Update for September 2004


Friday, September 24, 2004 5:00pm EDT
Wow, where has the summer gone?  I am enjoying a nice quiet time here on the beach.  Actually, there is no beach right now.  The high tide and the storm surge has pushed the tide up past the normal beach and created a little river right at the end of the steps down from the dunes.  Oh well, it will recede later.  Did some sleeping.  Did some school work and did some board work as well.  Also watched a movie today.  Tomorrow I have a department drill in the morning and then will be helping Jeffrey get ready for the annual end of season Arts Project Ball.  Oh, made some hotel reservations for November in Boston today too.  Walked all the way to the end of town and back and talked with several people.  This last week was very busy.  Had a big project with my team to get done.  It actually went rather well.  Hope we get good marks on it.  Both my mom and dad are feeling neglected.  I have been so busy that I have not really talked with either of them in a spell.  Next weekend is my last weekend out here.  Have to pack up as much as I can this weekend to take back.  Especially things that would not weather well in the cold winter out here.  Some clothing can stay but most of it I take back to wash and then store.  I have to take the TV and DVD player back next weekend too.  So that really means that I need to take most this weekend if I can.  Gee, October is knocking at the door.  In less than a month I will be back in Portland for the annual coronation there. This will be my first coronation as Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Imperial Court of New York.  Looking forward to seeing friends back there.  Then the week before Thanksgiving is the Boston Coronation.  In February is the Connecticut Coronation and then April 2nd is New York's big coronation.  Should be a really big one this year.  Lots of star studded talent is going to be present at this years ball.  Can not say who yet since contracts have not yet been finalized.  But it is going to be great.  In December I will be spending almost 2 full weeks back in Oregon.  One week over in Bend to see my Mom, sister and family.  Sometime this winter I would like to get down to Palm Springs to see my dad.  Maybe a nice February trip to get out of the snow here.  Oh well, later.


Friday, September 17, 2004 12:50pm EDT

It is nice and quiet on the island right now.  Got out here yesterday just before the last boat.  It is now off-season (being after Labor Day) and the last boat on a Thursday is 5:10pm.  So I left work around 2pm and headed directly here.  Good thing too because I got stuck behind a traffic accident just before the Throgs Neck bridge.  A cement truck was on fire.  Anyway, the Fire Island Film Festival was all this week so I wanted to come out and enjoy the evenings shorts.  It was fun.  I also got a nice amount of sleep this morning before heading out and walking the entire place for exercise.  Talked with the Chief, I get my badge tomorrow from her.  So I brought my camera for pictures.  I just finished doing some school work and now am just going to relax until Jeffrey comes back so that we can have lunch.  The Fireman's Dinner is Saturday, so that should be a great time.  


Monday, September 13, 2004 11:30pm EDT

Had a really full weekend on the island.  This was the 39th annual Miss Fire Island contest.  I worked the office again this year and kept things going well there.  We had over 1,000 people on the premise for the event.  So busy, busy.  Just finished a discussion question that I had to get done tonight for my current class.  Organizational Management.  Interesting so far.  Oh, the 9-11 ceremonies at the Fire Department were nice.  We all gathers and saluted the flag.  They then lowered the flag and raised a special Flag of Hero's one to half mast.  It was a US Flag with all of the names of the victims of 9-11 printed in the stripes.  Then we rang the department siren 5 times.  It was very nice.  


Thursday, September 9, 2004 7:45am EDT

Last night I was elected Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Imperial Court of New York.  Other than that, very busy and no time.  Very late for work.  


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