Update for May 2006


Monday, May 22, 2006 1:30am EDT

Had a nice weekend out of the island.  Got home around 5pm and cleaned up, then ate and went to bed early around 9:30pm.  So now I am up checking email, feeding Tiffany (the cat) and headed back to bed shortly.  Got a lot to do this week since Memorial Day is coming up this weekend.  Did get an email from my latest professor that I got another "A" for this last class.  Now only 4 classes to go for my Masters.  This weekend was the Mr. Fire Island Leather contest.  Edward was a participant helping one of the contestants.  Our friend won out of the 4 contestants.  Earlier in the week, Gefil and I attended a gallery opening for the Tom of Finland Foundation in the city.  It was a well attended affair.


Edward and Tom (Mr. Fire Island Leather 2006)

Gefil and Craig at the Tom of Finland Foundation



Sunday, May 14, 2006 1:45am EDT

Out on Fire Island this weekend.  Opened my house out here today.  Just cleaned a few things up.  Still staying in the hotel this weekend.  Did some fire department work today as well as rested and meet up with various friends out here.  Have some school work to get done tomorrow.  Oh, and Rocco is Kevin's dog.  Big dog but really a nice dog.  He is very well behaved and very nice.  We were at Kevin's house for a dinner with friends.  Here is a few pics from the event.


Wow, Kevin can heat bread in the oven.  Rocco looks like he wants some but he never did.

Is Kevin done in the kitchen yet?  We are hungry.

Edward, Jason & Michael


Wednesday, May 10, 2006 10:45pm EDT

Yes I am still a bit under the weather but the drugs are helping.  Just a nagging cough from time to time.  Have been busy trying to keep up with class.  Good thing this is the last week.  I just got back from the city from a Board meeting.  Now have to do a bit of work and get to bed.  I am off tomorrow so that I can be an evaluator for the Bergen County Fire Academy.  A class of career firefighters are taking their FF1 and FF2 combined evaluations on Thursday and I have been asked to be there.  So much to do and so little time.  Here are some recent fun pictures.  Oh, and yes, I finally took care of that nagging script error on my home page.


Jeffrey meets Rocco for the first time FF2 evaluation - How to put up a roof ladder correctly.  5/6/2006 BCFA FF2 evaluation - Nice fire stream getting ready for a fog vent out of a window in the complex.  5/6/2006 BCFA