Update for November 2007


Friday, November 30, 2007 12:15pm (CST) 30,000' Westbound to Las Vegas

Headed to Las Vegas for their coronation this weekend.  I understand that there is a big pharmacology convention there that starts on Monday.  Lots of people on the flight are headed there for that.  Both of my seat companions are.  Should be a fun time.  I have not been in Las Vegas for many years and I know that it has changed.  B and I are having breakfast on Saturday to go over some things for the ball in March.  I will not be home until Wednesday because I am staying several days with my Mom in Phoenix after Vegas.  The captain earlier said we had very heavy winds up here so we were going to be late into Vegas and the weather is cold there too.  Oh well.  It's better than it was in Jersey.  Had a nice event last night at the Muse hotel in NYC.  We were raising money for Bailey House.  Little cocktail singer was there and finger food.  Everyone had a nice time and the silent auction did fair.  Tuesday was the tasting at the Marriott.  The 10 of us picked out the menu for the ball this year.


Sunday, November 25, 2007 10:00pm (EST)

Today I put up the Holiday lights outside.  We have new neighbors downstairs so I talked with them and they were totally cool about me putting up the lights.  Edward headed off into the city to do some volunteer work with Kevin getting a stage setup for a Bingo event that Kevin is involved with.  It is unrelated to the court but sounds like fun.  I might attend one of them in mid-December.  I was working on my computer today and accidentally erased a bunch of my photographs.  Really made me mad at myself for making such a stupid mistake.  Caught it but still lost several photo's from October that I really wanted.  Oh well.  Not worth getting worked up over spilt milk I guess.  Not much I can do about it now.  Have checked with a friend of mine who confirmed I was toast.  sigh.  Anyway, it is getting late and I have to be up early.  Lots going on this next week.  On Tuesday I have a "tasting" at the Marriott Marquis for our ball.  That is when you "taste" the different items that they are recommending.  Everyone sits at one table and they bring out samples of the food.  Then we get to pick from the 3 different of this and the 3 different of that as to what goes well with the dinner.  This will be my second "tasting".  Should be interesting.  Then on Wednesday we have a co-chair meeting in the city and on Thursday I have to be at an event as well.  Three trips into the city this week.  On Friday I fly out to Vegas to attend their coronation.  On Sunday I fly down to Phoenix from Vegas to spend a little time with my mom before flying back on Tuesday to home.  It's going to be very busy the next few weeks.


Thursday, November 22, 2007 10:00pm (EST) Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I started the day off at 9:30am at God's Love We Deliver as a greeter to the volunteers.  Joan Rivers was there picking up food for some homebound people with Aids.  That is what God's Love does.  They deliver a hot meal each day to people who are home bound with AIDS.  On Thanksgiving and Christmas, they give their drivers a break and they have volunteers come in and pick up food and deliver it to these people.  God's Love has been around for more than 20 years and was our ball charity a few years back.  Then after that, we (Edward and Gefil) stopped off at my apartment, got changed and headed up to Kevin's for Thanksgiving dinner.  All in all, it was a great day.


Friday, November 16, 2007 11:45pm (EST) Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Tonight we are in Boston where the Court of Massachusetts will be having their coronation on Saturday.  The drive up was long but interesting most of the way.  Edward, Jeffrey and I talked most of the way.  The Out of Town show was here in the hotel tonight.  About 50-60 people were there so it was fun.  Tomorrow the event will be in the main ballroom here.  A huge, grand ballroom that will be very nice for us.


Sunday, November 11, 2007 

Returned from Tacoma, Washington very late.  Got home and to bed around 2am Monday, then the alarm went off at 6:10am as usual to get ready for work.  I was dragging it at work on Monday but had a good time in Tacoma as these pictures will show.  Here are some good friends of mine that I had the chance to talk with at the Tacoma coronation.  Have to admit it will be the smallest coronation I have been to as reigning monarch but it was fun.


Craig with Mr. Gay Salem Jonathan and Mr. Gay Oregon Ryan Craig with Emperor Mark of Seattle


Thursday, November 8, 2007 11:00pm (EST)

Work has been busy and I have a hang nail on my little pinkie which is really affecting my typing and hurts.  Off to the Tacoma, Washington coronation this weekend.  Fly out in the morning to Seattle back on Sunday.  Just finishing up packing right now and having a little nibble while I try to make a blog update.  Had a great meeting last night with the designer of the opening number.  Randy & Johnny are the best.  They have done some 16 or 17 opening numbers for the coronation ball and are the A design team for this sort of thing.  B and I talked with them months ago and totally left it up in their hands. They came up with something truly different for us and we are loving it.  We are going to do Saturday Night Fever from the London sound track of the musical.  It will be a smaller cast than last year which will allow us to focus on some key parts.  It would be nice to have anyone who wants to be in the number but with the way this number is being worked, we just can not have 40 people in the number.  The ball planning is really off and running.  Anne and Damien really have things cooking away on all burners.  It's going to be a fun next 5 months.  Got to finish packing.


Sunday, November 4, 2007 7:15pm (EST)

Had a great day out on Fire Island.  Headed into the city early because of the New York Marathon and picked up my friends Jeffrey and John.  Then drove out to Sayville where we picked up the 10am ferry out to the island.  On Friday and Sunday's there are only 3 boats this time of year.  The rest of the time there are only 2 boats a day. I did several Fire Department tasks while Jeffrey and John finished closing up John's house and getting it ready for the winter. It was very quiet out there but lots of people. The weather was excellent. Clear and nice after the storm that blew through on Saturday.


Have been working on my Craig Hollywood Wikipedia page so feel free to click on it and check it out.  It is a work in progress.  Have a few other projects that I will be working on for Wikipedia as well over the next several months.  More on that later.  Have also been updating the photo's here on my web page.  Have just finished updating my Edward Renner page.


Everyone remembered to set your clocks back one hour?  Sure is different out there but I sure liked having another week of savings time this year.  But that is all over now and we are back to standard time.  Ben Franklin would be proud to know that we are using his idea some 200 years later.


Going to be busy.  This coming weekend I am off to Tacoma, Washington for their coronation; then the following weekend we will be in Boston for their coronation.  Oops, just remembered I need to call someone back who called while we were driving.  So I will end this update.


PARIS HILTON from last month