Update for November 2004


Tuesday, November 30, 2004 11:30pm EST

Was over at Starbucks with friends and I am now finishing up packing at home.  Have to still pick out the quarters for my mom and uncle.  Will be in Oregon for almost 2 weeks starting tomorrow.  Also want to clean a bit.  More while I am waiting in the airport or on the plane.


Sunday, November 28, 2004 11:15am EST

Since I was sitting here I went ahead and created my new Graduate School page.  All of the latest about my effort to get my Masters degree in Computer Information Systems is there.  Still need to web create some of the papers I have done and put those links there.  Right now it still has some of the links to my undergraduate work.  Maybe I will get to do some of that in Oregon between shopping, seeing friends and some rounds of Hand & Foot (a card game).


Sunday, November 28, 2004 10:30am EST

Steve and I split the game last night instead of going at it.  It was almost dead even and already past midnight so we just called it quits.  Two others dropped by the way side earlier.  Went shopping this morning.  Really a windy, wet day out.  Going to do some things inside today.  Looked up the Sheraton Downtown and it looks like they do not have a gym.  Oh well.  That is where I am staying Wednesday and for the weekend before I head over Monday to Eastern Oregon.  Have two hockey games on tap as well.  Should be fun.  Ok, have to get back to work.  Have Christmas music playing right now so need to do some more cleaning and getting ready for leaving.  Need to finish unpacking from Boston and then figuring out what I am going to take to Oregon.  Might do some laundry.  Then again, I could just leave it outside for a little bit and it would be washed.  Would just need to dry it them.  Ha!  


Saturday, November 27, 2004 9:30pm EST

Over at Starbucks waiting for Steve and Chuck to finish up what they are doing on their computer before we play some poker.  Cleaned my apartment a bit today.  Watched some movies and generally got things done and ready for the holidays.  I also did some work from home for work.  Still have some more to do on Sunday too.  This will help me finish up a few projects before I leave on Wednesday for Oregon.  Looking forward to the trip and seeing family.  Went to the gym today and I am a bit tired but felt good.  I just need to get into a routine where I go at least 3 times a week.  Now with being in Oregon that is going to be difficult.  Not sure if the hotel I am staying in has a gym.  I'll have to check later. 


Monday, November 22, 2004 11:30pm EST

Had a nice time in Boston.  Long 3 1/2 hours drive but we had a nice time.  The weather was nice on Saturday morning so we went out for a walk on the Boston Commons.  Just got off the phone with Kathy and then mom.  Had a nice chat and will be there in 2 weeks to see them.  Got to finish up some school work so that I can get home and to bed.


Thursday, November 18, 2004 11:10pm EST

Have been very busy between work, school and getting ready for Boston.  I leave tomorrow for a weekend in Boston.  Maybe will have some time to type some stuff while there.  Still need to finish packing and stuff.  But need some sleep too.  Got a major paper to do this week, due Tuesday and the final exam as well.  But on the bright side I will be in Portland 2 weeks from today.  So that will be fun. And then on to Eastern Oregon to see family.


Monday, November 8 2004 6:30pm EST

Not a fun day for me today.  I am home sick with a mild cold.  Keeping it at bay by taking lots of vitamins and cold stuff but my head is stuffed and I feel like pooh pooh.  I also have a paper to write tonight.  It's only about 4 pages so should not be that much of a challenge but I just feel rather bad.  Maybe later after I eat or sleep some more.  I do feel good about finally calling up one of my credit card companies and canceling the card.  I really have no need for it and they have this $6 a month participation fee which neither of my other two cards have.  They have a low limit, so I used it for my web purchases from time to time but it was really costing me to keep it.  I have been thinking about it for sometime and finally I just called them and zapped the card.  It is now in the trash in little pieces.  One less card to worry about.  So that makes me feel better.  That and the knowledge that I will be in Portland in a little over 3 weeks.  I will be in Boston though before that.  Next weekend is the Boston trip so I need to get ready for that.  Board meeting on Wednesday.  Another paper next week, just such a busy guy.  I do not have the time to be sick.  


Sunday, November 7, 2004 2:40pm EST

Sitting over at Starbucks.  Got caught up on my email posts for class.  Now I have some reading to do for this week.  Like two chapters I think.  My eyes are getting worse and I think I need to see the eye doctor again to have them checked.  Either that or they are just tired because I spend to much time behind a computer monitor.  I am a bit sore from going to the gym yesterday.  Think I might have pushed a bit to hard, but it is not bad.  Hope to go on Monday and get myself into a regular routine that I can keep up.  Have a paper due on Tuesday that I have to figure out what is about.  The final exam came out yesterday as well.  Need to look that over.  It is an open book test but is very comprehensive and I am out of town the following weekend.  So I need to push and get it most of it done next weekend so that I am not pressed for time.  The instructor has still to distribute grades for the past two weeks.  Several have now posted questions about where our grades are.  It's a bit disconcerting because here I have moved forward thinking that everything is fine and if I find out that it is not, then I have wasted a few weeks that I should have changed something or done something differently.  Oh well.  Enough dilly dallying.  Oh, the Starbucks in undergoing their Christmas display change.  I remember when Christmas did not start in the stores until after or very near Thanksgiving.  Oh well.  Lot of extra staff here working on the new displays and rearranging things.  The new manager and I get along really good.  She is great.  


Saturday, November 6, 2004 7:15pm EST

Decided it was time for a change.  Changed the pictures on my index page.  Still it is going to be a difficult time back in Bend in 4 weeks without grandma there.  But I will be with my mom and sister.  It will be nice to see them and visit.  Maybe I will even get in a few hands of Hand and Foot (a card game) with Mom and Bill (step-dad).  Last time I left Bend, mom and grandma saw me off at the airport.  They have done that for a few years now.  Will be a sad visit but a very important one.  Reminds me that you must remember to spend quality time with the people who you care about.  It may be the last time you see them.


Saturday, November 6, 2004 4:45pm EST
Just sitting at the Starbucks getting ready to do work.  Depressed over the election results but also very happy that all of the local candidates that I was supporting won.  We swept the local races here in Bergen County.  Hasbrouck Heights is very republican.  So it was a major thing that two (2) democrats won.  I think the paper said this was the first time since the mid 80's that democrats have been on the city council.  And, I know both of them.  So it should be interesting.  Got to get some school work done.  Actually, I am going to type the minutes from the last general membership meeting first.  Get that off of my plate.  I will be in Oregon a month from now.  


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