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Update for February 2004



Sunday, February 29, 2004 12:30pm EST

Just heading out to the gym.  Got a call from my Fire Chief a little while ago.  We needed to discuss my gear for the Fire School that is starting up later in March.  She indicated for me to keep my receipts and they would reimburse me this summer for the cost of my new helmet.  Slept in a bit and watched the rest of a DVD I had going.  Even did the dishes and cooked breakfast.  Played with Tiffany for a while and now I have all of my gym stuff packed and I am about to pack the computer.  Have some stuff to work on at Starbucks after the gym.  Oh, and happy Leap Day !!!




Saturday, February 28, 2004 4:30pm EST

Well, tomorrow is Lead Day so we get an extra day this year.  Over at Starbucks now playing RISK with some friends.  Did the gym earlier.  This is my second day in a row.  WOW.  Plan on going tomorrow too so I am really turning into a gym bunny.    Anyway, the mail was real late today over at my mailbox.  But I did get my DVD that I was expecting.  I belong to this DVD club that I pay a flat monthly fee and then I have 3 DVDs at a time "checked" out to me.  They keep rotating in the mail.  I dropped off one this morning that is headed back and another one that they should have gotten today.  So I was waiting on this one.  I have a long list of items that I would like to rent in my "queue".  Something like 40 titles right now.  It is really a nice day out.  Most of the snow is all gone now.  Was at work earlier for only a few hours.  I am getting ready to work on a database here at Starbucks for work.  But got interested in the RISK game since I have not played for a spell.  The doctor called the other evening.  My echocardiogram indicated that I have a slightly enlarged heart.  Just means I really need to watch my blood pressure.  Other than that, I faxed my stuff over to the Fire school.  I need to call him on Monday and confirm that I got in the class.  Oh, and my new fire helmet arrived.  My other one has some fire flaps over the neck missing so I just bought a new one.  Same similar style but it is all new.  Almost like you hate to get it dirty.


Thursday, February 26, 2004 10:10pm EST

Had a great evening last night.  Our department had a holiday dinner in Hoboken.  We first went to Maureen's home (our IT Director) and then walked to the restaurant.  We were there until around 10:30pm.  I drove (since I do not drink) so I had several people riding back with me to Teterboro.  Everything has just been busy.  Did laundry tonight.  And now just kicking back before going to bed.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004 12:15am EST

Not much really to report.  Went to the gym tonight and now just got back from Starbucks where I stopped off after the gym and visited with some friends.  Lots of work to do.  My paperwork came for my Fire Fighter class.  Faxed it off to the Bergen Country Fire Academy today.  If I get accepted, I would start 3/22.  Checked my blood pressure and it's back down where it should be.  120 over 85.  


Wednesday, February 18, 2004 11:55pm EST

Just headed to bed.  Got back from Starbucks where I stopped off and talked to several people after getting done with the gym.  Still trying to force myself into a habit of getting over to the gym.  Also talked with the Fire Director at the Bergen Country Fire Academy.  I am penciled in for a class starting 3/22.  It will run on Monday and Wednesday evenings and will end in August.  According to their web page: "The course includes lectures, overhead transparencies, videotapes and slide/tape presentations, in addition to practical exercises.  The student must maintain a minimum score of 70% on the mid-term and 70% on the final examinations, as well as successful completion of a practical evaluation.  Three certificates will be issued for this course, Firefighter One, Hazardous Materials Awareness and IMS-I-100."  


Sunday, February 15, 2004 6:50pm EST

Back from Connecticut.  Had a nice time.  Have not unpacked yet but have gotten things out of the car and ran some errands.  Still have to take the car back and then get ready for work tomorrow.  Lots of people have the day off because of President's Day.  But not me.  Off to work I go.  Besides, I think everyone else is off and I have a few days to catch up on  anyway.


Saturday, February 14, 2004 11:45am EST (Hartford, Connecticut)

Started off the day by actually going to bed.  Got back from the local bar and then to bed around 2am.  Had a good time.  Nothing to spectacular, just a nice dance bar.  Drove a few people from Buffalo to and from that I know.  This morning we got up and headed out for Wal-Mart.   Got a few items that we needed and then talked to the cashier who recommended this dinner up the road a spell.  The food was much better than the other dinner we went to yesterday.  Very much worth it.  Then we headed back to the hotel.  Jeffrey is in rehearsals now and I am thinking about doing some things online, maybe working out for a while and taking a nap.  The big coronation is tonight and everyone is looking forward to it.


Friday, February 13, 2004 1:00pm EST (Hartford, Connecticut)

Arrived last night and just finished visiting some fabric stores and dollar stores to buy some last minute things.  Now we are back at the hotel and Jeffrey is getting ready to have some fittings while I go to the gym and pool here in the hotel.  Got a nice card from Grandma thanking me for some flowers I sent her.  Also got a Valentine card from Mom and Grandma.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of OREGON's admission to the Union.  Other than that, it is the coronation here in Connecticut.  Tonight is the out of town show.  


Sunday, February 8, 2004 9:00pm EST

Doing laundry right now.  Getting ready for Connecticut on Thursday so cleaning up the place and sorting out what I am going to take.  Renting a car with really good terms to drive up and back.  This morning I had a Fitness Test at my gym.  I had something like 38% body fat.  Like DAH, I said to him.  Rated poor in most of the categories but I knew that already.  So now I have a cardio plan to work on over the next 3 months.  Which should be very good for me.  I also have a fitness workout with another trainer to show me the specific equipment.  This one took measurements and got me started on the warm-up equipment.  Then I went into the City and helped Jeffrey with some envelopes to stuff.  This week is really a busy one for me.  Chiropractic appointment on Monday and Wednesday, Hazmat training on Wednesday and my fitness workout on Thursday morning before I go get the car.


Saturday, February 7, 2004 11:30pm EST

Had a nice time over at Starbucks.  I played a game on my computer while several of us talked.  Chuck is now on day 7 of his quest to quit smoking.  I am really getting tired of this cold weather. 


Saturday, February 7, 2004 1:30am EST

Got home finally.  I won both games of Hearts.  WOW.  That does not happen often.  Got home and put my household items away that I got at Target and now I am headed for bed.  But I just had to post it that I won both hands.  And the end of my first game, I shot the moon.  But everyone up 26 points which pushed one person over and I then had the lowest point score, so I won.  Starbucks has started there new hours.  They are open until 1am now.


Friday, February 6, 2004 9:15pm EST

Sitting over at Starbucks just relaxing.  My back is bothering me.  I think I strained it at the gym doing one of those machines that is supposed to strengthen it.  Oops.  Think I started to high.  Once I get healed, then I'll make sure to start off with less weight on that machine.  Just came from Target where I bought some shirts, socks, pants, belt (my belt broke today at work), plunger, paper towels and a few other tidbits.  I have an appointment with the trainer on Sunday morning.  Other than that, I need to clean my apartment and do laundry but the weather has not been good.  Need to get packed for Connecticut next weekend.  Need to double check all of my jewelry and pins before I go. At work today, I helped coordinate an ad for the Imperial Court Journal.  During Night of a Thousand Gowns we have a really nice journal that is published and at each table setting.  Since Quest Diagnostics has a "Diamond" table this year, we were offered a full page ad.  I have been working with an old friend that I have knew from my Portland days.  She is "Q" and she has her own design business in upstate New York.  She is very, very good at what she does.  I do not know her other clientele but I can image they are some big companies.  Most everything is via emails but it was great to talk with Q again.  I'll attach a copy of the ad once a few minor revisions are done.  That's about it.  


Thursday, February 5, 2004 12:45am EST

Got back from the city a bit ago and watched the new episode of Enterprise.  Just tired and rather busy this week.  Another thing, I am tired of snow and cold.  That is for sure.  We were having a heat wave today.  It got up to 40 degrees.  WOW !  Now it is getting colder and very icy.  I got off the George Washington Bridge and I-95 was closed.  Both the local and express lanes were closed with two separate tractor trailer accidents.  Dropped off Jeffrey at home.  Poor guy has to be on the set of a commercial in the morning at 4am.  So it was good to take him home after the meeting.  I think he said he was getting up at 3am to be at the studio by 4am.  Some Q-Tip commercial that he was asked to work.  He also has lots of costumes still to do before next weekends coronation in Connecticut.   Off to bed.  Oh, and I have a fire department drill today.  They have a building that they are doing demolition on Friday.  So the fire department gets to practice on it.  I'm officially not on the department, so I get to watch.  Should be interesting.


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