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Update for June 2004


Wednesday, June 23, 2004 11:30pm EDT

Not much to report.  Just got back from the Academy where we did hose handling 1 tonight.  There are three nights of it.  Not to interesting since I get lots of hose handling on the island but learned a few new tricks.  That is one major item about these classes.  Learning different ways of doing things and adding them to your "tool box" of things in your head.  Also learning to do things easier.  Off to bed with me.  Going to head to the island tomorrow night.  New later boat so should not be a problem at all.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004 11:30pm EDT

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice and the Sun entered Cancer.  The longest day of the year.  It's all down hill from here.  So to speak.  My dad had knee surgery last week.  He is already up and around doing just great.  He is having is other knee done in 6 weeks.  I guess he did some great research and found this new knee technique that is revolutionary in the knee business.  There are only 3 doctors that perform it and the original expert is in Northern California somewhere.  But the key is that everything went well and he is doing just fine.  Much smaller recovery time from normal knee surgery.  He was in the hospital only overnight.  Let's see.  What else is going on.  Just got back from a study session for my Fire Final.  A small turn out but I kind of expected that since a few of the guys had graduations tonight.  Understand that the July 6th session will have lots more people at it.  Our final is July 21st.  Been busy at work and on the island.  Had three fire calls this weekend.  One barbeque fire and two false calls.  I got real dehydrated on Sunday.  That was no good.  But I saw my Doctor today and got some advise.  He has released me for 3 months now since my blood pressure has stayed down.  110/70 today which is really good news for me.  


Wednesday, June 16, 2004 12:00am EDT

So tired but thought I would type something here for my dear mom and a few other friends that have noted that not much has been being updated here.  Have been very busy with Fire School, work and now trying to relax at my Summer place on fire island.  A friend of mine (Mark) arrives from Oregon tomorrow to visit for several weeks.  He will be with me some of the time and then with other friends in NYC part of the time.  Most weekends we will be out on Fire Island.  School has been really good.  Did Hose class tonight.  Very interesting stuff.  Mom is back from a mini vacation trip and all is rather well with Grandma.  She is still having a good time baking or playing cards.  Wishing her well.  Got to dash.  Have to get some sleep.


Sunday, June 6, 2004 6:15pm EDT

Have been rather busy recently.  As you might have guessed since I have not been updating things here.  Passed my mid-term exam for Fire School with a 96%.  Have been very busy there and then out here on the island being a volunteer.  Lots of training and lots of things going on.  Work has been very busy too.  Trying to squeeze my normal workload into only 4 days just is not working.  Have talked with management about it so hopefully it will be better.  During the winter I work normally 6 days a week.  Come in on Saturday for half a day normally.  But now with me being gone Friday out on the island and I can not stay late since I have Fire School, it really is down to 4 days a week tops.  Right now I am still on the island waiting for the traffic to die down.  Has been a wet weekend but we had a nice driving drill on Saturday and an MSA/SCBA drill today that went well.  Even though we have golf carts, you have to get certified to drive them.  We have board walks and you do not have much turning space on some corners.  So you have to know exactly where that cart is going. 


Have seen the new Harry Potter movie twice now.  Went to see it opening night at midnight with a friend in Jersey and then several Firefighter friends of mine from here went off-island on Saturday and went over to a local theater and watched the movie.  Since I drove, they bought the tickets and lunch.  I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the event.  It was really fun being out with those guys and they rather enjoyed the day too.  Besides, it was a wet day so was not a beach day by any stretch of the imagination.  We had a good time swapping stories and just shooting the breeze.  Any who, headed back on the 6:50 or 7:50 boat.  Not sure which yet.  Guess I better decide since I need to be headed to the boat soon if I am going to get the 6:50 one.  Might read another chapter of Goblet of Fire first.  Hmmm, would like too.  These Harry Potter books are hard to put down.  But guess I will pack up and get out of here.  Hopefully the traffic is not to bad since not a lot of people came out this weekend.  The weather this week is going to be really warm.  Wednesday I hear is going to be 90.  Right now it is in the low 60's and damp.  

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