Update for December 2005


Wednesday, December 28, 2005 6:40am EST

Just getting ready for work.  Had my surgery on my back yesterday.  My appointment was not until next week but when I called the office and told them what was going on with my back and if there was anyway they could squeeze me in, they had me come right over.  He took one look at it and started getting ready to cut.  I have a nice incision now where the cyst used to be.  Dr. Moss said that after this calms down, he will need to go in there and remove the cyst but for now, just lanced it so that it would drain.  Now that the pain has subsided, it feels much better.  Edward has already changed the dressing yesterday.  Big mess.  Good thing I did not wait another week.  Off to work.


Monday, December 26, 2005 3:00pm EST

The cable guy came and changed the phone around but something is not working on their main system.  So it is not working.  Called the company, and they are still having problems with their system.  So I have just my cellular phone right now.  My back is still bothering me but it seems to be under control right now.  I have minutes to type for the court, so will be doing those over the next few hours.


Monday, December 26, 2005 10:00am EST

I have a nice Christmas.  Lots of goodies.  Had a good time at Stephen's place.  His mom really knows how to cook.  My back is really causing me some problems.  Edward and Matt have both dressed it and drained it.  Still very sore.  When I wake up, I have to take my drugs right away so that the pain will subside.  But they were able to get it to drain good, so that should help.  Oh well.  More drugs.  Other than that, have just been kicking back, trying to sleep a few hours here and there and trying to keep in a position that does not disagree with my back.  Hope all is well with everyone else.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005 7:45am EST

Just getting ready for work.  Wow, illegal transit strike, me with a cold and a cyst on my back and it's cold outside.  What is the world coming to this holiday season.  Oh, and I am still in boxes everywhere since I have not been home for a weekend since I have moved.  Has been a very turbulent last few weeks.  I do not have any Christmas lights up.  Just some lighted snowmen and snowflakes.  Have lots of shopping to do too since I have been busy with school.  I just FINISHED Fire School last night.  Last class on Critical Incident Stress Management.  My dad's birthday was yesterday, so he got his eardrums blown off when I sang Happy Birthday to him.  Once he recovered, we talked on the phone for about 30 minutes.  Got to run to work.


Sunday, December 18, 2005 2:45pm EST (30,000' headed toward Newark)

We are about 1 hour out.  Had a good time in Portland.  Talked with lots of friends.  My dang cold really bothered me but the show went well.  Quick and on time.  My friend Craig Brown is the new Prince in Portland.  I am really glad Mark decided to pick him as his Prince.  The only other major thing to report is that I broke a tooth on Friday night.  Good thing is that it is not bothering me and I have a dental appointment anyway on Monday.  I did not get as much shopping done as I wanted to.  Was doing school work and then sleeping trying to get my cold under control for the show.  My hotel did not have broadband wireless, so I kept having to go over to Starbucks or Fed-Ex to make connection and upload school stuff.  But I will be landing soon and have a paper to write tonight, unpack and get some sleep so that my body will adjust to the new time zone.


Friday, December 16, 2005 10:30am PST (Portland, Oregon)

Made it to Portland just fine.  Got out of Newark just as the snow/ice storm was about to hit.  It is a bit cold here but nothing I can't handle.  I have a slight cold myself.  I am headed over to Safeway to buy some supplies.  I have a show to host on Saturday, so need to be at my best.  I am having lunch with my friend Judy today.  And then have some shopping to do (NO SALES TAX) before getting ready for some things tonight.  I left room in my bag for several things I want to purchase.  My credit union merged with another one earlier this year.  I was walking to Starbucks and the credit union on the corner that I passed, is now my credit union.  So it was easy to deposit some money I brought from New Jersey into this account.  Got to run.  Got lots of things to do.  Still have to upload some school stuff too.


Thursday, December 15, 2005 5:05pm EST (Newark International Airport)

I am back in the airport again.  A snow/ice storm is on the way, and I am supposed to fly out just before it hits.  I hope the plane is here already.  I am down by the gate right now.  My flight is supposed to leave in about 1 1/2 hours headed for Portland, Oregon.  I will be there for the weekend and then back early Sunday morning to here.  It has been a very busy week.  Got home very early Tuesday.  Tuesday I worked, attended Fire School - Incident Safety Command  class #4 of 5 and then headed home for some sleep.  On Wednesday, I came home for lunch and started my laundry.  Edward was a doll and got it out of the dryer for me and put it in my room.  I still have piles of boxes in my room because I have not been home over a weekend yet since we moved.  But got things washed and then attended a Board of Director's meeting that night in the city.  After dropping Jeffrey off at his place, headed home to pack.  After I got home, found that I was very tired so went to bed.  Tiffany woke me up around 5am.  So I feed her and then packed.  Worked out well.  Went to work and after my last meeting at 1pm, went home and finished packing.  Then headed to the airport.  It is starting to get very dark outside right now.  That sun goes down this time of year and it gets dark quick.  It is supposed to start snowing in about 2 hours here.  Just keeping my fingers crossed that we get out of here and headed to Portland quick.


Monday, December 12, 2005 1:10pm PST (Palm Springs International Airport, CA)

Got the car filled up and checked in.  Just sitting at the airport now waiting for my flight to board.  I think I see my flight on the tarmac now so that is good.  Will mean no delays getting out of here to Denver.  I have about a 1 hour layover before I have to board and head to Newark.  With the time change, I will get in around midnight and will then have to dig my car out.  Not sure how much snow will be left on the car.  I understand that it was in the high 30's after the storm so hopefully some of it has melted.  We got around 6" where I live but it could be a lot more or a lot less at the airport.  


Sunday, December 11, 2005 11:00pm PST (Palm Springs, CA)

Had a great time here.  Just got back from the spa where I was just kicking back in the hot water.  We had dinner earlier with friends.  The conference went rather well.  Had a good time seeing a bunch of people that I have not seen for a while.  Our number went over very well at the dinner.  We (the court of New York) did 4 numbers from the Broadway show Hairspray.  It really rocked the house.  Well got some email to do and then sleep.  Will pack in the morning.  Got an email from home that they still have snow on the ground.  So that means it will be on my car when I land in Newark.  Got to dig out my car before I can head home.  Hmmmm.


Thursday, December 8, 2005 9:40am MST (descending into Denver, CO)

We have started out descent into the Denver, CO.  So I will need to pack up here shortly.  We are dropping to 24,000' now and they are starting to give us speed restrictions so that we will be properly spaced when we get to Denver.  They just said that we will be early into Denver.  That is good because I think I have a bit of a jog to my connecting flight.  I only had an hour layover here.  


Thursday, December 8, 2005 9:15am MST  (38,000' United 1223 inbound for Denver, CO)

It has been a nice smooth flight.  I slept for part of it.  We are about 1 hour out of Denver.  The flight is about half full.  My entire row is empty so I can stretch out.  I got about 2 hours of sleep last night so the little sleep on the plane was nice.  I do not fly United often.  It has been really fun listening to the air traffic controllers all the way from Newark ground.  Let's see what the last few days have been like.  Monday I had a rehearsal for our Palm Springs command performance that the Imperial Court of New York is doing.  We are doing a 17 minute Hairspray number of 4 songs.  The court did this as an opening number 3 years ago.  About half of us never did the number 3 years ago.  So we are totally "green" to it.  I would be one of those.  But I picked it up rather fast.  I was surprised how quickly I picked up the number.  I think it all has to do with our excellent choreographer. He has been doing the opening numbers for years and really knows his stuff. Anyway, so after that, Tuesday I had Fire School.  Incident Safety Officer which I brought with me so that I could read the module that I will be missing tonight and will know what went on when I return to class on Tuesday.  The following Monday, I have a make up session to go to.  If I know the material, he will sign off that I have made up the class.  Then last night we had our general membership meeting.  So I have been a bit busy.  Last night I had to pack and stayed up to 2am looking for various items that I had to dig out of boxes and pack for Palm Springs. 


Thursday, December 8, 2005 6:45am EST  (Newark Liberty International Airport, Terminal A)

Sitting here at gate 14.  My plane just arrived, not sure where it arrived from but I will be loading on it in the next half-hour and headed to Denver.  Then connecting to a puddle jumper to Palm Springs.  I fly back on Monday.  My step-father is headed for surgery tomorrow in Portland.  I wish him all the luck I can send and warm thoughts to my mom.  It is cold here and they are expecting another snow storm tonight.  So I got out of Dodge just in time.  3 to 6 inches late tonight is what they are saying now.  Anyway, I get the weekend in Palm Springs for a convention then back here for a few days and then back out to Portland next weekend.  Just was talking with a fellow firefighter from Randolph, New Jersey.  Had a nice conversation with him.  But it is now about 7am so I need to make a phone call and head to the restroom before we board.


Sunday, December 4, 2005 4:20pm EST

Finally finished moving.  I am about to turn in the keys.  Then I have the rest of the evening to relax and work on getting my bedroom together.  I need to find some of my stuff so that I can function this next week.  I also leave Thursday morning for Palm Springs.  So I need to find where I packed several things.