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Update for October 2003


Monday, October 27, 2003 2:30pm CST **in the air**

Currently in the air flying back to New Jersey from Portland.  Had a great time. The event went well and had the opportunity to get over to Bend to see family.  Working on school right now to try and stay up-to-date.  I have two classes and a paper due on Wednesday along with lots of stuff going on at work since I have been gone.  Should be a very busy next week.  And all just before Halloween.  Ran into several old room mates of mine from when I was in Portland.  Loved talking with them and finding out what is going on with them now.  Most are doing very well now.  Planning a trip in December back to see friends and family.  Looking forward to getting down to Grants Pass to see my dad on that trip and my old home town.  


Thursday, October 23, 2003 7:15am PDT **Portland, Oregon**

Made it to Portland just fine last night.  Had a great time with friends down at the bar.  Got into the hotel room fine and everything.  The flight was a bit bumpy.  Much more than I have ever had coming into Portland.  But we landed just fine. That is the important part.  Sitting at Starbucks up by the University here.  Have some permissions problems with my new class that starts today.  MY LAST CLASS for my degree.  YIPPEE !!!  So I have called the University help line and she has made the appropriate changes.  The changes have to propagate out to all of the servers, so it will take 30 minutes.  I'll double check later from my mom's.  I am leaving now headed for Bend to visit family.  Then back tomorrow after breakfast to attend various events here in Portland.


Sunday, October 12, 2003 8:00pm EDT

Have not been in a very chatty mood with the web page recently.  Have been very busy at work, school and the fire department.  Went up Monday night and had an interview with Truck 1 company of the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department.  Went up on Tuesday and filled out the paperwork and got that all started.  The idea would be to take my Firefighter 1 training during the winter here in Bergen County.  That will help me when out on the island with the additional training.  Spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday up at the firehouse a bit to get to know the different people.  Tuesday was a drill with Engine 2.  They smoked up a house being demolished on Friday.  It was really neat to be inside of it.  Anyway, have school work to do which is what I was doing here at Starbucks.  I also got a storage unit provide in the basement of my apartment.  So on Saturday I moved all of the empty boxes and a few other things down there.  Can't put anything that would ruin because it's a bit damp, but it was nice to get some basic clutter out of the way.  Now I can try and get some other things moved around and organized.  Time to do a little organization of the web page and then head out of here for home.  I have finished one whole module for this week and have 2 more to do.  Have been at work every day now for the past two weeks.  Looking forward to visiting Oregon in another week.  Going to head over to Bend to see family when I am there.  It will be a quick trip, but worth it. 


Sunday, October 4, 2003 4:30pm EDT

I only have a few minutes of batteries left.  Have just finished up an assignment for my last core class.  Have another 3 weeks to go on this Windows 2000 class.  Then I take the capstone class which is when I graduate.  Lots going on at work and around here.  Attended a high school band competition last night at the football field right next to my apartment.  Had a good time just talking with people.  Also had an opportunity to learn more about the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department from one the volunteers there.   Need to go to work in a little bit because of some software upgrades they are doing.  Started work on the front room a bit.  Got some stuff moved around and another box emptied.




Ottawa House Outside







View of my new apartment.  2nd Floor corner.


The Ottawa House

Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey









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