Update for February 2006


Sunday, February 26, 2006 3:45pm EST (Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey Starbucks - again)

Since I was here thought I would put up another posting.  I am over here doing another paper for my class.  I have another two weeks of this class and then I do not have any scheduled until September.  To much going on during the summer with the fire department and everything.  Besides, after those 2 classes in September/October I will have only three classes left to finish off in 2007.  The company only pays for about 3 1/2 classes a year so it makes $$$ sense to stretch them out unless I am in a hurry.  Which I am not.  Had a nice day yesterday.  A bunch of my friends (5) went to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Arts) in Manhattan.  Spent several hours there and really got a good chance to look around.  Would love to go back and spend more time.  We had a great time.  Tomorrow I need to go into Manhattan and help Jeffrey stuff invitations to the Night of a Thousand Gowns on April 1st.  So I have to finish my paper today.  Got my raise and performance evaluation at work this past week.  All is good.  I understand that it is now public that the new IT Director has accepted the position and will be in Teterboro within a few weeks.  My friend Sue just got here.  She teaches high school English.  So I am going to chat with her for a bit and get back to my paper.


Sunday, February 19, 2006 9:45pm EST (Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey Starbucks)

I have been rather busy so have not updated my web site since last week when I got snowed in.  We spent an extra day in Windsor instead of trying to come back when we were supposed to.  Had to pay for the hotel, but it was worth it since we got around 18" of snow.  We pulled out Monday morning around 10am and slid down the hill to the Interstate.  After that, it was not so bad.  Well worn at that point.  After we got past Hartford, it was slow but smooth sailing to home.  Right now I am just finishing up some work at Starbucks and then headed home.  Got a paper to work on that is due Monday night for school.  I should not have taken this class back to back but this will put me out just before the Coronation which will keep me very busy.  I am also coordinating the raffle this year, so have been double checking everything.  We draw the winning ticket on March 1st so lots of activity.  About $4,000 in tickets for a grand prize valued at $1,000.  That is two nights at the Marriott Marquis, 2 tickets to the Coronation, 2 out of town tickets and 2 victory brunch tickets.  Tickets were sold 5 for $20.  I think I have sold around $500 in tickets.  So that is just great.  Anyway, it is getting late and I have other things to do.  I have to work tomorrow.  Being in medical is a bummer at times.  Especially this time of year when everyone else gets these different holidays off.  We get only the "cardinal" 6 holidays a year off.  New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So, I am off to work tomorrow.  I have a major training session on March 2nd and March 6th that I have to start getting all of my documentation ready for.  I want to run some of my material past a few people before I present it.  Will be teaching about 9 different classes with 2 of them down at our Lyndhurst facility.  This is a picture of me from the coronation in Connecticut this last weekend.  The theme was "The Summer of 1969".  What a tux.  Wow!

In the picture on the right, we have Edward, Dowager Empress Trai La Trash and myself.



Sunday, February 12, 2006 9:30am EST (Windsor, Connecticut - North of Hartford)

We are snowed in here.  The ball last night was very nice.  But I was getting worried that the snow had not started yet.  Sure enough, it arrived around midnight.  Many hours after when it was supposed to get here.  Thus, it is going to be leaving the area much later than originally planned.  So we are snowed in here.  The snow is not supposed to stop here until after midnight tonight and that is after dumping 15" or more in the area.  I have already called the hotel and booked for another night.  I am sure they are happy.  They would not be having their regular guests since there is a travel advisory.  All of the flights out of the local airport are cancelled as well.  The hotel staff all stayed the night here since they had a late event, plenty of rooms available and they have a brunch in about an hour for us.  So I was told that most of the staff stayed the night which is common for them.  So we do not have to worry about the cook making it to the hotel for our brunch today.  I have plenty of school work to do today anyway.  I have a paper due Monday that I have to start.  And really should pack everything away that I am not needing or using.


Saturday, February 4, 2006 8:26am EST

Just updated my script that displays a count down until something.  I put in the 20th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns where my friend Jeffrey (Gefil Tefish) will be crowned Empress XX of New York.  I am coordinating about 5 tables of people right now.  Lots of friends from Quest Diagnostics are going to be there too.  Looks like this conference call is about to conclude, back to bed for me.


Saturday, February 4, 2006 8:00am EST

Ok, that has been uploaded and changed.  Let's see what else is new.  Oh, went to Asbury Park last weekend and had a great time.  We (The Imperial Court of New York) had a show there.  We raised over $3,000 for a local charity that assists people with AIDS to help them pay their electric bill and rent.  The club was really nice and we all had a great time.  Here is a picture of Edward, Gefil and Brian.  And here is one of my friends Junior, Gefil and Leo.  Leo is from Brazil and speaks very little English.  Junior has to translate everything.  Gefil (Jeffrey) loved talked with him since Jeffrey knows some Portuguese. 



Saturday, February 4, 2006 7:45am EST

I am up right now on a conference call. We have some hardware errors in the data center at work. I am on call this weekend so I am on the phone instead of being asleep. I have been very busy.  My one class finished up and then started another class.  Got an A in the one class.  Will update my MSCIS page shortly too. But I have lots of reading to do today.  Will go camp out at Starbucks if I can to just concentrate on school.  But I am on call all weekend. I will be gone to Connecticut next weekend so need to get my paper ready for next week in advance.  Edward is in Boston this weekend visiting a friend so I have the place to myself.  But I just can not study very well from here.  I can get some done, but not just a ton of stuff.  Keep getting distracted.