Update for July 2004


Saturday, July 31, 2004 6:45pm EDT

Just finished working on some school discussion questions.  Going to change and head back into town here in a few minutes but thought I would drop a line here first.  Will not be able to upload this until I get home on Sunday but here is what has been up.  Had a nice drill this morning.  The Training Officer from Sayville, Bob Knight, was here since all of the chiefs were in a meetings.  We headed out to the Carrington Tract and did a hose handling drill and checked all of the hoses in that hose house.  We also discussed, reviewed and practiced wildfire operations.  How to use the fire stream to dig into the brush and break it up then soak it.  So it was loads of fun and different than what we had previously done in other drills.  Other than that, just relaxing and getting loads of sleep.  I really like it out here because I can just relax and get all rested up for my wild and busy week.  I have been asked to be on the Board of Directors for the Arts Project of Cherry Grove.  I will be filling a one year position that was opened by someone leaving.  Then I am also running for election to the Imperial Court of New York's board in September.  Our elections are being moved back one week because of the Republican Convention.  The convention will cause all kinds of major traffic delays in town so we just rescheduled the meeting instead of dealing with it.  I hear we are going to have problems at work too because we are right next to the Teterboro airport which will be used for flying in big wigs.  Oh well, should be an interesting week.  Later, I am off for town.


Monday, July 26, 2004 11:40pm EDT

Everyone thought the test was very hard but I really do not care.  I passed it and that is all that matters.  I scored a 76% which was about middle of the road for the class.  We had 11 from our group that took it.  2 failed it with 67 and 69.  Then we had two people score 90 and 92 which was the highest.  Then everyone else was low 80's and 70's.  Tonight was Search and Rescue.  We searched a HOT room all lit up with flames.  It was about 450 degrees in the room.  Found the victim and evacuated with them.  Then the second search was a bank with offices and we had to search the hallway of offices.  The smoke was thick and you had to crawl since you could not see to stand.  The saying is if you can not see your feet, then you should not be on them.  Mainly because how far can you fall down if you are crawling?  Not much.  


This weekend was nice.  I worked at our Syosset laboratory on Thursday and then attended a "Taxpayer" drill at the Suffolk County Yaphank Fire Academy.  I did search on the first revolution and hose line on the third.  On Saturday we had an in-house radio procedure training.  Then on Sunday we took the "rack truck", a big ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) sits 2 in the front and 3 in the back, over to the Fire Island Pines (next town over).  They had a Marine Fire 1 and Marine Fire 2 class that was being taught.  So three of us went over to that class.  It was great talking with our fellow Firefighters from the next town over.  


Well Tiffany is tired and I know I am.  


Wednesday, July 21, 2004 12:15am EDT

Not big on updates this month.  Guess you can tell that I have been very busy with everything.  When I do get a few minutes at home the last thing I want to do is type on the computer and update.  I have emails to take care of, a program I want to watch that is on video (new series that just started).  Right now I have laundry in so that I do not have to do it tomorrow night.  Hmm. Guess that would be tonight since it's after midnight.  So what is on the schedule.  Got back from a Firefighter study group at Starbucks a little while ago.  About 5 of us went through some of the chapters.  The final written test is tonight.  Hope I can get some sleep before then.  My car is feeling better.  It's got new tires on it (thanks to my Mom), and a whole new automatic steering piston bearing thing which cost over $500 so that was fun.  Last weekend on my way back from Long Island, the steering kept getting bad.  Stiff.  Turned out that I had a major leak in my power steering.  All of the fluid was draining out.  When they checked it, I needed to have the entire item replaced.  The good thing was that I used the auto shop that the lab takes their fleet to.  So I know that I got a good deal and they picked it up right from work and had it back.  Oh, and on Thursday I will be working out of our Syosset laboratory and then headed directly to a Fire Department drill at the Suffolk County Fire Academy.  Afterwards I will be headed to the island.  Ok, time to go get laundry.  You've been updated with the key items.  Wish me luck on the final tomorrow.  After that I have 3 more classes and then my practical test on August 14th.


Monday, July 12, 2004 6:20am EDT

Hello everyone.  It has been a bit since my last update.  I have just been very busy.  With running out to the island (my summer home) on Thursday nights and then getting back late on Sunday (helps to avoid the traffic), it has been very busy.  I have my Fire school final in just over a week so have been working on that too.  Also it has been very busy at work.  Lots to cram into a 4 day work week.  

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