pines.  The Pines is another GLBT community right next door.  So every year for 28 years now, the drag queen's load up the ferry boat in Cherry Grove and then head out to "invade" The Pines.  There was 6 of us in our group and we went at the girls from Hogwarts.   I'll put up pictures when I have them.  Very tired and just need to get off my feet for a few hours. 


Thursday, July 3, 2003 3:00pm EDT FIRE ISLAND

Not sure when I will be able to upload this but here is an update.  It was really nice yesterday.  Today, left over Tropical Storm Bill decided to roll in so it was raining this morning.  Supposed to be very hot and dry tomorrow for an excellent 4th.  All ready for the Invasion.  We are going as Hogwarts Girls.  Should be fun.


I am getting ready to move.  Made phone calls today to the power company, telephone company and cable company.  Set up the dates and everything with them.  Now I just need to find some boxes and pick the date that I am going to move.  The next bad weekend I might just stay home and spend the whole weekend working on the apartment.  Throwing things out and getting organized so that I can box things up and have them ready for the movers.  I get keys to my new place on July 25th and then will be leaving for San Diego for their coronation over the weekend of August 1st.  After I am back, it will be all out attack on the apartment to get things moved.  I have a friend who works at Enterprise Car Rental.  They have some nice vans that I can rent cheap and make a few trips over an evening.  He will help me move too.   


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