Update for October 2006


Thursday, October 26, 2006 9:00pm EDT

Sitting at home watching TV.  Got back from Portland.  Had a great time other than this darn cold.  Just a light one now but it is still annoying.  Just got the results of the photo shot from the other week.  The pictures really look great.  I'll post a few when I can.  Have started another class, DBM/502 Database Management.  The University of Phoenix just went to a new web only access system.  So I HAVE to now connect only via the internet.  No more reading off line and then syncing my mail.  What a pain.  Oh well.  Will see how this class goes.  Have only 2 more after this so think I can handle it.  We had a fire drill at work today.  So was busy with that.  As usual, I did the front gate control for the drill.  Weather has been cold but clear here.  Supposed to rain on Saturday.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006 1:00pm CDT (CO 485 bound for Newark-Liberty Airport)

Had a nice visit with Dad and Connie.  We drove up in the bus yesterday from Grants Pass.  Left around 11am and then had dinner with Connie's daughter Amy and her husband TJ.  Then just watched some TV and talked.  Overall, it has been a fun trip.  I got notice that I received a B+ in my most recent class.  Missed an A- by .6 points.  Oh well.  At least I passed the class.  Now to move on to the next class.  Should be back in New Jersey in time to run some errands and doing some work on the apartment before getting some sleep.  My next class starts next Tuesday.  I have a cold which kind of ended the trip poorly.


Monday, October 16, 2006 8:45pm PDT  (Grants Pass, Oregon)

I have had a fun visit here.  Visited my grand parents grave site today.  Have been running around town with Dad today.  Arrived here on Sunday.  Had a great weekend.  Got a cold from the airplane.  The guy sitting next to me on the plane was coughing.  So I have come down with a little cold.


Sunday, October 15, 2006 (Portland, Oregon)

Had an event today.  Gefil, Suzanne and I hosted it.  More Gefil and Suzanne.  Hopefully we will have the after party again next year and I will host it.  We raised some money for the new monarchs travel fund.  The bar had a nice crowd.  We had the New York Party after the victory brunch.  Left the party early in a down pour.  Connie (my step mom) picked me up at the bar and we drove south to Grants Pass to visit with my dad.  We are all headed back up to Portland on Tuesday.  They are attending a rally in Washington state so will drop me off at the airport.


Saturday, October 14, 2006 (Portland, Oregon)

The Portland Coronation was very nice.  Had a great time.  The whole event went very smoothly and my friend Dawna won.  So that really made the night.

Portland Coronation 2006 - (from left to right) - Joshua from Portland with Empress Panzi and Baron Edward from New York. Portland Coronation 2006 - Dawna Creation who was crowned the new Empress of Portland and Empress XX Gefil Tefish of New York.


Friday, October 13, 2006 9:55am PDT  (Portland, Oregon)

Ok, finished with my updates and read all of the my emails and did some school work too.  Have to get out of here and get some things done today.  Nice little Starbucks here on the corner of Taylor and Park in downtown Portland. Should be a full, fun weekend.


Friday, October 13, 2006 8:45am PDT  (Portland, Oregon)

Sitting at a Starbucks.  Trying to get used to the time zone change.  Did not help that I was up with friends until the wee hours of the morning.  Had a great time but will be paying for it today.  Have a lunch meeting our in Tigard at 12:30pm with old friends.  Then before that, I have to pick Edward up at the airport and drop him off at the hotel.  The hotel is really nice.  I am on the 15th floor right in downtown Portland.  It's one of those older hotels in the heart of Portland that have been renovated by a big chain.  I am just off Broadway on Taylor.  Like 2 blocks from Pioneer Courthouse Square.  So this will be very nice.  Weather is a bit overcast right now but I am sure that will blow over.


Thursday, October 12, 2006 5:15pm EDT (Newark-Liberty International)

Getting ready to board the flight for Portland.  Will be in Oregon for almost a week.  Since I have about 30 minutes before they start boarding, thought I would enter a bit here and bring everyone up to date with what has been going on.  I have sent my invitations out to just about everyone that I want to include in my coronation walk in March.  Have been receiving many emails back and phone calls from people confirming that they are honored to be in my walk.  I have many people in my walk that are newer members of the court.  Many of the members of the court who have been around a while, are former monarchs and will already be on stage.  I am allowed to include 2 former monarchs but feel that it is inappropriate to have a ICNY monarch in my walk and would prefer them to be on stage welcoming me into the ICNY family of monarchs.  I have a meeting in a few weeks with some friends who are going to help me put it together.  I want to discuss music, costumes and overall presentation with them before I publish a letter to everyone explaining the theme and what would be appropriate to wear in the walk.  Generally the main part of it will be a Elizabethan theme.  But there are a few sections of my walk where that would be inappropriate.  So it really depends upon which part they are in.  So I have to get all the RSVP's back and shuffle things around.  Well, I finished the update and they are calling my flight.  Off for a final trip to the can and then onto the plane for a 5 hour trip to Portland.  Type at you when I get all checked in and upload this.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What a mess.  The sky opened up and dumped on us.  And I had to get into the city for a board meeting.  I arrived an hour late at St. Vincent's Hospital after being stuck in traffic for 2 hours.  Took me 45 minutes to get across the George Washington Bridge.  Oh well.  I am not the secretary any more so it was not very important that I was on time.  Just ticks me off since I like to be generally on time.  The meeting went rather well.  A few heated moments where both parties were right but other than that, a rather good meeting.  They are getting long but that is expected.  Gary is our new president and he still has to get the feel for the meetings and the members of the board.  Plus, as we roll into the Ball planning, there is more and more work to be done by the board.  It will take him a few more meetings but he is doing a rather good job right now.


Monday, October 9, 2006 Columbus Day 

Two events in one night.  What a busy evening.  I got off work and then dashed home to change and head into Manhattan.  At 6pm we needed to be at a location near the Holland Tunnel.  This was the PFLAG New York fundraiser dinner.  We were invited to add some bling to the event and Empress Gefil Tefish was making the announcement that they (PFLAG) was going to be our beneficiary at the 2007 Night of a Thousand Gowns.  Oh, PFLAG is Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays.  They do a bunch of educational work for parents and friends of kids coming out.  They are an excellent organization and I am pleased that they will be our beneficiary this next year. They will be providing us their mailing list and possibly help with the silent auction and co-chairs for the ball.  All the details have to be worked out with the ball coordinators, the president and the monarchs.  So it would be premature to make any announcements here.  Once anything is public, I will post it here.


The second event was the annual Bar Person's Ball at the Copa Cabana near the Javits Center on the west side.  It was a very formal, fun affair.  But since I do not drink, I was a bit tired and over it.  The food was ok.  They only had salmon and beef.  So I had the salmon since I do not eat beef.  I was expecting a chicken option but they had none.  Since I am not a fan of fish, I was not trilled with the food.  Especially when it was served at around 11pm.  What a late night.  I finally got out of there around midnight and headed home.


Sunday, October 8, 2006 10:00am EDT

The Halloween party last night was great.  Everyone had a good time and the costumes were fantastic.  I still am out on Fire Island and the boat schedule is really poor today.  There are boats off the island at 10, 12, 2, 3, 3:55, 4:55 and that is it.  Not sure when I am leaving.  Would like to leave on the noon boat and get back so that I can dive into my homework better.  But will see how much more I can get done now before starting to pack things away. It is beautiful out here.  The clouds have all left and they are saying it could be 70 today and tomorrow.  Makes me wish that I was off work on Monday.  But I am not.  My boss is off and I need to be there to cover. It was nice being out here one last time before everything closes and the island goes into Winter mode. But I have to get this homework done and then packed for Oregon next week.


Saturday, October 7, 2006 11:30am EDT

Out on Fire Island today.  Rather quiet out here.  Watched Dr. Who last night and Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi channel last night.  That is one nice thing about staying in the hotel.  Got up this morning and did a drill with the Fire Department.  Had a nice time just checking out hoses and talking with one of our former chiefs that I really like.  Then had breakfast at Floyd's and now I am in the hotel office plugged into the Internet working on school stuff.  Have a large assignment due on Monday.  Monday I have a Bar Person's Ball event that I am at.  So need to get this assignment finished up on Sunday.  Tonight is the annual Halloween Party here at the Ice Palace.  It's also the closing weekend.  Almost everything is closed down now.  Only the Island Breeze and Floyd's is open for food right now.  Floyd's is closing on Monday so it will be a real ghost town around here shortly.  Then it is only food brought in from the main land.  Oh well, this assignment is not going to do itself.


Thursday, October 5, 2006 9:30pm EDT

Over at Starbucks working on school work.  Met some friends and talked and then got some more work done.  Got my discussion question done for today.  I also picked up the mail today and some more vitamins.  I am talking with friends.  Denise is working on a task for his school.  An activity that is Art / Science that they can have up for open house and be fun for the kids.  The 4th graders will design it and then 2nd/3rd graders will go through it.  He was thinking about a zoo type of thing where each kid took one of his toy animals and draw an enclosure around them.  He teaches at a Catholic School.  Anyway, I have to get home soon.  Finished my reading and did some email.  My neck is bothering me so I will head home shortly and take a pill.  I am headed to the island on Friday.  I will be doing some stuff with the Fire Department and then attending the Halloween / End of Season / Closing Party for the Ice Palace (hotel / disco) out there.  Then will head back early on Sunday.  This should give me lots of time to work on my individual assignment for this week.  Then next week, I fly out to Oregon on Thursday.  One week from today.


Thursday, October 5, 2006 6:30am EDT

Well it has been busy recently and I have not written since last week.  Let's see if I can take a few minutes to fill in a few gaps.


Wednesday, October 4, 2006 

Imperial Court of New York General membership meeting tonight.  First time in two years that I was not at the front of the room.  Boy was it nice not having to pay total attention to every detail so that I got it right in the minutes.  Wish Manny (the new secretary) all the best of luck.  When I got there, I started passing out preprinted invitations to my coronation walk.  Have a large group of people who I would like to honor to be included in my coronation.  The procession will be simple, but plentiful.  Four of my favorite past monarchs were there last night.  Two of them design our opening number each year.  They live in Palm Springs now but have come back just to coordinate our opening number.  They planned a nice trip out of it.  Doing doctor/dentist appointments and specific shopping along with the general membership meeting all within the same week that they are here.  Then will fly out this weekend back for home.  I had an opportunity to talk with one of them about what I was thinking about my procession.  He loved the idea and was really pleased to see so many new people in my walk.  He provided me some ideas and who to talk with about music.  It's funny because I have a meeting with these two people after I get back from Oregon.  I was told that one of them is the resident expert on music selection.  EXCELLENT !!! 


Had a rough day at work because of my wound from yesterday.


Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I have had a cyst on my neck for several years.  Two weeks ago it started to grow and it has been growing ever since.  I finally got an emergency appointment with my surgeon and he took one look at it and asked the nurse for a scalpel.  So I got shot with local pain meds and the cut on mid-day Tuesday.  Man did it hurt.  So now I have a big hole in my neck.  Edward has been taking care of it with changing the dressing and getting more of the puss out.  I am so thankful that he is not at all squeamish. It was a sub-dermal cyst of some kind.  So it is rather painful.  I worked from home the remained of the day since I had pain medication and should not be driving.


Monday, October 2, 2006

Our photo shoot went very well.  For the first time that we know of.  The current monarchs and the incoming monarchs had a joint photo shoot.  It really worked out great for everyone.  The photographer just kept taking shots because someone was always changed and ready.  We did duo shots and then individual shots and a few of all of us.  These photos here are just from my little camera.  They are NOT the professional photos.  My only problem was my sore neck as my costumes kept rubbing up against my sub-dermal cyst that I had.  Good thing I was able to get it taken out the next day.  In the morning work was relatively good.  Our bi-weekly incident call went rather well. I run this call now and try to keep it short and to the point.  Got a phone call from my IT Director indicating that she thought it was very well done.  Nice of her to say so.  Looking forward to sitting down with her some evening and just chatting.  He husband now is off for 6 months working on some major project.  He works for a museum organizing exhibits or something.  So he is out of the country now.  So I have been invited over to visit and should take her up on it some day.

Myself and my predecessor Emperor XV Fantasia Myself with my Imperial Crown Princess Royal B