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Update for November 2003


Sunday, November 16, 2003 7:20pm EST

Just finished a photo shoot in the City for the court.  It was a nice change to the final two weeks of class.  Have lots of final work to do.  Every week has another paper.  This one is 1,700 words, and it's a case study.  Oye.  Ran into some friends of mine from Fire Island that did not even know we were going to be there.  It was great to chat with them while I was waiting for the shoot.  


Monday, November 10, 2003 11:30pm EST

Just working away on my school project.  Have a big paper due.  Have a big presentation to give at work tomorrow.  Have another paper due.  Oh, boy.  This is the whirlwind to the finish line.  Got to get some sleep.  My step dad had knee surgery.  Understand all went well.  Washed my fire jacket today.  You have to unsnap the lining and then wash those.  Then you have hang them to dry for a few days.  So they are nice and washed now.  Did that while I was working away on my paper.  Had a great time at the Casino and Silent Auction the other night for the court.  We raised lots of money for the Y.E.S. youth scholarship fund at the GLBT Center in NYC Saturday.  I was there for 12-15 hours I think.  Took my school book and found a quiet corner and read.  Also got a ticket for being to close to the fire hydrant.  Darn.  The ticket said I was 7' away which I suppose was right.  Just glad I did not get towed.  My other friend (who is a retired cop) said they did not tow because I was far enough away from the hydrant.  Boy, parking is rough around lower Manhattan.  I was parked on 13th street.  Oh well.  Got to get some sleep.


Sunday, November 2, 2003 2:22pm EST

As you might have guessed, I have been rather busy since I returned from Portland, Oregon.  Have not had the inclination nor the time to really update my web site.  But my mom has asked me to land the plane and give you an update.  Even thought I have been emailing back and forth with her.  Well let's see.  It's snowing in Bend, Dad has left for his summer place near Palm Springs and I got a B on my last core class for my degree.  I am currently working away on my last class which is an ethics capstone class for my degree.  After I finish that, pay my bills and fill out the paper work, I should have my physical degree around the first of the year.  All of my degree requirements will be completed just after Thanksgiving, but I have to pay all my bills with them and fill out paperwork to verify my degree completion.  With the holiday's, I suspect they will not get to finalizing it until January.  Finished my big ethics paper for week 1 and have another one to do this week.  Lots to do in this class.  This has been a very interesting and verbose class.


Let's see what else do I know.  Went to a Ranger's Hockey game last week.  Last minute tickets from work.  Rangers won 4-1 over the Carolina Hurricanes.  Attended a junior hockey game Saturday.  One of my consultants at work has a boy on the team.  So I went and checked it out.  Very interesting rink.  It's only partially enclosed.  Because of the temperature, the game was called part way through the second period.  The fog from the ice was making it to hard to see anything.  Tiffany (my cat) is doing well.  Trying to figure out when I am going back to Portland.  I have to be in Teterboro on the 10th of December so can go before or after that.  Just have to make a decision and get tickets before it gets to late.

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