Update for December 2006


Monday, December 25, 2006 2:00am EST  MERRY CHRISTMAS

We had a nice Christmas Eve.  We opened presents from our friends and family.  Both Edward and I are headed into the city early to greet and help out the volunteers at GODS LOVE WE DELIVER.  So we had a nice Christmas Eve opening of presents.  Edward got some neat shirts and I got some fun stocking items, some very appreciated money and some Starbucks cards.  My Bronchitis is getting a bit better. I am sleeping more now but still am up at least once or twice a night.  Here is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  Especially warm wishes to my Mom & Bill who are in their new house in Arizona.  Never thought my Mom would leave Oregon permanently but here she has gone and surprised me again.  I hear my bed calling me so off I go to get some more sleep.  Oh, had a really nice Christmas Eve dinner with Stephen's family again this year.  Ada (his mom) served up pork, chicken, rice and beans for her traditional Cuban Christmas Eve dinner.  It was great home cooked food and I always enjoy being with them.  Then came dessert with Pumpkin and Apple pies that were to die for.  They also had pecan which I have never liked and a crumb cake which I passed on for a second slice of Apple.  Stephen made the Apple pies as usual this year.  I really miss Stephen not being around any more.  He moved to New Paltz, NY which is about 1 1/2 hours North.  Still need to get up there and visit him one of these days.  Hopefully before the Spring.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006 3:30am EST

I am up coughing. Had a nice trip to Portland but then caught a cold.  My fear peaked at 102.8 and then came down from there.  Last week I was hot but no coughing.  Now I am not hot but coughing.  Was at work yesterday and did rather well as long as I did not exert myself.  Then I would get coughing again. Tis the season I guess.  Oh well, back to bed.


Sunday, December 10, 2006 7:40AM PST (Portland International Airport)

Here I was running late and was rushing to make the flight and when I got here, it's been delayed.  ATC (Air Traffic Control) hold at Newark due to winds back there.  So I am not taking off until around 8:25am supposedly.  Still not late enough to see mom but nice thought.  She does not land here until 10 or so.  Then catches a connecting flight to Phoenix I think.  Oh, I got an A in my last class.  That gives me a 3.84 for my Masters Course with only 2 classes to go.


Sunday, December 10, 2005 5:30am PST (Portland, Oregon)

Just packing everything up and getting ready to get out of here.  I have a 7:30am flight to catch out of Portland.  Headed back home to New Jersey.  Everything went well while I was here.  As usual, I did not get enough sleep.  But I can snooze on the plane a bit if I want to.  I did not get home last night until 1am.  Type at everyone from the east coast.


Friday, December 8, 2006 5:00pm PST (Portland, Oregon)

Made it to Portland just fine.  We landed only 40 minutes late.  Got my car and headed off for the hotel.  Then did a bit of shopping and now I am having dinner and then a little nap before the activities tonight start.  Have a hockey game and a Sweethearts show to attend.  So it will be a busy night.  Ran into a few friends already and I have known the waiter here at THE ROXY for years.  We used to do Rocky Horror Picture Show together.  The room is really nice.  


Friday, December 8, 2006 11:45am EST (37,000' on Continental 384)

Flying to Portland.  We got off the ground over one hour late due to the winds at Newark.  They had everyone lined up for the crosswind runway due to >30 mph winds from the Northwest.  There is only one crosswind runway so everything was landing and taking off from the one runway.  Then the winds shifted and we were all moved around the airport to the normal runways and we took off.  The Captain just told us that he was able to take a short cut and we should land only 30 minutes late.  I am hosting a show in Portland on Saturday and then flying right back on Sunday.  Should be a fun, short trip.  The gal that was sitting next to me, decided to move to another seat open.  So I have a row in the Emergency row all to myself.  I expect to see several friends in Portland and when I get back, I have the annual 12 Drags of Christmas show in Manhattan to attend.  Hopefully I will be able to get back and then head to the show.  Waiting for my school grades from this last class.  I am looking good for an A or A- in this class.  Then only two classes left.  My next class starts in January and then my last class starts in April.  I have been working much on my ascension walk and had a nice meeting with many people who will be in my walk.  On another note, it's now out in the public.  My silly mom has decided to buy a home in Arizona.  So instead of being a snowbird for a few years, she and Bill have totally jumped and are making the move from Oregon to Arizona.  I never thought she would leave Oregon, but she is right that the cold in Bend can get to you.  And she and Bill are retired now so they will be able to enjoy their retirement in warmth.  They decided on a nice place with a golf course that they do not need to do much outside maintenance.  At least it will be fun to visit over the winter there and Dad is not far in Palm Springs.  Lunch is about to be served so I should wrap this up.  Type at you from Portland.


Saturday, December 2, 2006 1:15pm EST

Over at Starbucks just finishing up some school work.  Have been doing better since the car crash.  Still in a bunch of pain when I move the wrong way.  Still limping some too.  I have a brace on that helps during the day.  It was really warm yesterday.  We had a Tornado Watch posted for this area as that huge storm came rolling through at a very fast clip.  It felt like I was in Kansas.  72 outside and 30 mph sustained winds.  The clouds were booking right along.  Then when I left Starbucks last night around 10pm, it was about 55 degrees according to my new car's dash display.  This morning was cold and clear.  Went shopping at Target and Stop and Shop and now taking care of some school work before heading back home to relax and maybe do some more lights outside.  Have had to put up the Holiday lights in stages this year because of my back problems.  Mom is really having a good time in Arizona. She and Bill seem to really like the place down there. Mom and I will be in the same airport next weekend.  I will be leaving Portland on Sunday while she will be arriving into Portland a few hours after I fly out.  I am looking forward to my Portland trip to co-host the annual Prince and Princess Show there.