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Update for September 2003


Tuesday, September 23, 2003 5:45pm EDT

Just wanted to share these pictures with you.  Just picked them up.  Have some school work to do and then back to home.  Need to get ready for a presentation at work tomorrow.  Rather bad accident outside here at Starbucks.  Closed down Northbound 17 for several hours.  Looks like an SUV was not paying attention and clipped the back tail of a big flat bed wreaker.  Sure made a wreak out of the SUV.  Anyway, got other stuff to do.


Sunday, September 21, 2003 10:00pm EDT

Just finishing up some school work here at Starbucks.  About to head back home.  Attended my first official drill this morning as a member of the fire department.  It was a hose house drill.  We take all of the 1 1/2" hose out and charge it with water.  Check for leaks in the hose (which we found one and had to "retire" that 50' hose from service) and do some training with the pressure and how to handle a hose under pressure.  We have another one next weekend.  Then I close my house up for the winter.  Sidney (landlord) got the storm window for the screen door and I replaced it.  We have the screens on during the summer and then put the glass back in toward the end of the summer.  It was a very nice, sunny day today.  Lots to do at work tomorrow.  Should be a very busy week.


Saturday, September 20, 2003 7:30pm EDT

Well it's official.  I am a Probie now.  A Probationary Firefighter of the Cherry Grove Fire Department.   Got gear issued today after the meeting.  We took pictures later.  There are three of us Probie's.  2 gals and me.  One is Sue from Australia.  She is a real hoot of a gal.  I was out for a walk later and ran into one of the guys from the fire department.  We sat in the Ice Palace bar and chatted for well over an hour.  Later one of the assistant chiefs joined us.  I'm only out here one more week before we close up the house for the winter and Sidney (our landlord) goes to Connecticut for a several weeks before heading to Florida for the winter. 


Friday, September 19, 2003 10:30pm EDT

Have been very busy.  The Hurricane was just a lot of wind here.  Just some trees down and lots of small branches here and there.   It was neat from the view that it was very warm when it got here.  I did not realize how warm it was, but that makes sense because they form in the tropics and when they cool they slow down.  Everything is quiet here on the island.  Everyone is in a cleaning mood and shut down mood.  The grocery store, pizza parlor and local fine dining establishments all close this weekend.  My last weekend out here is next weekend.  That weekend is the end of season ball.  This weekend is the fire department meeting tomorrow.  I am joining the volunteer department here.  Next season I will be attending the drills and going through training.  


Plenty going on at work and school work too.  So I have been rather swamped.  Have been working late dealing with this computer virus that came out a bit back.  We are still taking care of our machines out at our patient service centers.  I have been coordinating our local efforts to get those machines fixed.  120 some sites to visit around the NY/NJ area.  I have 3 temps working for us right now out in the field trying to get these taken care of.


Grandma got a good check-up from her doctor the other day.  So I sent her some flowers to raise her spirits even higher than they were.  


Monday, September 8, 2003 6:30pm EDT

A very busy weekend.  Dad was going to be here but he was not feeling well.  So I went to the island and was asked to help out during the annual Miss Fire Island contest.  This was the 38th Annual pageant.  I was in the hotel office helping out.  What a wild weekend.  Since I had Monday off, I stayed for the Fire Island LGBT Film Festival.  That was fun.  Got home and turned on the water heater.  Later it over boiled and water started coming out of the pressure relief valve.  Maintenance is over there now draining it.  They will replace it tomorrow.  Now I have tons of school work to do. 


Tuesday, September 2, 2003 6:00pm EDT

Made it back alright.  It was raining yesterday so everyone headed back early.  Made for a nice ride in from the island.  Got home and later got a call from my Dad.  He was going to fly out on Thursday and spend some time with me.  But he has not been feeling very well and had to cancel on his trip.  Instead, I am going to go visit him later this winter in Palm Spring.  Work was difficult today.  Still trying to sort out issues with this latest virus in the field.  Good thing is that we have now discovered several issues with updating all of our 200+ systems in the greater NYC metro area.  The bad news is that it's been 3 weeks and we are still working on this.  My latest class started and I have work to do on that too.  Just got done doing some reading and discussion questions for class.  The instructor is someone I knew from the 80's.  She used to work for PML out of our Anchorage laboratory.  What a small world it is.  Just noticed that my archives have hit the 5 year mark.  I have been keeping these archives since August 1999.  Wow.   My apartment is still a disaster.  Mom helped make it livable, but I have lots of things to do to make it better.  Plus I added several things since my Mom left because I finished moving all of the last items from my other place.  I think I will head home and do laundry, change the cat box and then work on the front room a bit.  I have to figure out how I am going to do the computer.  Right now I have a card table in front of my plush chair right next to the TV.  That will just not do.  So I have to move some things around and figure out where I am going to put some stuff.  NEWS FLASH - I got invited to the Fireman's Ball last weekend.  Forgot to tell ya.  A firefighter friend of mine did not have anyone to go with as their guest and decided to ask me.  So in 2 weeks I will be going even though I am not a firefighter yet.  My Arson report came back clean, DUH!!  But it's required under NY law so I'm glad.  Everything is set for me to join the department in 3 weeks.  Even gave the chief and the department President my new address and contact information.  Diana (Fire Chief) is going to try and find some old turn out gear (fire attire) for me to use next season for the drills.  We have several big drills at the county training facility.  Real flames and everything.  Helps to get you used to what you might encounter. Should be interesting.  I have a year as a probationary firefighter once approved by the membership.  More later.



Ottawa House Outside







View of my new apartment.  2nd Floor corner.


The Ottawa House

Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey









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