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Update for April 2005


Saturday, April 30, 2005 10:00am EDT

Had a great time at Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  The film was great.  Enjoyed it and now going back to see it again today with some friends.  Had fire drills yesterday at work so I am a bit tired.  Had a program for class due last night.  Had it done yesterday but put the final touches on it last night and turned it in.  Since I will be out on the island next weekend, I need to start my next week's program soon.  My mom made it home.  


Sunday, April 24, 2005 

In Providence Rhode Island for their coronation.  Had a great time at the event.  Got to talk with a bunch of my friends from the Northeast.  


Sunday, April 17, 2005 10:00am EDT

I passed my practical evaluation for my Firefighter 2 class.  I have one class to make up and then I will get my certifications. Received an 85 on my written test.  The entire class passed the written. Very busy with school and everything else going on.  Went to breakfast this morning, sat over at Starbucks for a spell and read.  Now think I will get some more sleep since the washers are all full in the laundry room.  


Sunday, April 10, 2005 11:15pm EDT (Home)

Made it home.  Getting unpacked and talking with Tiffany.  As usual, she will not leave me alone right now.  But she loves me.  Her water was just fine and she is very happy to see me.  


Sunday, April 10, 2005 6:30pm CDT (Aboard Continental Flight 2521 bound for Newark / Liberty International)

Had a really good weekend.  The event was poorly attended.  For lots of people it was wedged between New York's coronation last weekend and Denver's coronation next weekend.  But it was a fun crowd and we enjoyed it.  The event got over last night.  Then a friend of mine (Greg) from Iowa and myself headed out to Boxers 'n Briefs.  Greg really enjoyed himself there. And of course I enjoyed visiting with Carter again.  Found out that he had quit the club for a while due to a stocker.  I suppose that if there is good out there, there must be evil.  That whole yin and yang thing.  But I really never understood the mentality of a stocker.  I suppose some would argue that there is some mental instability that allows for the individual to get obsessed like that.  Hmmm.  But I diverge from my story.  Greg is the current reigning emperor of Iowa and also is a "Lovely" as I am.  We both were given the title by The Lovely Suzanne from Portland.  I have known Suzanne for well over 15 years now.  So it was fun to spend some time with Greg.  I might have to go to Des Moines to his step down in September.  I guess Jeffrey is also going so we might have to go.  I just hate leaving the island during the summer but I have never been to Des Moines and I am sure it would be a fun trip.  Brunch was nice but I over ate.  Still, had a great weekend.    Got all packed and checked out of the hotel.  Then I picked up Tony (the other person from NY at the event and our current Emperor) who was waiting out front of the hotel for me.  He had taken a taxi from the airport and his flight was leaving around the same time as mine going back.  So we rode together.  Since we had plenty of time, we went to the after brunch party at one of their local bars.  It was small but interesting.  Then found a Starbucks.  I was very impressed with the homes around the area.  Very beautiful old style homes.  Very majestic and grand.  I dropped Tony off at the American check in and I went over to Continental to check my bags.  We were in different gates so never saw each other after that.  I went and filled up the car with gas and checked it in.  Then took the shuttle.  After going through security, I found the gate and sat down to read.  Before I knew it, the incoming plane was disembarking and they were getting ready to board for the trip to Newark/ Liberty.  Have a very busy schedule when I get back.  Monday I have flashover training.  Will have to tell you about that tomorrow night.  


Saturday, April 9, 2005 3:20pm CDT (Saint Louis, Missouri)

Got here just fine yesterday.  Stopped over at the laboratory and IT offices.  Got a nice tour of the facilities and then had lunch with an old friend from Nichols that works out of here.  We had a nice talk and swapped stories since we are both in IT.  Then drove into downtown Saint Louis and found the hotel.  There was a Cardinals baseball game (there home opener) that was about to start.  Gad the traffic was horrible.  The baseball stadium is one block from the hotel.  And since lots of you know how much I despise baseball, it was a real trip.  Anyway, they won with a come from behind 1-5 then 6-5.  Now I know why there was loud cheers coming from there.  The Out-of-Town show was uneventful.  When you have been to as many drag shows as I have, it becomes very blasť.  After the show, they were all headed on a local bar tour.  Well, since I do not drink; I headed out in search for entertainment.  Found it at Boxers 'n Briefs over in East Saint Louis, Illinois.   The young men there were very nice.  Not just because I had money with me, more from the conversation even when not tipping.  This one guy, Carter, was very special.  He is an Art major, very intelligent and just overall very attractive.  He did not carry himself as "I know I am cute" stuck up sort of way.  He was very down to earth and more the young man next door kind of guy.  Had a nice time talking with him and yes tipping him too.   Finally got home late and then got up at around noon.  Found a Target south of here.  Many when they say Saint Louis is the gateway to the west, they were not kidding.  There are a bunch of Interstate highways that all connect right within a few miles of my hotel.  I have been on 5 different Interstates just since I got here.  I saw signs for Tulsa (Oklahoma), Chicago and Memphis (Tennessee).  Anyway, bought some socks and white shorts at Target then headed back to the hotel.  Going to go check out hospitality and maybe go look at the arch before taking a nap before the event tonight.


Friday, April 8, 2005 5:45am EDT

Wow, hard to believe that it has been since Easter that I wrote.  Lots going on.  I am at the Newark airport headed to St. Louis, so I have a few minutes before my flight boards.  I took my Firefighter Two written exam the other night.  Got an 85 on it.  Now I have Flashover training on Monday and the practical next weekend.  I also have one more class to make up due to my business trip to Cincinnati last month.  I am listening to the Pope's funeral mass right now as well.  Mark & Craig left on Wednesday.  They had been in town for our annual Night of A Thousand Gowns that was on Saturday in The City.  We had over 800 people at the Marriot this year.  The entertainment was great and everyone from Quest Diagnostics had a great time.  We had some 38 people there this year since we were a sponsor.  That whole event took up several days of my life.  I was doing the out-of-town protocol.  So that was very interesting and demanding upon my time.  Here I am at the event with one of Jeffrey's students that were volunteering.

They are about to board the flight so I should save this and shut down.   I will be at the St. Louis laboratory for a short time and then on to my hotel and the weekends activities.  The St. Louis group have just been approved as a new court in the International Court System.  This is their very first adornment as we call it.  A coronation for a Barony.  So I am going to be in St. Louis representing the Imperial Court of New York along with our newly crowned Emperor Tony Monteleone.  I am having lunch today with an old business acquaintance that I have known for many years.  I worked with him while I was with the Portland unit.












Monday, March 28, 2005 12:25am EST

Attended the Easter Parade today on 5th Avenue with my friend Coco.  As usual I forgot to get a picture of me.  I think about a thousand people got pictures of Coco and I.  I even got a call earlier that someone saw me on the news.  We had at least 4 different stations take clips of us.  
Crowds on 5th Avenue in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral for the 2005 Easter Parade. Crown Princess Robin, Crown Prince Tony, Empress Coco and Empress Trai La Trash at the 2005 Easter Parade on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.


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