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Update for August 2003


Saturday, August 30, 2003 7:00pm EDT LABOR DAY WEEKEND

Two of my friends from Starbucks, Steve and Marian are visiting here on Fire Island.  They spent the day on the beach and then we put some burgers on the grill and had dinner.  Soon, they are going to the 8pm play which I have to get ready for shortly.  It's lightly raining here now.  The run through at noon was good.  This afternoon the fire truck #1 was unable to make it over the hill on Ivy Walk and was dumped off of the walk.  It took over an hour to get it put back on the walk and reloaded with the ladders and gear.  So that was an experience to walk and listen to them figure it all out.  


Friday, August 29, 2003 5:45PM EDT  LABOR DAY WEEKEND

Made it away from work and out to the island yesterday evening.  Took us an hour to get out of Manhattan.  But we finally did it and made our way to Fire Island.  Traffic was a mess since there is the US Open and the Yankee game was just letting out as well.  Both in Queens when we had to go by.  Then you have rush hour on top of that and it took us about 3 hours to get out here.  But we made it.  After shopping we caught the 8:30pm boat to the island.  On Thursdays the last boat is at 9:30pm so we had a bit of slack.  Got the house open and ate.  Later we went into town and checked out what was going on.  Today I had a drill with the Fire Department.  I'm not a member yet for a few weeks so I talked with the people there and generally observed and made several mental notes.  It was lots of fun since they were doing pictures for a NY State Female Firefighters convention that they were going to in September.  Several had gone last year and lots of the others wanted to see pictures of there equipment since we are on boardwalks and do not have traditional Engines and Ladder trucks.  We have modified golf carts equipped to carry the gear.  We also have hose houses every other block because we do not have engines to carry hose.  The houses are right near the hydrants.  Anyway, we had a nice time pulling the equipment out of the fire house and heading down the walk this morning.  Provided the chief with my new address and numbers since I am up for a membership vote in 3 weeks.  After that slept for a bit and then helped Jeffrey at the Community house setting up chairs for the show Saturday and Sunday.  The labor day show is THERE SHE IS and is directed by two friends of ours.  The reviews were good and Jeffrey does a great job with his number.  Just finished some school work and now I am going to get online and post all of this.  Then sleep some more before dinner tonight.  Have two friends of mine coming out tomorrow from NJ.  They are going to the show at 8pm.  


Wednesday, August 27, 2003 10:15pm EDT

Wow, what a trip this has been.  I finally have High Speed access at my new apartment.  And I checked out of my old apartment today and turned in the keys.  So sad to walk out that door the last time.  Went downstairs to Helen and Simon's to give them my new phone number and address.  They lived right next door when I first moved in on the 8th floor.  My mom and niece visited me and we ran all over Manhattan.  Saw Phantom of the Opera and 42nd Street, they were great.  When I got back to work after touring all over, the virus problems have continued.  Also had some fun with the blackout.  Mom was here during the blackout.  Sure glad we were in New Jersey.  We were expected to head into Manhattan about an hour later.  Got real lucky.  I have to pack for Fire Island so can not stay on long.  I finally dumped Verizon DSL and I now have Optimum Online cable.  So I have a new email address that I will be using more and more. is my new address.  Anyway, I have a new class that starts tomorrow.  Oh, and I got an A- on my last class.  Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day everyone.


Friday, August 15, 2003 9:40am EDT

We made it home fine when the lights went out.  We were in Target when the big blackout hit.  Mom and my niece are in town for a visit.  We can not get into The City today due to the power outage.  Only 1/3 of Manhattan has power back.  So we are going to spend the day here in Jersey.  I needed to go into work last night and take care of some power related issues there.  We got out power back around 9:30pm.  They went out at 4:10pm.  That's 5 hours of being without power.  Places still do not have power and the subways and trains that run NYC are not expected to be in service until tomorrow.  Hopefully things will get back into service and we can head into the city tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 13, 2003 3:40pm EDT

Well I am making some good progress today.  I have 5/6 of my project completed now and it's before 4pm.  I can see from the flight tracker than my Mom and Niece are in the air right now headed this way.  They arrive in less than 6 hours.  Should be a fun next few days.  The cable installer got here late this morning.  So that was easy but he was late.  Oh well.  It's all hooked up now and going just fine.  Did a little work on the apartment before I left and headed for Starbucks.  I have to finish before I go to pick them up.


Monday, August 11, 2003 10:00pm EDT

The move has gone ok.  Lots to do.  The place is a wreak and I have school work that is due on Wednesday.  I also had a dinner I was supposed to be at tonight.  Just read a reminder about it.  Darn, and I really wanted to go too.  It was for the candidates for Board Positions for the Imperial Court of NY.  We vote in September.    Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.  I generally know who I am going to vote for but it would have been nice to have meet everyone.  Tiffany is settling in nicely.  I still have to unpack the TV.  Have not found the box with the socks in it yet.  


Sunday, August 10, 2003 6:45pm EDT

This will be my last web update from my Prospect Avenue apartment.  I will be making my final trip shortly in the van.  Tiffany is moving on this trip too.  Then I will return the van and get my car back.  After that, it will be back to my new apartment to sort things out this evening and try to find my work clothes.  The next few days should be interesting trying to sort things out.  Wish me luck.


Saturday, August 9, 2003 10:45pm EDT

Gosh have I been a busy beaver.  Three friends of mine came over and helped me move.  We took a couple of loads over on Friday and most of the rest today.  Mike & Auggie came over around 5:30pm after Steve and I had already taken one load of boxes over earlier.  All of the big stuff is out of the apartment.  Boy, everything really is stuffed in my new place.  It is much smaller than my old place.  Some of that is going because this will force me into getting rid of some things that I really do not need.  But I have been busy with school and still have an assignment that I have to figure out how I am going to get it done between now and when my mom gets here on Wednesday.  I think I will move Tiffany tomorrow and try to clean up the new apartment so that I can start living there.  I still have the rental van until Sunday evening so I could take a trip with a few of the remaining items (card table, one lamp stand, etc.) that was previously missed.  I still have to pack the kitchen.  I have two weeks before I have to totally be out of here.  But if I do not get started soon, it will creep up on me fast.


I went over to Costco this morning and bought a new 27" TV for my entertainment center.  Need to set it all up before the installer comes on Wednesday.  That way they can test the signal on the cable.  The bed arrived on Friday but the mattress was dirty.  They are going to replace it.  Gosh, so much to do.


Monday, August 4, 2003 11:00pm EDT

What a very interesting day.  Sure glad I flew in early today.  Later it rained over 2" today at the Newark airport and arrival delays were up to 2 hours at times.  There was flooding all over the area with various roads closed.  Slept for a bit and then ran some errands.  Got over to the new apartment and double checked the phone line.  No dial tone.  So I called and made arrangements for installation on Friday.  Hopefully they will not strike.  Got the film developed from the San Diego trip.  


Monday, August 4, 2003 7:40am EDT 

Made it home safe and sound.  Can't say the same for my car.  A big rock came flying off of a truck on the Garden State Parkway and hit my windshield.  Sigh.  One more thing to take care of in a few weeks.  It is muggy and wet.  Not fun weather at all right now.  Tiffany is glade to see me.  Have to unpack and then think I will sleep for a bit.  Rather uneventful flight.  A bit bumpy at a few spots but rather nice since I slept through a good portion of it.


Sunday, August 3, 2003 10:30pm PDT - 20,000 and climbing out of SAN DIEGO, CA

We are on a full flight out of San Diego.  I was unable to get an emergency row and we are packed in here rather well.  I'm in the back of the craft with two gals next to me.  It was a nice trip but I am looking forward to getting back home and getting ready to move.  I have lots of things happening this week.  Then next week Mom and my niece are coming to NYC to visit and tour.  Since we are packed in here, and the time.  I think I will try and sleep most of the flight.  That is why I am typing now so that I can put the system away.  We are on a Boeing 737 this time.  On the way out I took a Boeing 757.  The difference is that the 757 cruises at 540mph and will hold 183 while the 737 will cruise at 530mph and will hold 124 to 167 depending upon which model.  The 737 has 2 General Electric CFM56-7 High Bypass Ration turbofan engines, rated at 26,400 pounds thrust each.  The 757 on the other hand has 2 Rolls-Royce RB211-535 High Bypass turbofan engines, and they are rated at 43,700 pounds thrust each.  Interesting bit of trivia right out of the Continental Fleet directory for my dad.  He will be visiting me too in early September.  Oh, the wing span on the 737 is 112 feet while the 757 is 124 feet.  We will be cruising at 29,000 tonight the First Officer just announced.  Our flight time from now is only 4:18 which seems fast.  But then we are headed east, with the jet stream.  According to the map he has up right now, we are over Palm Springs.  Ground Speed 579 mph, Wind Speed 25mph, Temperature 22F.  Distance to destination 2,284 miles.  Ascent Rate 48 ft/min.  Hmmm, interesting stuff off this map thing.  Heading ENE (East, Northeast).  Anyway, think I will try to sleep.


Sunday, August 3, 2003 6:30pm PDT - SAN DIEGO, CA

Finally got to Starbucks to download / upload my work.  The brunch was nice.  Then ran around town with some friends running some errands.  Now I am just finishing up here and will head back over to the hotel to pack and take a cab to the airport.  That way I am all checked in at the airport and can just relax and read a bit.  Off I go.


Sunday, August 3, 2003 10:00am PDT - SAN DIEGO, CA

Having a good time here in San Diego.  The coronation last night was really nice.  It was at the Grant Hotel downtown and then the Victory Party was over at a bar across town.  Meet some new people and talked.  On Saturday we attended a live porn filming at All Worlds Video.  So that was rather interesting and fun to watch how they go about making one.  I have a victory brunch to attend in an hour and then will finish packing.  I fly out tonight at 10pm.  Guess I'll head over to Starbucks and upload this.  At the same time I can get a download from my school too.



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