Update for January 2007


Sunday, January 28, 2007 05:50am EST

Was up feeding the cats and decided to finally dive into my wireless router problem here at home.  Had to restore the factory settings and then reconfigure it from scratch.  My new laptop was being blocked by my wireless router because I had originally put a MAC address filter in the original settings.  Stupid me could not remember what the password was nor had I written down the WEP key for remote access.  So I have been stuck with my new laptop having to be wired to my router.  Now I am on wireless at home so that I can sit at the table and do school work instead of having to sit near the TV with a wired connection.  I can also now take the laptop into my bedroom and work too.  I'll have to clean my station in there since it has gotten cluttered since I have not been using it.  Today I have some school work at Starbucks to do later this morning.  Then will head up north to visit my friend Stephen.  Had a nice meeting and dinner with Jeffrey & Kevin last night.  We talked about the ball and worked out a few details that I needed to get sorted out.  The next thing I need to concentrate on is the music for coronation.  Have to get that going.  I have talked with the person that I know will do an excellent job.  I trust him extensively because he has the experience but need to get over to his place and discuss it and make some selections.  So much to do and so little time.  Just check the day ticker above.


Saturday, January 27, 2007 11:45am EST

Over at Starbucks pulling my hair out over a cash flow problem that I am working on for my class.  This stuff is tough.  Posted the problem so that maybe the instructor will look at it and provide me some direction.  Have to go find his email address and post something in there. It is just not balancing.  But need to move on to one of the other assignments as well.  In total we have 4 problems this week to do.  So I am going to be rather busy tonight working on this stuff. Will need to come over tomorrow early as well before I head up north to see Stephen.


Friday, January 26, 2007 10:20pm EST

It has been a very busy week.  Trying to unwind a bit but have lots of school work to do.  I think I will head to bed soon and then get up early and do school work at Starbucks.  It has been bone chilling cold here.  Winter finally arrived.  My car has a outside temp display on the dash.  It read 10 this morning.  When I got home this afternoon, it read 24.  Supposed to warm up into the 30's on Saturday.  I am headed into the City tomorrow to have lunch with Jeffrey and discuss some things about Coronation.  Edward got a new expansion pack for his video game.  So he is happy.  On Sunday I am planning on visiting a friend upstate.  We are going to lunch and then a movie up there.  Should be a full weekend.


Sunday, January 21, 2007 10:30pm EST

Just arrived from Houston back home.  Was having some problems with my T-Mobile account in Houston so hopped over to Starbucks here to check it out and I had to call T-Mobile to get it resolved.  So now I am headed back home.  We are expecting freezing rain tonight and real winter weather.  Pooh.  Looks like winter has finally arrived.  Off to unpack and unwind.


Sunday, January 21, 2007 3:00pm CST (Houston/Bush International Airport)

Had a great time while we were here.  The Coronation ball last night was long but fun.  Got to see several people that I have not seen for a spell.  Edward had a great time running around.  The person I was hoping for won last night so that was fun.  It has been cloudy and raining since we got here but today it is very clear and beautiful outside. No internet connection here at gate E15 so I will upload this when I get back.  Generally had a nice time here for my first Texas coronation.  The hotel was right off the West Loop in Houston.  They have Interstates that loop around the city.  The locals call them west loop, north loop, etc.  So we were on the West Loop South which was Interstate 610.  Kelly and Martin had no problem finding us yesterday.  They were able to visit us and have dinner with us yesterday.  It was great meeting up with him.  Have not seen Kelly in years and just love his new boyfriend Martin.  They are so right for each other.  Martin is a computer programmer for some company that does software for monitoring power grids.  Kelly is a Meteorologist here in Houston working mostly on the Gulf of Mexico weather forecasts for the Oil rigs that are in the gulf.  He likes his job but it is difficult because he works 4 days and then is off for 3 days or something like that.  So his days off are always changing and shifting.  Thus it is difficult to match up the weekend when Martin is off of work.  This weekend Kelly was off work and he and Martin were apartment shopping.  They both live in a one bedroom right now.  Martin's lease is up in February so they are looking for a 2 bedroom in a nice area to move into together.  Anyway, the flight is going to board soon so I am going to shut down.  Hopefully the flight is uneventful.  Oh, Edward and I have both been using that new Flu Buster stuff that you buy at the drug store.  Two flights now and I have not gotten sick.  So nice to be well when I land and not have some bug.  The stuff does really work.  The one we have right now is Airborne on-the-go.  We just mix it in our water bottle and drink it on our way to the airport.


Friday, January 19, 2007 6:00pm CST (Marriott West Loop, Houston, Texas)

It was snowing today when we got up.  Last night was a mess.  Went over to Starbucks around 6pm to work on a team paper for my accounting class.  Since I was going to be in Houston this weekend, I wanted to make sure I got my piece of the research and paper done for the team.  I knew I would not have much time this weekend to try and concentrate on writing a paper.  Good thing that all I have this week is the team assignment.  I have no individual paper this week.  That was last week.  So around 10:30pm I was totally finished up and headed home.  Then had to start packing and getting everything pulled together to head south in the morning.  I got to bed around 2am but Edward did not get to bed until about 3.  Up early at 6am for a Chiropractic appointment then back to finish up and pack the car.  Off to the airport.  The snow was really pretty but did not fact to much into things.  The temperature was about 34 so there were only a few slick spots.  Flight was on time and rather uneventful.  The pilot said we had a strong headwind so we land about 30 minutes late.  Got the car and used the "always lost" to find the hotel. The airport is about 20 minutes away from downtown Houston.  Called my friend Kelly who lives here now.  He and his boyfriend will meet us on Saturday to show us around town, have lunch and then they will attend the Houston coronation with us.  Have a good weekend everyone.


Sunday, January 14, 2007 2:15pm EST

I just finished working on my paper for week 1 of my ACC/529 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making with the University of Phoenix.  It is my second to last class and one class that I can not skate through.  I had no problem with the IT classes since I have worked in IT for 20+ years.  But this accounting stuff is really dragging up old memories when I took it in college many moons ago.  I just have to keep on top of it.  Especially since I am gone many weekends during the class.  My current schedule has me in Houston next weekend and then the last two weeks of this class I am also out of town.  February 10th I am in Connecticut, February 17th I am in Seattle and February 24th I am in San Francisco. So it is going to be a busy time for me during the week to get this stuff done.  I am at Starbucks now so I know my new computer works with my T-Mobil account.  Now that everything is setup on this computer, I should have no problems logging in from these cities.  But my activities will not allow me much time to be on the computer.  So I will need to get most of it done during the week.  This and get my stuff ready for coronation.  Good thing I put my last class off until after my coronation on March 31st until the next week.  That class will be April and May.  Then I will have completed my degree.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007 11:55pm EST

Had a very long Board meeting tonight but I just had to tell everyone that my sweet Camry just turned herself over.  She now has 1,000 miles on her and still humming.  Needs gas tomorrow.  This will be her third tank now.  Love my car.  Have not decided on a name or anything like that.  Just my Camry for now.  Got to get some sleep.  Lots going on at work this week.  What a headache.  We had a reduction in force there and my manager was let go.  Lots of changes for me but I have been with the company and have been through this.  Change is good sometimes.  Unpleasant but the work still has to get done.  So off I go to make sure everything is done.  My latest class started yesterday.  Still to soon to evaluate what it is going to be like but lots of deliverables the last two weeks of class which is bad for me.  Off to bed.


Sunday, January 7, 2007 8:15pm EST

Well it has been busy.  I have been moving everything from my old computer to my new one.  Very time consuming and then getting all of the programs to work correctly.  I finally got my address book for my email moved over.  Still have not figured out something with my favorites on my browser.  That is going to be a pain.  Went to Pittsburgh on Friday.  Flew in during the morning.  Went over to the laboratory there and then had a fitting up in Butler, PA which is north of Pittsburgh.  Had a nice time there.  The Henry VIII costume that is being made for me was really looking great. She really knows her stuff.  Check out there web page.  Then I flew back but due to low clouds, Newark was delayed.  I managed to get myself on Standby for an earlier flight that had still not taken off.  Went to dinner at TGIF and then my flight managed to take off at 7:45pm.  This was the 3:40pm flight which I managed to get on.  My original flight was 6:50pm and the new delayed time was 10:05pm.  I was able to be home before 10pm so I was happy.  This weekend, I have just been kicking back and working on the computer.  I need to get a letter done for the Journal soon.  Have had a bit of trouble figuring out what to say.  Do not want it to be just a list of names like most are, but then that is kind of expected.  Still thinking it over in my head.  This Tuesday, I start my 2nd to last class.  What makes this class so hard, is that I can not skate on this one. I do not know much about Accounting so I really have to work at this one.  Here are some other photos from my photo shoot in October 2006.

His Royal Highness Imperial Crown Prince Royal Craig Hollywood Emperor XV Fantasia, Empress XX Gefil Tefish, Imperial Crown Prince Royal Craig Hollywood and Imperial Crown Princess Royal B.


Wednesday, January 3, 2007 11:15pm EST

So much to do and so little time.  Had a nice dinner meeting with my future Empress B.  We got a lot accomplished in our meeting.  The general membership meeting was next and it was good to see everyone.  I am trying to get caught up but school starts again on Tuesday and I am flying to Pittsburgh on Friday for a fitting.  Like I said, so much to do.  Had a very nice, quiet New Year.  Hope everyone had a healthy and safe holiday season.  Need to post a few recent photos of me at various events soon.


From the photo shoot -
Myself and my predecessor Emperor XV Fantasia Myself with my Imperial Crown Princess Royal B