Update for April 2006


Sunday, April 30, 2006 10:45pm EDT

Well I have been sick for the past day or two.  Not fun at all.  Caught a cold in Rhode Island and then it really grew this past week until I was flat out of it on Saturday.  Slept the entire day.  Lots of school work and other things to do.  Never dull.


Sunday, April 23, 2006 10:00pm EDT

Well, my mother made it home from her month long trip to buy a snow pad in Arizona.  Long story.  Anyway, she has only been home a day or so and has already emailed me that I have not updated this.  Just been busy and it was one more thing that just was not on the agenda.  Got back from Rhode Island this afternoon.  Had a great time at the coronation there.  My friend Jeffrey is now the Empress of New York.  Everyone that went had a great time.


Will be over at Starbucks tomorrow working on my paper that is due Monday.  Did not get much done this weekend at all but had a nice time.  Also have the minutes to type up from membership meeting and board meeting and get them out to everyone.  So lots going on as usual.  I'm off to an early bed.