Update for August 2005


Sunday, August 28, 2005 5:30pm EDT

Just working on some school stuff here on Fire Island and thought I would type a bit here.  Things have been nice and quiet.  No alarms this weekend and everyone just kicking back before the big Labor Day weekend blast next week.  The hurricane is suppose to be to the west of us next week and only affect our weather a bit during the week.  We will see.  It is right now only the 4th category 5 hurricane to hit the mainland U.S. in recorded history.  Good thing I do not live in New Orleans.  Anyway, things are busy but quiet.  Had three alarms last Saturday, that kept me busy until the wee hours of the morning.  The sun was raising by the time we finished with the last fire.  Small dune fire from a careless cigarette being discarded.  Nothing to dramatic.  Just go put some water on it and make sure it was out.  Got school stuff to do before we head back later around 7pm. 


Friday, August 19, 2005 10:00am EDT

Boy was I sick for a day or two.  I was sweating like a pig last night but my fear finally broke.  It was as high as 104.1 but it is down to 99.6 now.  My throat is better too.  Still hard to swallow but not as rough any more.  When I got home, I took a nice hot shower and then went to bed.  Later, I got up and took a cool shower.  That and putting a wash cloth on my forehead.  Generally I just sweat it out and it seems to have worked.  Now I am in recovery.  Trying to get some things done around the house here.  Some computer work and errands that were scheduled for today.  I had a board meeting on Wednesday.  That went rather well.  Nice and short.  This was the final meeting for this board.  The new one will be elected at the September general membership meeting.  I have to go type minutes now.


Saturday, August 13, 2005 7:55pm EDT - Fire Island

Just did some other updates too since I started my next masters program class this week.  Made some changes to my MSCIS page as well.  Also have received permission from my Fire Chief to attend Fire Officer 1 training series this Fall 2005 or Spring 2006 at the Bergen Fire Academy.  These classes will include (5) Arson Detection for First Responders, (7) Building Construction: Wood & Ordinary, (5) Hazardous Material Incident Analysis, (5) Initial Company Tactical Operations, (5) Instructional Techniques for the Company Officer, (5) Incident Safety Officer and (1) Critical Incident Stress Management class.  33 individual classes in all.  So that will be a fun project this winter.  Also I will get multiple certifications from this series which can be added to my training record.  The series are several courses with multiple sessions per course as indicated before each one.  I just got the paperwork signed so I have to turn it in now at the academy.  I can only take a Tuesday/Thursday evening class so will put in my request.


I am also now an apprentice evaluator for the Bergen Academy now as well.  I evaluate the new firefighters on their skills.  I have done one evaluation so far and I think I have one this next weekend.  I'll need to call and confirm that.  But if so, I will not be on the island until Saturday afternoon.  When there, I evaluate their performance at several individual stations.  Last time I evaluation ventilation, ax chopping, extinguisher and overhaul.  Needless to say, I did not fail anyone.  They put me on the easier stations to evaluate.


Saturday, August 13, 2005 6:00pm EDT - Fire Island

Well, mom called a few days ago and asked for a web update.  Have been rather busy and just not in the mode to BLOG but since my broadband connection is down right now, guess I'll do some typing.  I need to get connected so that I can get caught up on school work but this heat is so oppressive right now.  Wow.  Hey, I work in an air conditioned office all day long and this 90+ degree heat with 60+% humidity is really killing me.  I sit here dripping.  Not fun.  At least there is a breeze today.  Yesterday was worse with no breeze in sight.  Not that you can see a breeze but you know.  The night sky lit up yesterday with sheet lightning.  Long Island got a good storm and we got a few drops.  Nice light show by Mother Nature.  Went to San Diego last weekend for the Imperial Court de San Diego's coronation.  We had a great time.  Out of sheer coincidence, mom & Bill was going to be in Orange County, CA the same weekend.  So we both were not doing anything Friday night.  So we drove north on I-5 from San Diego and they drove south on I-5.  We met in a little town called Oceanside and had dinner.  Just the four of us.  Oh, Jeffrey went on the trip too.  It was really funny talking with them and having dinner in California.  Earlier that day, we had gone into Mexico for the annual Tijuana AIDS fundraiser in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  It was my first trip ever over the Mexican boarder.  It was a blast.  Bought a T-shirt and a few other minor items.  But generally enjoyed just walking around and looking at things.  Generally so much poorer than we are and very tourist dependent.  They love our US Dollar there and you can buy anything with US money.  


Ok, I am still having problems with my broadband connection so I am calling technical support right now.