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Update for April 2004


Tuesday, April 27, 2004 1:30am EDT

Man I was a tired kid.  Had a great time in Rhode Island but getting through all of my email at work was difficult.  Plus I had several errands to run.  Had to pick up the car from the dealer where work was being done on it while I was in Rhode Island.  Had to return the rental car.  Had to pick up my mail and had to get the picture.  Talking about pictures, check it out.  I'll add some more later.  Meet a nice waiter guy there.  Have many more pictures later.  I got home and slept from about 6pm until just a little while ago.  Just doing some work on the computer before I head back to bed.  Good thing I did not have Fire School this week.  But I have to get to the gym tomorrow (er, today).


Sunday, April 25, 2004 7:30pm EDT

Made it back home just fine.  Tiffany was glad to see me.  Have mostly unpacked.  Need to take care of a few things and get a good nights sleep before tackling the email that awaits me at work tomorrow morning.  And I have pictures to pick up tomorrow from the photo lab and my car to pick up, take back the rental and go to Fire School.  Busy day tomorrow.


Sunday, April 25, 2004 2:45am EDT RHODE ISLAND

It was a very good coronation ball here in Rhode Island.  It was also very late running but I had a good time.  Just getting ready to get some sleep but kind of winding down first.  Lots to do in the morning.  Brunch is at 11am and I have packing and other things to do before that.  Got lots of pictures with me without a beard.  Should have those up in a few days.  No school this week since the instructors are off at a conference.  


Thursday, April 22nd 2004 11:15am EDT

Went down to Liberty State Park and watched the Queen Mary 2 sail past the Statue of Liberty.  Man that ship is BIG.  Got a few pictures.  It was rather hazy and foggy so not sure if they will turn out.  Headed back to town and got my car ready to go into the shop.  Might as well take care of two tasks with one.  I took my car in for it's 60,000 mile service.  Around $700 for the service but it includes everything.  Just was not expecting that much.  They also are doing a Power-Flush on the engine oil since that needed to be changed too.  After I dropped off the car and took care of the paper work, I then had a friend drop me off at Enterprise where I am renting my car for the weekend trip to Rhode Island.  Got a special again since I know several people who work for Enterprise.  Now back home and getting things packed and ready for the trip.  I leave tomorrow to pick up Jeffrey in the city around 10am and then off we go.  It's about 2 1/2 hours to Rhode Island and we might stop for lunch along the way.  Fire School was very interesting this week.  Forcible Entry techniques and tonight is a Hose Lecture that I am taking early.  My class is not supposed to have it until late June but I need hose training for Fire Island this summer so figured I would take it early to know as much as possible about hoses before I get some good practical starting May 14th.


Sunday, April 18, 2004 11:00pm EDT

I had a really nice evening at Planet Hollywood tonight in Times Square.  The Imperial Court had our annual investitures there.  I was elevated to His Highness, Prince Craig Hollywood tonight.  Our very own Empress XVIII Trai La Trash, The Broadway Rose Empress of Loyalty, Integrity, Passion and Service (LIPS) did the honors.  I called Mark just a little while ago and told him.  But it's back to work tomorrow and fire school Monday and Wednesday.  It's also a short week since I am off on Thursday and Friday.  Headed for Rhode Island this weekend.


Saturday, April 17, 2004 8:15pm EDT

Wow, hard to believe it has been a week.  Lots going on.  Won a game of hearts on Thursday night.  Lost last night.  Loads of work and having fun in Fire School.  Did Ropes and Knots again and I think I finally have them down now.  I have a practice rope that I am playing with from time to time to make sure I have the knots down.  Once I am out of the island, I will be able to practice some knots on various equipment.  Like if you were raising something up a building.  Besides, you have to tie the knot correctly during the practical test.  My test is scheduled for August 14th.  A Saturday.  There is a special review on Friday that is optional that we attend.  I understand that it is provided by one of the senior instructors and that he has been doing it for years.  On the Friday just before the practical, he goes through the entire test for you.  I guess he has an excellent passage rate for those that do attend his training session.  Right now I am taking a break from reading Rescue & Extrication.  Just doing some pre-reading.  That class is not until May 5th.  I already read next weeks work which is Forcible Entry.  I'll do some rereading later and will take the practice test from the study guide later to see what I need to hit again.  It's a short week coming up for me.  I am off on Thursday.  That also happens to be the day the Queen Mary 2 comes into port on it's maiden voyage from England.  So I might go down to Liberty State Park and watch it sail past the Statue of Liberty.  I leave later that day for Rhode Island with Jeffrey.  We will be there over the weekend for their coronation.  Back to reading.


Sunday, April 11, 2004 3:00pm EDT

Just got some sad news.  My favorite assistant manager at Starbucks has left the company.  Today is his last day.  So sad.  Hopefully things will work out for him.  Obviously I am over at Starbucks.  Just getting started on doing some work here and also have my fire school stuff to read.  Spent the day sleeping and watching a bit of TV.  Finished off the latest History of Britain DVD that I had.  Just dropped that and another one into the mail so that they can be replaced.  Not sure if I mentioned it, I am a member of Netflix Rentals.  For a flat fee per month, I get 3 DVDs at a time to rent.  They get mailed to me directly.  I get 3 at a time and once I am finished with them, I mail them back and get new ones in the mail.  Works great for my schedule and I have been seeing some very interesting series that I would not otherwise have gotten.  Or would be in the local video store.  


Saturday, April 10, 2004 9:30pm EDT

Still at Starbucks.  Finished the game with Chuck a bit ago.  He left and went to get food.  He won.  I was working on Forcible Entry (chapter 4) and did the interactive study guide.  For my first time through it I got a 71%.  That is passing but that is also why I am doing the study guide.  The lecture for that section is not until next Monday.  The next few classes look like this:

Monday 4/12: Rope and Knots;  Wednesday I have already done Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Monday 4/19: Forcible Entry Lecture; Wednesday 4/21: Forcible Entry Practical

Monday 4/26 and Wednesday 4/28 are no classes.  Just noticed that none of the groups have classes those nights.  Hmmm.

Monday 5/3: Building Collapse; Wednesday 5/5: Rescue & Extrication Lecture

So should be interesting over the next few weeks.  Will have to find out why we have that week off.  Maybe it's the staff's spring break or something.  Every school district around here has a different schedule.  Maybe that is just when they decided to have their break from all of us students. 


So I will check it out and find out.  Have some work to do for the lab tomorrow and might go to a movie to just unwind and relax.  I have a few movies at home that I need to watch and get them returned.  Just finished Babylon 5: Season 4, Disk 1.  I love B5.  Sending that one back on Monday.  I have Party Monster and the History of Britain, Volume 4 I think.  I'm just past the British Civil War and the restoration of Charles II to the throne.  So I am really headed into the thick of it.  I loved the part on Elizabeth I.  Excellent coverage of her era and how things really were.  Not the hyped up Hollywood style like in the movie Elizabeth.  Would strongly recommend anyone who loves history, to get this series.  It is a 5-Disc Series done in 2000 by Simon Schama.  "This fascinating documentary discards timelines and tiresome lineages for a lively look at the personalities and cultures that infuse England's past. Hosted by noted historian Simon Schama, the series travels from India to Ireland, and from the Norman Invasion to the American Revolution, spotlighting the epic themes and towering figures that transformed an island at the edge of the world into the greatest empire on earth."  The series goes like this:

Disc 1: Beginnings, Conquest! and Dynasty

Disc 2: Nations, King Death and Burning Convictions

Disc 3: The Body of the Queen, The British Wars and Revolutions

Disc 4: Britannia Incorporated, The Wrong Empire and Forces of Nature

Disc 5: Victoria and Her Sisters, Empire of Good Intention and The Two Winstons.

I would give the series 5 stars.  Think I will head home soon.


Saturday, April 10, 2004 5:30pm EDT

Just over at Starbucks.  Chuck and I are about to start a game of Risk.  Went to the gym today and got my fitness plan changed.  Lots of normal stuff going on.  Fire school is going fine.  Went to see Hell Boy last night.  It was a bit slow in spots but enjoyed going to the movie.  Have been really drained recently.  Get home from Fire school around 11 or 11:30pm and spend a bit of time on the computer and then go to bed.  Get up at 5am for work.  It was good to get a nap in today.  Having problems in Knots but everything else seems fine so far.  Learning lots up at the academy.  Ok, going to focus on my game here. 


Wednesday, April 7, 2004 11:30pm EDT

That was fun.  Got out of Fire School early tonight and headed over to Starbucks.  The teens are out and about because they get Easter week off.  Guess it must be Easter this weekend.  Weapons of Mass Destruction and Hazardous Materials have been on my mind for the past few days.  That and Ropes.  Those are what we have been working on at the Fire Academy.  Now I need to read up on Forcible Entry and Building Collapse.  Off to bed.  




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